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A date for Ellie and Nathan! [Spoiler]

It’s no secret that Nathan still has major feelings for Maxie, and now that Spinelli’s recent ex Ellie is staying in town for a little while, it’s inevitable that these two will meet!

As with all-things related to Nathan, this will involve his shirt coming off, and it’s not something the prim and proper lab technician is used to seeing. But despite their differences, these two share something in common – they are both heartbroken that Spinelli and Maxie decided to get back together. And so a friendship is formed!

The Nurse’s Ball is also right around the corner, and with Lucy Coe playing her usual matchmaking self, the pair make plans to attend together.. but just as friends. However, it remains to be seem how their exes will feel about this unlikely duo… even if it is just platonic. It might remind them both what they have given up to be together!

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