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February Sweeps: Dante & Lulu – the Johnny effect [SPOILER]

Johnny Zacchara’s reappearance in Port Charles will be coming to an end this month, and while it was short, it most definitely will not be sweet! He quickly stirred up trouble for Lulu and Dante when he reclaimed his 50% ownership of the Haunted Star, and was able to expose surprising little cracks in their relationship.

Despite being a devoted mother to Baby Rocco, it appears that Lulu is a little wistful for those adventurous and impulsive days. And Dante has found it a little tough to deal with her past! Plus, as a cop, he has a protective instinct that irks Lulu.. let’s not forget she is a Spencer after all. They are known for their fierce independence!

It’s not just Dante and Lulu.. Johnny’s exit will have an impact on other residents of Port Charles this month.. let’s just say he will be gone but not forgotten..

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