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February Sweeps: Nikolas Cassadine – the Helena effect [SPOILER]

Nikolas has gone through major ups and downs with the women in his life, but he kicked off 2015 with renewed strength and confidence. He scooped Ivy, the Governor’s daughter, away from Agent Sloane and while that romance appears to have been short-lived (she didn’t take too kindly to being abandoned on the Haunted Star with a bomb about to detonate!), the Cassadine side is really coming through.

This is a conflicted time for the Prince – he is BOTH Cassadine and Spencer, but Helena definitely brings out the Cassadine in him.. a thirst for power and violence! He held her at knife point with surprising ease this week, and who knows how far he would have gone had Fluke not interrupted? This side of him actually makes Helena very happy..

Lulu hit a nerve today when she said he was unrecognizable to her, and not the brother she thought he was – and during February Sweeps, the conflict will continue.

I think we can all agree that the love of a good woman could be the cure.. but he has to deal with his homicidal grandmother first!

Stay tuned for a struggle between good vs evil this month…

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