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General Hopsital on 11/25/2014 – Helena is back, Julian is free, Michael is a Quartermaine, Jake and Liz..

In prison, Sonny (in an orange jumpsuit) visits Duke, who tells Sonny he didn’t turn against him, even though they offered him a deal. He tells Duke he pleaded guilty, in exchange for the charges being dropped against Carly.. and he has made the same deal for Duke. He is a free man! He had Diane take care of everything, he is getting out today. Duke thanks him, and asks if there is anything he can do Sonny asks him to take over the business! He doesn’t want to throw everything away, and trusts Duke, who already has the experience. Duke tells Sonny his relationship with Anna has ended, and yes, he will do it.. his business will be safe. The guards come in to release Duke, who is certain Sonny will come back from this…

Carly tries to talk to Michael
At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael is about to sign the name-change document, when Carly arrives.. “Happy Thanksgiving”. He is angry that Alice let her in, but she wants to talk to him.. to figure something out. He doesn’t want to hear her out, and yells at her to get the hell out before he calls the cops! He knows the charges against her were dropped – he was at the courthouse to make sure she and Sonny were carted off to prison. She says she had no idea Sonny would sacrifice himself.. and she feels terrible AJ was dead. She was protecting Sonny and HIM.. and she would do it again. She didn’t want Michael to lose the man who raised him, but Michael says he wants nothing to do with either of them. Carly says AJ wasn’t a saint, but Michael says she forced the Corinthos name on him, and shows her the document! He is taking back the name she stole from him.. she tells him he needs to get the facts straight. The name was given to him by JASON when she had postpartum depressions. She wasn’t strong enough to fight for him, Jason names him and had him baptized. She did what she had to do to keep him… her best friend gave him his name. He says Corinthos is not his name, and Sonny is not his father. She says he had a wonderful childhood, but he reminds of the time he spent in a coma. She says papers won’t change who he is… one day he will regret it. She begs him not to throw it all away.. but when push comes to shove, she doesn’t think he can give up his name so easily.

Michael picks up a pen and signs the document. He tells Carly he is now a Quartermaine… she needs to leave as they have to get ready for Thanksgiving. He yells at her to get out!

Anna in trouble
At the police station, Alexis cancels her Thanksgiving plans with Sam, remembering that Julian would take her to Fluke if she gets him out of jail. She asks Anna if she will release her client – he has been held for 48 hours. Anna tells Alexis she hopes he is worth it. Agent Sloane arrives as Alexis is leaving. he needs to discuss Cesar Faison with Anna! What she did was illegal, but she asks if she was supposed to wait until he escape from prison? He reminds her he is on the loose again, and she is responsible! He says she is going to need a good defense attorney.

Patrick’s invitation!
Patrick arrives at Sam’s place, and asks her if the mask blueprint could be of Luke.. he thinks they should talk to Julian as it could be mob-related, but she tells him he is being held for questioning. She mentions that Alexis is busy as well, but she is okay spending Thanksgiving alone. Patrick suggests she spend it with him.. at Elizabeth’s place. Sam says it’s a terrible idea, she has a full house, and now has that “Jake Doe”. He tells her it will be fun and won’t take no for an answer.

Helena and Luke
In Miscavige, Luke wakes up and sees Helena – he tells her to go back to her crypt! She asks if she could be a hallucination? He says he watched her die when he put a bullet in her heart. Helena tells him he underestimated her.. “long live the Queen” and pats his cheek. He says it’s not possible, and realizes she is working with Fluke.. “you moldy corpse.. who is living my life?”. She is gleeful he hasn’t figured it out, and he asks what she wants? His escape attempt changed everything.. she holds up a blade to his knife and says there can’t be two Luke Spencer’s running around!

Jake and Liz get closer
At Liz’s house, Jake is having a nightmare on the couch, and grabs Liz arm when she wakes him up! She asks him how he is at carving turkey as she is hosting Thanksgiving – he wonders who he used to share the holidays with? A bit later, he comes out of the shower, shirtless, and she gives him a gift box.. it’s jeans and a new shirt! He loves them, but can’t accept her gift… he finally relents when she pretends today is his birthday.

Alexis and Julian at Miscavige!
Julian is now a free man, Alexis tells him she did it for Luke who may need her help. He won’t tell her where he is as they are going to do this together.

Julian and Alexis arrive at Miscavige.. he tells her Luke never left, and she demands to be taken to him right now. The door opens, and they come face to face with Helena! Alexis says it was too good to be true, evil never dies. Helena reminds her that she slit her mother’s throat, and Julian tells her to back the hell off. Helena mocks him, then slithers away.. Julian asks who that was..??

Liz tells Jake he cleans up nice.. her phone rings, it’s Patrick asking for a favor.

Anna tells Agent Sloane to leave, he says this isn’t easy for him. She will be going away for a very long time, she should ger her affairs in order.

Patrick tells Sam that Liz has now cordially invited her over for Thanksgiving, and they will have a fantastic time! He also says she will be doing them a favour.. maybe they can find out something about Jake.

Jake offers to organize the Thanksgiving table for Liz, while she checks on dinner.

Michael reads the name-change document… and takes a deep breath.

Sonny has a visitor.. it’s Carly!

Duke comes to see Anna.

Alexis tells Julian that was Helena Cassadine. She walks into the room where Luke was being held.. “oh my god”.

Elizabeth’s doorbell rings, Jake opens the door and comes face to face with Helena!

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