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General Hospital on 7/6/2015 – Warehouse shootout, Lucky returns with shocking news, Dante & Valerie give in…

Elizabeth and Jake enjoy the fireworks together with Aiden, he casually mentions he wish he had a kid of his own!

Fourth of July fireworks
Sam and Patrick watch the fireworks, when Danny scoots away.. straight to Jake and Elizabeth! Jake starts to play with him, when he has a flashback to him and Elizabeth on the bed while he plays with a motorcycle. Patrick and Liz go to find Emma and Cam, leaving Jake and Sam alone with Danny! They talk about ELQ, and agree that Elizabeth and Patrick don’t need to know about their plan.. it’s their secret. Neither like keeping secrets, Jake thinks Elizabeth wouldn’t keep anything from him.

Patrick and Liz talk about Lucky.. she’s worried as she hasn’t heard from him lately, and wonders what has been keeping him from his son?

Jake asks about a better place to watch fireworks that wouldn’t be so crowded, and Sam tells him about the foot bridge, and the memories she has of Jason – she can’t imagine going out there with anyone but him. And she wouldn’t trade her grief for her memories any day. Liz and Patrick return and they part ways…

Nina and Silas catch up
Silas avoids Sam and Patrick in the park, and runs into Nina.. they reminisce about old times. Silas asks about Ric, and points out they don’t really know much about each other – she mentions that Franco is with someone else now, Silas is shocked to hear that person is Denise! She says they left a whole slime trail at the Metro Court, but he denies being interested in Denise.. the fact that she looks exactly like Ava doesn’t have the effect she thinks. Heading out, they run into Patrick and Sam with Danny.. Nina and Sam say hello, she tells Sam that Ric is working, and they’re doing great. Silas tells them to have a great evening and leaves, while Sam wonders why they were together?

Franco hears the truth!
Ava tells Franco who she really is he – he doesn’t believe her, but she him if remembers leaving her alone with Carlos? He finally believes it and she tells him this new identity was her only way to come back to Port Charles. She explains her DNA changed after the bone marrow transplant – the donor was Avery! Franco finally realizes that Nina didn’t kidnap the baby, it was Silas. He blames Silas, and wants to tell Nina the truth.. he wants to get her away from Ric, and telling her about the kidnapping is the best option. Ava says he failed when he had a chance to stand by her, but she can help get her back for him. She will play his loving girlfriend, which will spark Nina’s jealous streak. She will do what ever it takes to get Nina back so long as he keeps her secret. She asks him not to abandon her again, they can help each other! Franco says he isn’t actually comfortable lying, especially to Kiki.

Dante and Valerie give in..
Valerie is weepy about her mother, Dante gets a call from Leslie.. he doesn’t even know why he bothers covering up for Lulu now. He is angry, calling her a liar and cheater, but Valerie says he needs to keep a clear head for Rocco’s sake. He doesn’t know how he can love and hate someone at the same time, they had worked so hard to build something good together.. it wasn’t easy. He yells at Valerie, then apologizes.. she wishes she could help him, and he tells her to go. He doesn’t know what he would do without her.. and kisses her passionately.

Valerie and Dante take their passion straight to the bed!

Frank Smith is dead!
Gunshots are fired in the warehouse, hitting Frank and his guards.. it’s Lucky! They all start shooting while Dillon protects Lulu – when everything settles, they tell Lucky that Ethan is at the hospital now, he happily gives Lulu a big hug while Luke and Laura warmly smile at each other. Lucky says it’s never a dull moment in this family while Frank Smith stirs on the ground, gun still in his hand. He raises the gun, when Luke shoots him again.. he asks for his last words.. Frank says “Lucky.. your son… he was in on it.. chew on it”. Luke says chew on this, and shoots him dead. He tells Lulu and Dillon to go to the hospital, they will wait and deal with the cops. Lucky hugs Lulu and tells her to say hello to Dante and Rocco.

Memories of Jake and Lucky
Back at home, Liz is distracted on her laptop, trying to reach Lucky… she thinks something is wrong, Jake offers to track him down for her. Liz admits he hasn’t been himself for a long time, especially since Jake died. Liz tells Jake she thinks Lucky is haunted.. Jake’s ghost follows him where ever he goes – she remembers her little boy, feels he is with them right now. Jake hopes Lucky can one day move on.. Liz agrees.

Ava tells Franco he is the only one who can get her closer to Avery.

Nina thanks Silas for sticking up for her, and he wishes her a Happy Fourth..

Patrick and Sam happily kiss as they leave the park together.

Lulu calls Dante, leaving him a message that they have a lot to talk about.. while he’s in bed with Valerie.

Luke wants to talk to Lucky about what Frank said before he died – he was on this?? Lucky says it’s complicated, he was forced to play along with Frank.. a life was at stake… and Jake is ALIVE!

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