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General Hospital on 10/12/2015 – Lulu tells Dante about Dillon, Nina’s honestly, Kiki’s meltdown, Windemere danger!

Jordan takes Dante to task for the mess he caused by sleeping with Valerie, and he says he overreacted when he thought she was pregnant and apologized. Jordan points out that Valerie isn’t over him, but Val returns and says she is, and they are done. Jordan hopes this is the end of it!

Franco, Nina and Kiki!
At Silas’ apartment, Kiki snaps at Nina for wanting to change the decor in the apartment, but Franco tries to play peacemaker.. he wants them to make it work. He asks Nina to hold off for a while, but Kiki say she will move out and take her dad’s stuff with her..and storms out.

Franco sits Nina down and explains that Kiki needs their support, could she just hold off for a few weeks. She decides she wants to talk about their separate bedrooms.. she knows he’s had an extensive sex life, but she has only ever been with Silas. She worries she won’t be very good as Silas cheated on her, and has limited experience. He is surprised to hear she didn’t sleep with Ric, she explains he was just a creep who was after her money. Franco tells her she is worth the wait as he cant live his life without her right now.. He wants to make sure she’s comfortable and tenderly kisses her.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan is angry with Ava for leaving Avery at home, but she claims she needs to work and insists he should forgive her if he really loves his little sister. It would mean a lot to her if he was in Avery’s life, and she also needs his help with Kiki! She won’t talk to her or even see Avery – she needs someone to lean on. Morgan reminds her Kiki hates him after he slept with her mom! As they talk, Kiki walks into the bar. Ava And Morgan try to explain they were talking about her, but Kiki says she’s been there done that, and sits at bar, ordering shots.

Morgan tries to get her to stop and a drunk Kiki orders a martini, so she could be more like her mom. She hurls the drink at Ava and calls her bitch when she tries to get her to stop. Ava says please and Kiki angrily asks if she had said please would Ava had not broken her heart, slept with her boyfriend or trashed her life? She tells Ava to leave her the hell alone and Morgan tells her to leave, he’ll take care of it. The bartender cuts her off and she drunkenly grabs a bottle behind the bar, as it smashes to the floor!

Passion at Windemere
Nikolas and Hayden start to passionately kiss while Sam and Jake stay hidden. Sam remembers she left her equipment on the desk as they try to climb down the balcony. Sam almost slips, and knocks over a gargoyle.. the noise interrupts Nik and Hayden, they walk out but don’t see anything and leave to check out the damage below. In the meantime, Jake carries Sam back inside.

Nik and Hayden return and he want please pick up where they left off, but Hayden doesn’t think so!

Lulu and Dante
Lulu completely rejects Dillon’s kiss, and he angrily tells her he’s been trying to protect her from what Dante did with Valerie. She is furious and explains it was just a kiss and how happy she is, he needs to let it go or she can’t be friends. She storms out, leaving a stunned Dillon behind.

Lulu returns home, flustered, and tells Dante she and Dillon kissed.. after she told him how much she loves her husband and the life they built together. It was bizarre as she has never looked at him as more than a friend. Dante is furious – what the hell is he thinking? She confesses that Dillon said Dante didn’t deserve her, like he had done something bad.. and it was all about him and Valerie. She wishes she never made a big deal out of this kiss and finally understands where Dante was coming from – kissing Dillon meant nothing, just like his and Valerie’s kiss. She’s glad she didn’t let it come between them, and is sorry for making a big deal out of it.

Valerie shows up to talk to Dillon, she needs a friend and wants a drink. He points out she can’t drink as she s pregnant with Dante’s baby. Valerie is annoyed he jumped to conclusions like everyone else, and he tells her he almost told Lulu but she almost wishes she was pregnant, so she could be part of something. He tells her about kissing Lulu, and her rejection and she wonders why they’re pining over people they can’t have? At least they have each other.

Morgan tells the bartender to let it go, but Kiki doesn’t want anything to do with him as the cops come and arrest her!

Nina wants to take their kiss to the bedroom as she doesn’t want it to stop… or for Kiki to walk in on them. Franco reminds her he loves her when the phone rings – it’s Morgan calling from Kiki’s phone. Sh has been arrested.

Dante tells Lulu she has nothing to apologize for, she says she doesn’t deserve him.. he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. He won’t let anyone or anything to come between them as he loves her so much sometimes he can’t breathe. They fall into bed together.

Valerie and Dillon toast their friendship.

Hayden tells Nikolas shes not ready to take it to the next level yet, and wants them to go back to their original agreement of no sex. She kisses him and walks out.

Sam tells Jake they have what they need off Nik’s computer and can figure out who he is once they get out of there. They leave Windemere together…

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