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General Hospital on 10/17/2014 – Mother’s Day for Nina and Franco, Sonny’s plan, Sabrina tells Michael the truth!

GH October 17 2014Silas tells Kiki it was Nina who knocked him unconscious.. he tells her Nina has wanted to hurt him for a long time. She hears about the “revenge list”, but quickly remembers she is there to get help for Ava, who is in hiding right now. Silas agrees to go with her, but they run into Nathan on their way out! It’s urgent that he speaks to her as Madeline is out of prison, saying Nina is dangerous and possibly violent. He finds out she knocked Silas out, but he doesn’t know where she has gone.

Mommie and Daughter Dearest
Madeline opens the door to Nina! “Darling.. how wonderful to see you”.. Nina asks what the hell are you doing here? She is shocked – she is supposed to be rotting in prison, but Madeline tells her the conviction was overturned. She tells her she feels bad, Nina reminds her she killed her baby and put her in coma. She is willing to do anything it takes, but Nina says it isn’t enough. She screams “repent repent repent.. you murdered my baby”. The courts may have let her get away with that, but she never will. Madeline asks if she is taking her medication? Nina tells her about the list..all the people she needs to pay back. She locks the door and tells Madeline she was crossed off the list because she was in prison.. but is back on it so she can be crossed off! Madeline tries to calm her down, saying she isn’t well, while secretly calling Nathan on her cel phone. Nina grabs the phone and asks who you trying to call, Ghostbusters? I will call them for you.. when you’re dead. She wants them ALL to suffer and picks up a wall sconce to hit her..

Bobbie questions Carly
Carly says she thinks it’s too late to change her mind about marrying Franco and tells Bobbie to trust her. Bobbie doesn’t like lying to Scott, but says Franco may not be the man she really wants to be with. Carly is dodging the question – is she under some kind of pressure to marry him? Bobbie knows there is something more serious, and suspects there is another reason.. Carly admits it’s about Michael! Bobbie doesn’t understand and tells her to stop talking in riddles. How is this about Franco and Michael? She replies it’s related to Michael’s happiness, and asks Bobbie to please let it go.

Sonny’s plan take shape
Sonny says the only person crazier than Franco himself is his mother. With the exception of him, no one hates him more than Heather. It lines up perfectly.. give her the means and opportunity, she will slit his his throat, but she is as likely to kill Carly as well. They need to make sure she stays away from Carly, and Sonny reminds Shawn he always has a plan – break Heather out of Ferncliff, make it look like she escaped, plant the weapon on her and lead the cops to her.

Crazy mother and son moment!
Franco greets Heather.. “long time no see”. She tells him she only has one real son, Steven Lars, who was unjustly convicted for murder. He apologizes to her and says they have some issues (he stabbed her in the foot, she shot him in the gut!). She is angry he chose Carly over her. He says it was a mistake and asks for her forgiveness… he brought her a BLT from Kellys and she sits back down. He tells her they are still involved and getting married. Heather says he is breaking her heart with his stupidity, and doesn’t know what she did to deserve such dismal treatment. He tells her he came there to tell Heather she was right about Carly! He finally sees that she isn’t good enough for him, she is treacherous and deceitful. He should have listened to Heather, Carly broke his heart by cheating on him with Sonny… over and over again. He also tells her that Bobbie and Scotty are back together again. She wants to know why he is still marrying her?

Sabrina’s guilt
Sabrina tells Felix she is worried Ava is in distress, and is disgusted by what she did to Ava’s baby – it’s despicable and criminal, she could be thrown in jail. They bump into Nathan, who is looking for Nina.. they tell him she made a “miraculous” recovery, and no longer needs the wheelchair. Sabrina wants to talk to Nathan but he doesn’t have time – she tells Felix she wants to turn herself in. He thinks she should wait as Ava might be fine, but she has to tell Epiphany.

Ava continues crying out in pain while Morgan tries to calm her down.. he tells her she doesn’t need to be scared.

Michael hears about Carlos
Sabrina runs into Michael, who wants to talk to her about the free clinic in AJ’s name – he has a proposal for her. He would love to have her involved.. AJ would have done more had he not been gunned down by a lowlife criminal. She tells him Carlos is a dear friend of hers and not the person he thinks he is. They were engaged back in Puerto Rico, and he was a good man.. Michael says AJ is dead because of Carlos and his greed, Sabrina tells him it isn’t true!

Nathan tells Silas he needs more details about Nina, Silas says he will call him later – but she is dangerous and angry, she made threats and is willing to carry them out.

Madeline runs for the door, but Nina grabs her.. she corners her and tells her she means nothing to Nathan. Madeline says he has a good heart and will forgive her.. and asks Nina to forgive and forget. She wishes she could give her back the baby, but what’s done is done. She would do anything to make things right between them. But she can’t give her a baby.. Nina says actually, you can. You can bring me a baby.. Ava Jerome’s.

Ava says it’s too soon to have her baby there, it’s not safe – Morgan won’t let anything happen to her, when Silas arrives!

Carly tells Bobbie she is happy..

Franco tells Heather he has “seen the light.. hallelujah”.. he is marrying Carly to settle the score. And that’s where Heather comes in..

Sonny wants to protect Carly by burying Franco.. but the secret will also be buried with him. Once he is gone, and Ava has been dealt with, Michael will never know he shot AJ.

Sabrina tells Michael that Carlos didn’t kill AJ.This Week Spoilers
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