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General Hospital on 10/23/2014 – Sonny’s plan, Franco’s plan, Tracy needs stock, Carly sees Jason!

Liz tells Jason about the marker in the Quartermaine family crypt, and finds out Monica was his mother. She explains how the accident left him with no memory. He muses just like him. She tells him he wanted to be a different person after the accident, and made new relationships – he was happy and lived a full life. Jake/Jason wonders what it would feel like to not recognize family. Liz tells him not to compare their situation – “you’re not Jason”.

Liz and Jason continue to bond
Liz brings him a wheelchair and tells him to get in, please..? He struggles to get out of bed, and she helps him up.. he almost falls over, but she holds him close. With his arms around her, he says “look, I’m standing”. She tells him he is stronger than he looks, he sits in the chair and she rolls him out. She wants to show him the Jessie Brewer wing.. he thanks her and says it’s the best he has felt since waking up.

Monica grieves for Jason
Alice walks into the crypt and sees Monica.. it has been two years since he died. She misses him every single day, it isn’t fair. She would give anything to have a part of him back so the pain would go away. Alice reminds her he loved her in any way he could as Jason Morgan – AJ loved her too, she was a good mom to both her boys. She cries that she couldn’t protect them from those wanted them dead (flash to Sonny at Kellys!).

Alexis and Julian talk
Julian can’t take no for an answer when it comes to Alexis. He insists he hasn’t lied to her.. and is surprised when she mentions Jerry Jacks says he is behind the organization. He claims to know nothing about Jerry holding Luke hostage, she asks if he has had ANY dealings with Jerry? He says yes, but it was a year ago when he fell from the roof. It was the last time he saw him. Alexis wants to believe him when Ned arrives with guards to escort him off the property. He has something he has to tell Alexis – he asks her to promise to stay out of the business with Jerry.. he is a dangerous man. He says I love you and leaves.

Tracy needs ELQ shares!
Tracy tells Ned she wants his ELQ stock.. it’s for Luke, his life depends on those shares. Between Brook Lynn, Dylan and Ned she can offer Jerry 40% of the company. But he won’t do that to Michael or Grandfather.. plus the company is thriving under Michael. He is sorry, but the answer is no. His mind is made up, he doesn’t give a damn about Like. She wonders how she will get her hands on more shares.. when Monica and Alice walk in. Monica tells her she isn’t welcome in the house after what she did to Alice. Tracy says Jerry will kill Luke if she doesn’t give him what he wants. Monica mocks the idea, but Tracy asks her to have a heart.. Tracy turns to Alice and asks her to do it for Luke.

Lulu says it’s not a bad idea for Dante to check on Heather as Carly’s wedding is coming up. Lulu is puzzled how Luke could get involved in the hostage mess again, but Dante reminds her it’s only on the word of Jerry Jacks. She needs to speak to Tracy, and runs into Carly outside. Carly finds out Franco made all the wedding arrangements for The Haunted Star! She tells Carly it was supposed to be a surprise – she thought they were marrying at the Metro Court. Lulu thinks he likes the Haunted Star, maybe it’s to show the two of them have come full circle.

Franco visits Heather again
While he is in Fern Cliffi visiting Heather, Carly calls Franco, asking why he got up so early this morning? He says a special therapy session, and reminds her he is the only man for him – he says I love you and hangs up. Heather mocks him and asks if he has changed his mind about the revenge? He claims it was just an act but Heather doesn’t buy it.. and he admits he still loves Carly. It’s hard for him to explain, but she believed in him, which made him believe in himself. He loves her with all his heart… how can he hurt her? She makes him a better person and wants it to stay that way. Heather yells that he was vulnerable and she took advantage of that – just to tame the beast. She didn’t love him, she subdued him.. then hopped in bed with Sonny and laughed. He mutters that she is only marrying him to keep his mouth shut about Sonny –  Heather asks what he did?? Franco tells Heather she has to wait until tomorrow.. the video will air during the wedding at the Haunted Star. He also tells her he has convinced a staffer to get her out of Fern Cliff. She knows it will be the best wedding ever.. Carly will be sorry she never loved him. “Not as sorry as me”..

Sonny is conflicted
Shawn tells Sonny that Franco is back at Fern Cliff… something isn’t right. Sonny tells him they have another problem – Dante promised he would check on Heather after Olivia had her vision. Shawn asks if he wants to call of the hit? Sonny says he can’t let Carly throw her life away – if that means killing Franco, he will do what he has to do. He tells Shawn he killed AJ, who was an innocent man, and doesn’t know if he can ever make peace with that.

Liv has feelings for Ned
Dante tells Liv to relax, he will make sure Heather is where she is supposed to be. She says something else is bothering her – Ned is seeing Alexis now. He asks if she wants to be more than friends? She says they click, but maybe she has lost her chance. Dante tells her to talk to Ned about how she feels.

Liz shows Jason the art therapy room.. he asks “his name is Franco?”. It sounds familiar to him but Liz says he is a changed man – he lost his artistic genius. She tells him she wanted to go to art school but life got in the way. He asks to see her to show him? He hands her a brush, but she gets paged by a patient. Jason says he will make his own way back to his room and thanks her for the tour.

Tracy thanks Alice, who is giving her the shares for Luke. Tracy receives an incoming call from Luke when Lulu walks in.

Alexis tells Ned she is fine, and is sorry Julian threatened him. Olivia turns the corner and sees the two of them hug.

On his way out, Franco bribes Mr Beech at Fern Cliff, who then receives a call from Dante about Heather – he tells him she is locked up. Just when he hangs up, Shawn hits him over the head!

Sonny visits the Quartermaine crypt and talks to Jason. He wants to make everything right for Michael and Carly.. maybe Jason can somehow reach out to her and be the friend she needs.

Carly walks into the art studio and sees Jason!

Shawn tells Heather she is coming with him.

Sonny stares at AJ’s name, when the crypt door opens.. “oh my god”..This Week Spoilers
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