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General Hospital on 10/24/2014 – Carly confides in Jason, Tracy gives up her stock, Sonny talks to Connie!

Lulu grabs Tracy’s phone.. it’s Jerry Jacks. She is angry and tells him she will kill him.. but he wants to speak with Tracy. He hopes she is ready to close the deal, or Luke is a dead man. She informs him she has 15% – both hers and Alice. While Ned is there, Jerry asks about his share, and then asks to speak to him. He threatens Brook Lyn’s life, but Ned threatens to break his neck and tells him to stay away from his family and ELQ. Jerry tells Tracy he is disappointed, but the 15% stock will have to do. She asks how he will get it to him, when a tall blonde walks in – “give it to me”. He introduces Hadley and says Tracy just needs to hand over the stock certificate and he will return Luke.. on his solemn word as a gentleman.

Carly confides in Jason
Carly comes face to face with Jason… she’s looking for her fiance. She asks if she knows him from somewhere, he tells her about the injury and his face has been reconstructed. He asks if she knows the old him? His name is Jake as the name was familiar to him. She introduces herself, but he doesn’t recognize it – she tells him she is marrying “Franco”. Carly knows Elizabeth told him bad things, he is misunderstood, but is surprised her “best friend” hasn’t risen from the dead to force her into calling off the wedding. His name was Jason, but he knows who that is because of Elizabeth, and also knows it’s the anniversary of his death. She tells him about their deep friendship, and he would hate that she is marrying Franco. Jake/Jason tells her if she loves him enough to spend the rest of her life with him, then marry him. She says that’s what Jason would say.. but there will be fallout if she doesn’t go through with it.

Franco leaves an urgent message for Mr Beech – without Heather, all his plans are shot to hell.

Sonny talks to Connie!
At the Quartermaine crypt, Sonny sees a vision.. it’s Connie! She wonders what he’s doing there.. she knows he can’t stop thinking about what he did. He says he would do the same thing over again.. he believes AJ murdered her, he wasn’t going to let that go. He admits he lost control as he knew AJ was lying and broke his promise to Michael. Connie tells him he shot an innocent man, he didn’t do what he led him to believe. She asks if he is going to kill Ava Jerome? She has to pay for shooting Connie but making him believe AJ shot her.. he says he will wait until the baby is born. Connie mocks him and says he will bide his time with other things.. like killing Franco. He has hurt too many people he love… he has to go. It’s the only way he can protect his relationship with Michael. Connie tells him it’s about clearing a path to Carly. She knows he loved her, but she is gone.. Carly can make him happy. She asks him what he wants, eh admits he loves Carly and wont’ stop until he gets her.

Rosalie talks to Michael and Madeline
Michael bumps into Rosalie at Kellys, he invites her to sit for coffee. He tells her about AJ’s murder, and that the person responsible might be Kiki’s mother. She asks what Kiki says, he tells Rosalie she claims to not be in contact with Ava.. but Michael is convinced someone out there knows where she is. He needs to ask her face to face.. for AJ. Rosalie says there is something she needs to tell him, but Madeline arrives, insisting she needs to speak to Rosalie… Nina will do anything to get her back. Michael leaves the two of them to talk, and Madeline tells Rosalie she knows she knows Ava’s whereabouts, and won’t leave until she finds out her location. Rosalie knows Nina plans to steal Ava’s baby, why would she help her with that? Madeline tells her she knows her secret.

Ava and Kiki worry
Ava and Kiki discuss their options, Kiki tells her Sonny isn’t the only one looking for her – Michael thinks she killed AJ! Ava insists she had nothing to do with AJ’s death, nor did she cause Sabrina’s crash… but admits she did threaten Carlos. Kiki says she should take pity on Sabrina, despite what she did with the pills. She tells Ava she believes her, but Michael doesn’t and he won’t stop until he finds her. She hates lying to Michael, and they worry Rosalie might tell someone where she is..

Franco and Nina get close
At Liesl’s office. Madeline insists to Nina she has everything under control.. Franco arrives at the door just as she is leaving. She introduces him to her mother, while Madeline stares at him. Nina asks her to leave and tells Franco she is in hiding – Silas is on the warpath. She asks what he has planned for his wedding? He won’t tell her as it would implicate her, and asks what she would do if she had been lied to, cheated on and made a fool. She agrees to back off, but suggests they compare notes as she also has a nasty surprise for tomorrow. They agree they have a lot in common.. Nina asks if they are monsters? She share a close moment..

Carly tells Jason she had an affair with Sonny, then apologizes as he is a complete stranger.

Ned tells Tracy to wait, and Lulu says she can’t take Jerry Jacks at his word. Jerry asks if they have a deal..?

Franco invites Nina to his wedding, but she says he life is about to really hectic. He excitedly says isn’t it cool this time tomorrow, both of them will have cut dual cloths of destruction through Port Charles? Madeline returns as he is leaving.. “I don’t trust him”

Carly asks Jason not to say a word to anyone, he promises he won’t.. what happened with her ex-husband is her own business. “Mine too” says Franco, as he walks in.

Madeline tells Nina she knows where Ava is..

Rosalie arrives at Kiki’s front door!

Connie hopes Michael will never find out about AJ, Sonny says he won’t as long as he gets rid of Franco and Ava.. Michael walks in.. “what are you doing here?”

Jerry calls Tracy – the certificates are authentic, if she wants her husband, he is on the terrace. They all rush outside.. “oh my god”..This Week Spoilers
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