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General Hospital on 10/29/2014 – Nina’s plan, Carly’s concern, Franco gets ready, Anna’s warning to Sonny

Michael pays Carly a visit at home to wish her luck, but she notices something is bothering him. He tells her about Carlos and how he is determined to find the truth about AJ’s murder. He mentions Ava as a possible suspect, and asks Carly if she knows anything. Carly tried to convince him to stop dwelling on his death, but Michael says he can’t rest until AJ’s murderer is brought to justice.

Jordan overhears Shawn on the phone with Sonny – asking if he should pull the trigger – and assumes he is talking about Ava. They argue about TJ and Jordan is sick of his worship of Shawn – what would he think if he knew the truth about what he did to TJ’s father? Shawn says he’s sick of her always holding it over him and suggests it’s time TJ heard the truth. He reminds her that she will go down with him.

Silas visits Ava at the Brownstone to check up on her and the baby – Morgan is worried someone is watching them. Kiki thinks it might be Nina, but Ava thinks it is Sonny. She tells Morgan and Kiki to go to Carly’s wedding, and they ask Silas to stay with her while they’re gone.

In Obrecht’s office with Madeline, Nina is upset to learn that Silas has been at the brownstone with Ava – she wants to kill him too, but Madeline suggests he is just looking after her and the baby. Nina has stolen syringes containing a drug that will make Ava go into labor and tells her mother to watch the Brownstone to see when Ava is alone. She reports back that everyone has left except Silas, Nina decides they need to get rid of him as well.

Anna goes to see Sonny, uninvited and tells him she knows he and Shawn are planning to kill Ava, it’s no secret he hates her, and she assumes he will wait until the baby is born. She tells him that Michael suspects Ava is responsible for AJ’s murder, and warns him to stay away from her. Next time she will bring a warrant. After she leaves, Sonny receives a text from Shawn that makes him smile – Morgan walks in and wonders why he is happy.

At the Metro Court, Franco is working on the wedding video, which includes a clip of Sonny admitting to killing AJ. He receives a knock on the door and it’s his guy from Fern Cliff – he tells him he was jumped, and when he woke up Heather was gone. Franco doesn’t know who would take her, but he needs her to make his plan work and sends him away to find her. Kiki stops by to give him a wedding gift – “F” and “C” cufflinks – and tells him how proud she is. He proved everyone wrong and she knows Carly is committed to him.

After Kiki leaves, Shawn appears at Franco’s door, with a gun pointed…

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