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General Hospital on 10/30/2014 – Sonny tells Morgan the truth, Spencer spills a secret, Nina gets Ava alone!

Jordan knocks out the guard to Heather’s room in the warehouse and Heather asks her where Shawn is? He is supposed to take her to Franco’s wedding, but Jordan informs her he works for Sonny. Heather wonders why he broke her out of Fern Cliff, but is starting to get the picture.

Sonny admits the truth!
Morgan tells Sonny they need to settle the score about Ava… he tells him to stop casing the brownstone, Ava told him everything. He tells Sonny he knows he will kill her – and also knows he killed AJ! Sonny accuses Ava of lying, but Morgan reminds him he told him he “crossed a line”. Morgan tells him to man up, he owes him the truth.. Sonny yells “OK, I killed AJ Quartermaine”. Morgan reminds him he promised Michael, does his word mean nothing? Sonny asks “for the love of god”, that he will not breathe a word of this to Michael..

Shawn vs Franco
Shawn tells Franco he has a wedding present from the boss.. a bullet. With a gun pointed on him, Franco is calm and reminds him what he knows about Sonny – if Shawn kills him, Carly will know it’s on Sonny’s orders and will never forgive him. Shawn tells him Heather will be taking the fall for his murder and explains how they are planning to frame her. Before he pulls the trigger, his phone beeps… it’s a text from Heather, she has Jordan tied up! He calls Heather and wants to speak to Jordan, but Heather reminds him she gives the orders now! She wants to talk to Franco, if not, she might have to kill someone.

Nina tells Madeline it’s her job to get rid of Silas – no baby, no money.

Spencer blurts out the truth
Bobbie fusses over Lucas before the wedding, when Carly arrives to get ready. Josslyn introduces Spencer as her plus one, and Carly says she can’t believe he was hiding in her house and only Jossyln knew. Spencer pipes up she wasn’t the only one who knew! Carly questions him and asks if Franco knew he was hiding in her house? He nods his head. Carly asks why Franco would cover for Spencer…? He tells her Franco was plotting against Uncle Sonny – he overheard him say the only way to get the goods on Sonny was to break into her email, but he couldn’t figure out the password. He excuses himself as he doesn’t want to face the wrath of Franco.

Michael tells Kiki he spoke to Carly about Ava, but she wants him to stop looking for AJ’s killer. Kiki asks him to set it aside, just for today.. he wonders where Morgan is? He sends him an angry text for missing the wedding.

Morgan tells Sonny that Ava told him and Kiki the whole story, and how Carly is covering for him.. it’s a double stab to the heart for Michael. They are not telling Michael as they don’t want to hurt him – and they will keep him in the dark if he leaves Ava the hell alone.

Silas shares with Ava
Ava tells Silas she had no idea Nina was so unhinged. Silas explains how she ruined his relationship with Sam, and ruined Patrick’s career. Her fixation on him is vindictive and dangerous, and he tells Ava how she keeps talking about having a baby to replace the one they lost. Ava wonders if he will try to pick up the pieces with Sam? He says he thinks she has moved on with Patrick, but was hoping to see her when she got back from Amsterdam. Ava sincerely hopes he gets another chance with her and suggests he talk to her.

Danny has cancer!
At the hospital, Sam asks Brad for Danny’s test results, while Madeline watches. She approaches Brad dressed as a doctor and tells him Dr. Clay wants her to review the results. She returns the file back to him, and he hands it over to Sam, who is stunned by the contents. Sam calls Silas, crying that Danny is sick.. his leukemia is back. She begs him to come to the hospital to see for himself.

Franco talks to Heather on the phone, and tells her to hang on – he tells Shawn to give him the gun, “seriously dude”.. and then he will tell him how it will play out.

Morgan tells Sonny to drop the plan to kill Ava – he doesn’t get to kill her just because he has the goods on her. Sonny tells him he can’t abide by his rules.. he won’t hurt him or Kiki and says Ava didn’t tell him the whole story. They are interrupted when Sonny receives a text from Shawn saying Franco is dead.

Ava tells Silas she will be fine on her own, Sam needs him.

Nina tells Madeline to make sure Silas stays occupied with Sam, she will go to Ava’s on her own – just the two of them, and baby makes three.

Franco arrives for the wedding a little out of breath… you ready to get married?

Shawn unties Jordan, as Heather locks them in the room together.. with no window.

Sonny tells Morgan that Ava killed Connie!

Sam hugs Silas as Madeline watches.

Nina is inside the brownstone.. “it’s me”..

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