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General Hospital on 10/7/2014 – Nina can walk, Samtrick in the hotel, Alexis leaves Julian (again), Maxie gets advice.

There is only one bed in Sam and Patrick’s hotel room – Sam calls downstairs to request a cot, but they don’t understand the word so Patrick decides he can sleep on the floor! He lies down on the floor and they turn off the lights. Sam can’t sleep and asks if he is okay, turns on the lights, and offers him a space next to her in bed.

Alexis leaves Julian again
Julian wants Alexis to stay and watch ‘Golden Girls’ with him, but she tells him she has dinner plans.. with Ned! Julian is jealous, but she is only going to tell Ned that dating is not a good idea. He doesn’t want her away from him, Ned can wait, and the two get passionate on the couch! Alexis gets ready to leave to meet Ned when Sam calls and tells her Tracy saw Julian in the stables with Luke.. when Julian returns from his shower, Alexis slaps him saying “you lying son of a bitch!”. He tries to argue that Luke is not his boss, but Alexis says they’re done and leaves.

Ned at the Metro Court
Ned sits down with Monica, and she tells him how she has started dating – he tells her he has been seeing Alexis again, when Olivia approaches, asking if they need anything. She thinks they are together, but Ned says he is waiting for Alexis! At he bar, they chat about The Equalizer movie and Olivia offers to see it with him.

The judge gives Maxie advice
Judge Walters asks Nathan and Maxie if he can join them. He spotted them and say hello.. he heard they were almost killed, and wonders if Maxie thought about what effect her demise would have on her child. She says it was out on her control, she was conned by her fiance and is moving on. He tells her this should be their last date, as Nathan blantantly lied to him, and was willing to commit perjury in a court of law. Her hearing for visitation comes at the end of the year – if she hopes to see Georgie again, she will have nothing to do with Nathan West. Maxie accuses him of an abuse of power, but he says he determines what type of home life a child is exposed to. Nathan argues he wasn’t under oath in his chambers, and Maxie says he was trying to help. The judge says Georgie is thriving with Spinelli – he tells her she would be wise to stay away from Detective West and leaves.

Nina can walk!
Silas asks Nina what’s going on – he is shocked she isn’t in her wheelchair! She says she is making progress, and Silas asks show she goes “from being wheelchair bound in one moment to a full-on sprint on two healthy legs in the next”..! She tells him she has been keeping something from him – he accuses her of lying to his face. He wants to know the truth, but she insists it should be in private as she is embarrassed. She tells him she was scared what he would do if she was better – he would leave her and go back to Sam. She was hoping he would rediscover his feelings for her, and freaked out when she started getting better – she didn’t want to lose him. He tells her it was the wrong thing to do, but he understands why she did it – but why was she chasing after Franco?

Liz and Jason and Jake..?
Jason says Jake’s name, Liz is shocked – he says he remembers Jake, but can’t tell her why. She asks if HE is Jake? She tells him she had a son named Jake who died when he was four years old, and explains the accident. She apologizes for sharing person information, he says she is fine.. he thinks Jake might be his name as it feels right. They shake hands, and she says it’s nice to meet you, Jake. At least he has a name to tell the police – he is now on the road to recovery and has reason to be optimistic. He finds it strange that people might be looking for him, who he doesn’t remember.

Franco wants an apology!
Franco says his intuition told him Sonny and Carly would be at Michael’s together. He asks about Michael and she mentions they thought it would be a good idea if he went away for a while, but no he isn’t in any danger. He is gone for as long as necessary, and Franco says the last thing they need is more bloodshed. He wants to stay and talk to Sonny about what’s going on between them. He knows Sonny wanted her back, and while he didn’t believe her at first, she agreed to marry to him, which means she is over Sonny. She loves him, why else would she agree to marry him? He asks Sonny to apologize for kissing his fiance! Sonny tells CARLY he is sorry she has to marry this degenerate, and Franco reminds him they have a lot to lose. He pretends to tell Michael that Sonny killed his father in cold blood, and Carly says you promised to never bring it up. He says he doesn’t have proof, but if he did, it would hurt his beautiful bride to be.

Nina says Franco was encouraging her to come clean with Silas as he would understand, but she got scared and chased him after he ran out of the room. Franco is her only friend since she came to Port Charles. She hopes Franco was right and she hasn’t ruined everything between them?

Sam tells Patrick he needs to be comfortable and well-rested, hasn’t he shared a bed with a friend before? She can’t think of any reason not to share the bed, and they BOTH flash back to their kiss. He asks if she is sure, and she says “why wouldn’t I be?”.

Maxie asks Nathan if the judge can dictate her personal life? Nathan tells her if she wants to be a mother to Georgie, they don’t have a choice, and need to go their separate ways.

Julian leaves messages for Alexis, who arrives at the Metro Court for her date with Ned. She says they thing she was gong to tell him turns out to be not so important after all.

Judge Walters apologizes to Monica and asks for a second chance.

Maxie thanks Nathan for dinner, and sadly leaves in the elevator.

Liz tells John Doe he might remember more tomorrow- he asks if she will be there? She says yes.. “goodnight Jake”.

Patrick gets comfortable in bed with Sam and the two stare at each other – he thanks her for sharing her bed with him. He turns over to try to get some sleep, but they both toss and turn.

Silas tells Nina no, he hasn’t her lost her – he is happy she can walk, but wishes she told him sooner. He flashes back to Sam accusing Nina of overhearing their conversation on the roof. Nina promises no more secrets.

Carly says they should let Sonny be – Franco says everything is out in the open, so it’s time to plan their wedding! It will be one for the history books.This Week Spoilers
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