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General Hospital on 10/8/2014 – Ava in pain, Rosalie gets fired, Samtrick in bed, Britt moving in!

Jordan texts Ava that she has her medication at the Metro Court, if Ava wants to send someone to pick it up. Shawn sits down at her table and she tells him she doesn’t know where Ava is, but he simply came over to thank her for giving him the heads-up about Michael. He wonders why she would betray the Jerome family to spare Sonny’s son.. she tells him it’s because of him. She felt she owed him one, plus Michael is not part of the business and doesn’t deserve to die. Shawn says he knows her – it doesn’t sit right, and something else is going on.

Britt moving back in!
Spencer and Nikolas enjoy breakfast at the Metro Court, when Britt joins them, looking gorgeous in a black dress. She asks what the occasion is while Spencer beams at her. She asks what’s going on and Nik explains it has been a rough few months, but she has been the shining light through it all. Spencer misses her, and he realizes he misses her to.. would she like to move back in with them? Spencer says Nikolas wants them to get back together! She asks about Elizabeth, and he says they’re through – he wants a fresh start, and she says yes. Spencer high fives Nik and dances. They ask Britt if she can move back in tonight and she says yes – when Nikolas excuses himself from the table, Spencer whispers their plan finally worked. He tells her their hard work has paid off, but Britt says she didn’t earn her second chance with Nik – and if he found out she was in on Spencer’s disappearance, it would be the end of them.. for good.

Sabrina visits Carlos
Sabrina visits Carlos in jail again, she needs to talk to him about Ava. He is 100% certain Ava caused the accident and even admitted it, but Sabrina tells her someone else confessed as well. She explains Spencer’s story about Luke, and Carlos suggests Luke was just playing him, when Sabrina points out maybe Ava was using the same story to take advantage of him? Carlos is shocked when he realizes Ava might have been lying to him, and Sabrina tells him she DID go after Ava, and explains how she switched Ava’s medication with pills that would induce labor. Sabrina cries to Carlos that she was sure Ava did it.. Carlos reminds her she’s a good person, she doesn’t hurt babies, even if Ava is guilty. He asks if she hurt the baby and tells her she has to make sure Ava does not take the pills.

Silas fires Rosalie
Silas opens the door to Rosalie and tells her she’s fired. When she asks why, he says Mrs Clay doesn’t need her, or the wheelchair! When she sees Nina standing there, she says it’s a miracle, but Nina tells her to drop it, Silas knows everything. He says her work here is done, and they won’t be needing her services anymore. She asks Nina if she feels comfortable cutting her out of her life?? After all they have shared? Nina tells Silas she is resourceful, but he gives them a few minutes to say goodbye. Rosalie calls her an idiot, and is angry Nina didn’t stand up for her, but Nina reminds her she still has a job.. destroying Kiki by bedding Michael. Rosalie says her plan won’t work – Michael is a good guy, her deserves better than Kiki, but she likes Morgan. Nina reminds her it’s all about HER, and Rosalie needs to help her with her list. Nina tells her to work on destroying Michael and Kiki, Rosalie angrily says “fine” and tells Nina to remember she knows ALL of her secrets. She slams the door on her way out.

Sam dreams about Patrick!
Sam and Patrick wake up together, she says they CAN sleep in the same bed without anything happening – he starts to kiss her passionately when Sam wakes up from her dream! Patrick wonders what’s wrong, and says he understands that it’s weird waking up in bed together, but they made it through the night without anything happening. He gets out of bed and heads to the shower, when Tracy arrives, asking why she isn’t dressed? She sees a shirtless Patrick and says she gets the picture.. all too clearly.. they wanted to explore each other!! Sam reminds her she wouldn’t share her room, but nothing happened with Patrick. He asks if she has heard from Luke yet? She tells them she needs time alone with Luke.

Ava needs the pills!
Ava sees Jordan’s picture on the front page of the newspaper – Morgan tells her Michael has been sent away because of the attempted hit, and Kiki has gone with him. He asks if Julian was responsible, she doesn’t  think so.. and he reminds her that he isn’t going to let anyone hurt her or the baby. All of a sudden she doubles over in pain, telling him Jordan has her pills – he leaves to pick them up.

Shawn asks Jordan if they can take baby steps to get back to where they were, when she spots Morgan. She excuses herself and gives the pills to him. When she returns to Shawn, he wants to know why Jordan saved Michael’s life, and reminds her that he won’t stop looking for Ava. And that means he won’t be with her, as much as they still want each other.

Rosalie arrives outside Morgan’s with coffee and asks if she can explain things to him, but he says no, it’s a bad time right now. She insists that she needs to explain now, she really needs to tell him what’s been going on with her boss. She starts to explain about Michael and Kiki and her boss.. when Ava yells out “Morgan, help me”.

Nina tells Silas that Rosalie helped her heal, and she will miss her. Silas asks how long they have been keeping the secret from him that she can walk? She tells him it has been a few weeks – he says he is happy for her, and she should go see her brother. Now.

Nik tells Britt he’s happy she is moving back in with them, and they hug..

Patrick agrees that Tracy can have some alone time with Luke – she gives them the details of their meeting and leaves.

Sabrina calls Jordan, who tells her not to worry, she already gave Ava the medication.. Sabrina sits alone, stunned.

Sam flashes back to her passionate dream about Patrick, when Silas calls. He tells her she may have been right about Nina.This Week Spoilers
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