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General Hospital on 10/9/2014 – Ava takes a pill, Sonny has a plan, Silas talks to Sam, Nina learns who Franco really is!

Sonny daydreams that he is punching Franco while boxing and asks Shawn if there is news about Ava. He tells him that he owes Jordan and Shawn for protecting his son, and also tells him Sam’s theory that Luke is working with the Jeromes. He will only go after Luke if he has proof, and tells Shawn what’s been happening with Carly – it’s never over between them, but Franco needs to be taken out, once and for all. How Carly feels about Franco doesn’t change what he is – if something sets him off, he will tell Michael about AJ. He has to be taken out to ensure his silence. The goal is to make sure he doesn’t hurt Michael or Carly, but Carly can never know.. it needs to look like an accident, and someone needs to do the dirty work for them.

Scotty invites Franco to lunch
Scotty comes to see Franco at the hospital, and invites him to join him and Bobbie for lunch. Franco says he would rather swallow glass – he chose the wrong woman. Lucy was encouraging, but Bobbie has never been supportive of his relationship with Scotty. Scotty reminds him that he needs to get along with Bobbie as she will be his mother-in-law.

Metro Court lunch dates
Duke and Anna go to the Metro Court for lunch, when Lucy arrives, thanking them for inviting her. Duke thought it would help her, but she spots Bobbie across the room!

Bobbie greets Carly at the Metro Court, and invites her to join her and Scott for lunch. She tells Carly she feel guilty about lying to him, while Franco listens in! She makes Carly promise that she and Sonny are over, and Carly admits there was another “unfortunate slip”- they had sex at Michael’s apartment! But she told Sonny it can never happen again. Bobbie asks what’s different now, and she says there are reasons she has to choose Franco, and Sonny has accepted it. Scotty arrives and ask what Sonny has to accept? Carly says it’s her wedding to Franco. Scotty tells her Franco is a new man, while Sonny is still a criminal.

Lucy approaches Scott and Bobbie, and the two women start hurling insults at each other – Lucy reminds her how Carly slept with Tony, and Bobbie asks how Kevin is doing, when Duke drags her back to their table. She is upset and talks about leaving town, but Duke insists he will drive her home before she embarrasses herself further.

Nina looks for Rosalie
Nina leaves a message for Rosalie – she thinks Silas might be on to her and they need to get their story straight about how long she could walk. She continues to leave messages.. she has been such a good friend, and she needs her! She can’t complete her list without her.. but then starts to threaten Rosalie.

Silas calls Sam and apologizes
Silas tells Sam she might be right about how much Nina needed the wheelchair. He tells her she was running after Franco at the hospital – Sam is stunned, and Silas says he thinks she has been walking for more than 3 weeks. He keeps replaying how he defended Nina the night they ended things – he realizes he was blind and Sam was the one who saw things clearly. What if she has been able to walk all along? Sam tells him about the security footage that clearly shows someone was eavesdropping on them – Silas asks if she thinks it was Nina? She was going to tell him the night she went to his apartment and walked in on him and Nina. He knows he hurt her and is sorry for so many things – maybe they can talk when she gets back, and there is some way he can make it up to her. Patrick walks in while Silas and Sam are on the phone – Silas tells her to be safe, and hangs up. Sam tells Patrick that Silas was calling about Nina.

Ava takes a pill!
Rosalie realizes she just found Ava at Morgan’s and watches him comfort her. Ava cries that she doesn’t need a hospital, she just needs her pills. Morgan asks Rosalie for help, but she says obstetrics isn’t her thing.. Ava insists Nurse Santiago told her to take the pills, and she swallows one. She doesn’t fell better yet, and Morgan introduces Rosalie, who knows who she is. Ava tells her to forget she ever saw her! Otherwise she will have to make sure she stays silent.

Nina learns who Franco really is
Nina sees Franco at the hospital and tells him Silas knows she doesn’t need the wheelchair after he saw her running. He asks why she was running, and she reminds him she was chasing after him after he saw Sonny and Carly’s “private sex show”. She thought he would do something crazy – he wanted to, but realizes he has to save something for his wedding! Nina asks what he has planned, but he tells her he doesn’t need an accomplice. She asks if he is going to hurt someone? She doesn’t think we would intentionally hurt someone, but he tells her to look up his name on the internet to see how wrong she is! She is shocked he killed people. Nina is shocked to see Franco was a serial killer, but he had brain tumor so he wasn’t responsible.. he is now a different person? Franco says you can’t believe everything you read, and strolls away.

Alexis tell Julian it’s over
Julian sees Alexis at the hospital – he followed her as he needs to talk to her. She tells him she was out on a date last night with Ned, who she has a connection with – she has a weakness for men like Julian, but doesn’t choose him anymore. She needs someone who makes her smile and appreciates her ethics, and he needs to accept the fact they are only connected by family. Ned reminds her she is capable of enjoying life.

Anna stops by Jordan’s table and quietly asks about Ava – Jordan tells her she used Morgan to pick up her pills. Jordan says it’s not a good idea to know Ava’s location until they are ready to make a move.

Morgan tells Rosalie that Ava is in hiding as people are trying to kill her, and needs her to promise she won’t say anything. Nina and Ava have a rivalry and when she says he can trust her, he reminds her she told Nina about Carly and Sonny. She apologizes and promises that she is done doing anything for Nina, who only looks after herself.

Back at home, Silas remembers Nina pretending to walk and stares at their wedding photo.

Sam tells Patrick why Silas called, but thinks he was looking for something else. Patrick asks if he might be looking for another chance from her.. and is there a chance? Sam says he is still married, but Patrick replies that isn’t an answer. She says it’s a lot to assume, and decides to get dressed for their meeting with Luke.

Silas asks Nina what she is doing at the hospital.

Rosalie hears Nina’s threatening voice mail.

Ava takes another pill!

Jordan has 4 missed calls.

Sonny tells Shawn there are lots of people with motive to kill Franco.. they just need to find someone to pin it on..

Franco arrives for lunch with Scotty, Bobbie and Carly – it gives them a chance to make some wedding plans. He wants everything to be perfect on his bride’s wedding day!This Week Spoilers
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