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General Hospital on 11/11/2014 – You’re not my brother.. bomb, or no bomb?

Dante reads Sonny his rights.. he thanks Morgan for defending him, and understands that Dante is just doing his job. He tells Michael he is sorry, loves him very much then is led away. Mcihael tells Morgan he should have let him kill Sonny when Kiki arrives.. relieved and happy to find him! She asks where Sonny is.. she was worried he may have killed him, then finds out he was taken away. Kiki hugs him, and he tells her that his mom knew everything.. she kept the secret for Sonny. He trusted them, and they lied to his face for months.. Morgan says they were just trying to protect him, but he says that was false sympathy. Kiki needs to tell him something.. Morgan says don’t.. she tells him she knew it too!!! And so did Morgan..

Michael finds out who knew what!
Michael asks how they both knew, they admit Ava told them more than a month ago.. did they also know Ava killed Connie..?? He is angry, and remembers all those times he walked in on the two of them with their heads together.. not only did his parents lie to him, so did his girlfriend and brother. “How could you do this to me??”. She says they did it to protect him!! He asks if they think it was okay to lie to him – so he would go on being the fool who loves his parents and girlfriend.. she says they did it because they love him. If that’s their idea of what love is, he wants nothing to do with either of them! Morgan tries to stop Michael.. “you’re not my brother anymore”.

Liv and Lulu watch the news
Olivia and Lulu sees Nina’s photo on TV as the news reports she has stolen Ava Jerome’s baby. Liv is worried for Sonny, and asks how Carly’s wedding went?? Lulu tells her they still don’t know where Luke is, and Jerry delivered a drunk Larry Ashton instead. Lulu mentions her interest in Ned, but Olivia doesn’t want to make a fool of herself with him. They turn on the TV and see that Sonny has been arrested for the murder of AJ Quartermaine! Scotty tells a reporter he will have him off the streets, and in jail in no time.. and Dante, his own son, made the arrest. Olivia worries about Michael.. he didn’t see this coming.

At the station, Maxie texts Nathan to see if he has found Nina yet.. she tells him she missed him. Rosalie comes by to talk to him, he suggests she can’t sleep because of her guilty conscience. He knows she lied to him, and makes her sit down.. “stay put”.

Nathan grills Rosalie
Sonny is brought in, and Nathan tells him they are doing everything they can to find Ava Jerome’s baby. He returns to Rosalie and tells her Nina has kidnapped Ava’s baby.. he grills her, it sounds like she knew about the plans. She claims she just knew Nina was desperate, but Nathan asks her why did Madeline called her if it wasn’t to find out where Nina was..?? Why else was she calling?? Rosalie says Madeline wanted her help.. and she told her where Ava Jerome was hiding! Nathan wants to know WHY.. Rosalie says Nina and her mother know “something” about her, and threatened to expose her. It has nothing to do with anything, but she is sorry. Nathan tells her if any harm comes to baby, it’s on her.. now get out.

Sonny at the station
At the station, Sonny tells Dante they need to find Ava’s baby. Dante hates what he did to Michael, but understands what it’s like to have a child missing. Sonny explains he called Shawn to help find ‘this Clay woman’.. Dante looks at his phone and sees the text from Shawn saying Franco is dead! What’s that about?? Sonny tells him Shawn couldn’t have sent the text, it was before Franco showed the video at the wedding. He thinks Shawn might be in trouble.. maybe it was Franco, or his mother. Sonny tells him he has to go to the warehouse now.

Caught in a trap – Carly, Shawn, Jordan and Heather
Locked in the warehouse with Heather, Shawn and Jordan, Carly yells for help at the locked door when Franco walks in. He didn’t come back to shoot them, there is no fun in that.. it lacks creativity. Carly has re-inspired him! His new plan is unpredictable and interesting.. he is going to let them all go. He will leave the door unlocked, but it’s wired with a bomb – if they open it, they will all die. Carly says he hasn’t changed, he never will.. and yells he’s a bastard! He claims there might not actually be a bomb after all.. it’s their decision. Life is about making choices. He closes the door behind him.. “have a blast”. Shawn remembers all the sick games Franco has played, but Carly says bombs are his weapon of choice. Heather shakes her head, she can’t go back to Fern Cliff.. and makes a run for the door! They stop her.. Carly says they have too much to lose. Carly tells Heather they will figure out what to do what next – and tape her up..

Where is Carly?
Lucas talks to Bobbie on the phone – Carly hasn’t come home yet. He puts Josslyn to bed – Maxie is there and they chat about Nathan, she can’t risk being seen with him, and should probably wait until the custody hearing at the end of December. Lucas says it’s not too far away, don’t worry, her dream will come true.. he will help her fill the time. The door opens, and Franco arrives home! Maxie says they are well rid of him… including Carly. He tells them he is just there to get his things, and asks if anyone has seen Carly..?

A smug Scotty
At the Floating Rib, Scotty orders their finest scotch to celebrate Sonny going to jail when Bobbie approaches and asks along with my daughter? She accuses him of not caring, but he said he had to hand the video over to the police, even though it affects Carly. He said Franco didn’t commit a crime by showing them the video, but Bobbie says she can’t reach Carly.. she is worried about her. Franco was in earlier, acting strange… if he does anything to Carly, it will be all his fault!

The reporter asks Scotty if they will issue a warrant for Carly’s arrest? No comment..

Kiki tells Morgan she is sorry, and they are both worried they have lost Michael forever. She tells him Ava is at the hospital – she had a little girl, but she has some bad news.

At the Floating Rib, Michael orders a bourbon at bar, and sees Rosalie..

Scotty grins at Sonny while they take his mugshot.

Bobbie arrives at Carly’s and asks Franco where she is..

Dante and Nathan arrive at the warehouse, guns drawn.. they approach the door..This Week Spoilers
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