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General Hospital on 11/12/2014 – Michael kisses Rosalie, Dante saves the day, Franco helps Nina!

Franco stands on the docks, musing how people need to pay for what they have done. He meets Hooper, who is ready to take him away in an hour.. just enough time for him to tie up some loose ends. This is his revenge.

Nathan and Dante approach the storage room, open the door.. and… nothing. No bomb! It was an empty threat.. Dante wants to know where Franco is? Heather says he hasn’t committed a crime, they can’t arrest him. At the warehouse, Shawn and Jordan decide they need to talk to TJ about his father – they owe him that much. Jordan agrees he needs to hear the truth.. they will do it together.

Nathan brings Heather into the station, Anna tells her that Max has named her as his shooter!

Michael and Rosalie share a few drinks
Michael spots Rosalie at the bar.. “rough day?”. She sits next to him and asks him about his day.. he was seconds away from killing his father. Over shots, he tells her all about Sonny and AJ, how his mom lied to him and even Kiki and Morgan. Rosalie was right about those two all along, and she was the only person looking after his best interests. She says that isn’t quite true, her boss wanted her to break up him and Kiki. She was doing her job.. and was supposed to sleep with him! She tells him Nina was holding secrets over her head, but she couldn’t do it because he is a really nice guy and saved her life. He didn’t realize she was coming on to him that day in his apartment, she says he doesn’t deserve to be manipulated. She says she isn’t a saint, he leans in to kiss her!

Carly is back at home., and Dante tells her what happened.. Morgan risked his life for Sonny, who has been arrested. Sonny is done. Dante asks if she has spoken to Morgan..?

Morgan and Kiki at the station
At the station, Anna continues the hunt for Nina, when Morgan and Kiki arrive, asking for an update on Ava’s baby – she tells them it’s a police matter, and they will find Nina. Morgan is angry with himself for leaving Ava alone, while Kiki tells him to stay calm. She admits she still loves Ava, no matter what she has done. Kiki is distraught, but they had to tell Michael the truth. Carly calls Morgan, he doesn’t pick up the call, she leaves a message that she loves him. She thanks Dante for what he did for Michael tonight. She will never forget that.

Sonny is locked up behind bars.. “make yourself at home”… he sees Duke in another cell and explains what happened with Franco. Duke tells him he is there because he gave a false alibi. His relationship with Anna is probably over because of the betrayal. Sonny tells him how it all went to hell.. and Michael now hates him. Anna brings in Heather, he asks her to find the baby.

Nina hallucinates..
At the hotel, Nina watches over the baby and waits for Silas, while Madeline lies on the floor, unconscious. There’s knock on the door, it’s Silas! “Daddy’s home”… he insists he has come alone, she can trust him. He see the baby and Madeline on the floor! She tells Silas she had to knock Madeline out, he says it was the right thing to do.. now they can be a family. He tells her she is beautiful and starts to kiss her, when Madeline groans. Nina realizes it was all in her head, Silas isn’t there! She realizes her mother never called Silas.. she is stunned and angry. She raises her arm..

Franco says goodbye
Liesl listens to her voice mail – the board has made a decision about Patrick’s appeal, and need to discuss Nurse Santiago. Next message is from Nathan, he is worried about Nina and Madeline. Next message is from Madeline – pretending to tell Silas that Nina has the baby!!! She gives their location. Franco arrives in her office to say goodbye.. he tells her they didn’t get married, and he is leaving Port Charles for good. There is nothing she can do to change his mind. She tells him that Nina ran off with Ava Jerome’s baby.. he says “poor Nina”… Liesl mentions she is the only one who knows where she is, and tells Franco the exact location before she tips off Anna and Nathan. Franco turns to leave and gives her a hug.. “Auf Wiedersehen”.

Liesl calls Nathan with news..

Carly receives a CD in the mail.. “play me”

Franco is ready to leave, but hesitates…

Rosalie stops the kiss.. what was that? He says he doesn’t want to feel stupid, he doesn’t want to feel anything anymore. why don’t they get out of here? She leaves with him…

Morgan says he has to do something, and leaves the station.

Anna and Nathan burst through the hotel door, and find Madeline on the floor.

Nina and the baby are with Franco! They need to get out of there.

Carly plays the tape – Franco wants to take her sanity. He is out there and coming back to settle the score. She will never have a moment’s peace.. that is his revenge. And please kiss that sweet Joss for me tonight..

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