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General Hospital on 11/13/2014 – Carly is arrested, Kiki finds Michael & Rosalie, Franco helps Nina!

Michael wakes up to a phone call from Kiki, she is frantic with worry, but he doesn’t pick up.. Rosalie is next to him in bed! She thinks it was all a big mistake, but he talks her into staying. She isn’t comfortable sharing everything with him, but he fills her in on the Jeromes. He hopes the baby goes to a distant relative.. and convinces Rosalie not to go.. they start making out again, when Kiki walks in!

Nina thanks Franco for his help, and continues to talk about “her” baby.. she wants to call Silas, but Franco tells her he will call the police as Nina is not the mother. He tells her about his wedding, and what he did to Carly and the others. He tries to tell her that the baby belongs to Ava, but Nina is delusional. He finally goes along with it and says he will come up with a plan.

Ava is distraught over her missing baby, as Julian tries to keep her calm. He explains they almost found Nina – she was gone when they arrived at the hotel, and Madeline is now in the hospital. Obrecht gives Nathan an update, but doesn’t mention her own involvement. Magda is angry that Liesl tipped off Franco, and they talk about how much they have both lied to Nathan.

Still in jail, Sonny yells for a lawyer – Alexis arrives, and he wants her to bail him out, but she is there for Duke.. Lucy is paying her fee! Duke thinks that Sonny needs her help more than he does, but she says it would be a conflict of interest. She suggests to Sonny that he call Diane.

At the station, Anna is angry with Scotty for what Franco did and insists he should be arrested. She asks if he knows where Franco is, he reads her the letter Franco left him, and leaves to make a copy. Duke is brought upstairs and tries to speak with Anna, but she ignores him. When he sits down with Alexis, she tells him he can stay out of jail if her rolls on Sonny.

Carly apologizes to Morgan, and thanks him for saving Sonny. He confesses how much he already knew, and she sorry for getting him involved. She is furious when she sees Scotty, angry about his evil son, but he tells her he has issued a warrant for Franco’s arrest. And hers! As Carly is led off to jail, she tells Morgan to find the baby, ant not to worry…

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