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General Hospital on 11/17/2014 – Investigating Anna, Larry’s plan & Michael Quartermaine!

Patrick and Sam take all the kids to Kelly’s for a milkshake, he wants to talk to her about Larry – he suspects something is wrong. Tracy is supposed to keep an eye on him, but he is still concerned. Sam tells him she done some digging – she can’t find any connection to Jerry, but will keep looking.

Over milkshakes, Cam taunts Spencer about his Uncle Sonny going to jail. Emma and Joss say they are sorry, and Spencer tells Joss that her mom is in jail too. The kids decide they have to leave right now – the cops are going crazy, arresting everybody!

Michael’s jailhouse visit
Michael visits Carly and Sonny in jail.. she hopes he is there to talk, but he isn’t there to forgive them. There is nothing she can do or say to make up for what they did. He is there to talk about his real father! He wants to clear AJ’s name of Connie’s murder, and Sonny is going to help him do it. He wants to know if AJ’s recording of Ava’s final conversation is real, where she confesses to killing Connie.. Carly says she had to destroy it. Michael tells Sonny he needs t o make it public – AJ deserves it. He doesn’t care what it will do to Sonny. Sonny promises to deliver the recording – Carly stops him and they both tell him they love him. But he says they don’t know the meaning of the word. After he leaves, Sonny sadly tells Carly that Michael has cut them out of his life.

The Quartermaines
At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica is furious to hear that Sonny shot AJ – Tracy says maybe Michael will finally open his eyes and see how contemptible Sonny and Carly really are!

Larry chats to Jerry over the phone, the family has bought his cover, but he can’t be rushed and needs more time to get the rest. Someone clears their throat behind him.. it’s Alice! He pretends to be drunk, she wants to know what he was talking about, but he talks his way out of it. They return inside, Alice takes Monica into the kitchen and Larry wants to talk to Ned and Tracy about ELQ. Michael is a disaster as CEO, and only attracts bad publicity – he needs to be overthrown. Larry says Tracy would be perfect for the job… she agrees they have to get rid of Michael.. when he walks in.

Anna confronts Liesl
At the hospital, Anna accuses Obrecht of helping Nina kidnap the baby but Liesl denies involvement. Anna reminds her she confessed to Nathan that she helped hide them, but Liesl argues she also told them her location. Anna says she will eventually pay for her crimes. Leisl tells her to arrest her or go rescue the baby, she doesn’t know any more about Nina’s whereabouts. She is wasting her time, she will never be able to hold her accountable for killing Victor.. just like Anna will never be accountable for killing Faison! Between the two of them, Liesl wants to know exactly what she did to Fasion? Anna says maybe she should tell her what they did to her ‘precious Faison’. She leans and pretends to be Faison!!!! She says she will NEVER find him.. she will wonder about it for the rest of her days. The satisfaction is a long time coming.

Will Britt help take down Anna?
Agent Sloane wants to purge the WSB of corruption and needs Britt’s help, as Faison’s daughter, to bring Anna down. He believes she is a murderer, but Britt says he has to prove that without her help – he is her father in DNA only. If Anna is responsible for his death, she did the world a favor. The agent reminds her of his constitutional rights, and what if it happens to someone she loves? The justice department will pursue this with out without Britt’s help. After the agent leaves, she tells Nik she can’t stop wondering where Faison is.. she feels bad for him. Nik says he will support her, no matter what she decides.

Jake’s new home..
At Elizabeth’s house, Jake sees the photo of Jason and Liz, he strangely recognizes Jason.. and she shows him the rest of the photos. He stares at the photo of Jake, and Liz shares details about him. Patrick brings the boys home, and Liz introduces them.. Patrick tells ‘Jake’ he has had brain surgery before, when Sam comes rushing through the door. They hear how Obrecht threw him out, but he plans to repay Liz for her kindness. Patrick mentions he received a call from the board, they have made a decision about his job, and he is heading to the hospital now. They leave, but Sam pauses outside the door.. hearing Jake and Liz chat..

Agent Kyle Sloane comes to see Obrecht at the hospital – he wants to speak in private.. about Anna Devane!

Cam talks to ‘Jake’ and asks if he can help him with his homework while Liz watches…

Spencer arrives home to Nik and Britt.. who looks at the agent’s business card.

Anna comes face to face with Special Agent Sloane.

Sam accompanies Patrick to the hospital to hear his fate.

Michael announces he has decided to use his real name – Michael Quartermaine!

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