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General Hospital on 11/18/2014 – Michael clears AJ’s name, Samtrick suspicious of Larry, Ava clears out!

Shawn visits Sonny in jail, they talk about Franco… he hasn’t found Ava’s baby yet, but Sonny asks Shawn to give the recording to Michael. It’s the least he can do for him, to give him peace of mind. Shawn reminds him that Ava will go down as well! Sonny says it’s the next best thing as she won’t get her hands on the baby. Diane arrives and asks if Michael has the recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie..? She can use the tape as leverage for leniency.. but Sonny insists the tape belongs to Michael. He won’t use it to save his ass.. no matter what it costs him.

Jordan & Shawn get ready
At the diner, Jordan flashes back to her conversation with Shawn – they need to tell TJ the truth together. When he arrives, she reassures him that everything is fine now and he gives her a hug. She also asks him to wait for Shawn to meet them there.. they need to talk, but not about school.

Michael takes charge as a Quartermaine!
Michael announces he was born a Quartermaine and wants to legally change his name – this is his only family, he has cut the rest of them out of his life! He asks if he can move into the mansion – Monica is thrilled and Ned welcomes him to the family. He promises to get ELQ back on top, even though Tracy has been trying to destroy it. He is angry about her financial scheming, and giving Jerry 15.5% of the company – she put the company and family at risk.. and for what? Larry… this drunk?? Michael accuses Larry of working with Jerry, but Ned reassures him he will never let Larry get his toe into ELQ. Michael reminds him his title is fake, Larry lunges at him when Shawn arrives.. he is there to give him the recording, from Sonny. He kept his word.

Kiki confronts Ava
At the hospital, Kiki flashes back to Michael’s angry words and asks what she is capable of? She tells her mother that Franco will look after the baby, but she doesn’t want to talk about him.. or the baby. She tells Ava “you killed Connie Falconeri”… she knows Sonny went after her because she murdered the woman he loved! Morgan heard the recording. She asks how she could shoot a defenseless woman.. Ava says she just reacted to the moment, she didn’t have any chance, she needed controlling interest in ELQ. She lied under the pressure – Connie had figured out Derek Well was Julian Jerome, she didn’t have time to think, she just shot her. Kiki is furious she murdered someone and let AJ take the blame for it.. she didn’t even lose sleep over it! Ava insists it all worked out, Kiki reminds her except for AJ.. but at least Michael now knows the truth. Ava is shocked. She asks Kiki if he has the recording? She doesn’t know, Michael has broken up with her and Sonny has been arrested. Ava is more worried about the baby.. she knows Kiki is angry with her, but can she find out if there is any news about her?

Anna meets Sloane
Anna greats Special Agent Sloane, her former protege! What brings him to Port Charles? He says Washington is thrilled that Sonny is going to prison, and mentions Duke Lavery – is she no longer married to the mob? She tells him Duke has been arrested… but why is he so interested in her business? He mentions both Sonny and the kidnapped baby, but he is there on another matter that he can’t talk about yet. He wishes her luck and leaves.

Busy day for Obrecht!
Liesl phones Britt, leaving her a message to report to her office’s an emergency. Britt listens to the message and tells Nik her mother is on the warpath. She tells Nik Agent Sloane will have to go after Anna without her. After she leaves, Spencer chats to Nik, he is stressed that Uncle Sonny is in jail, but Nik is proud of him for telling the truth at Carly’s wedding and he deserves candy. A guilty Spencer says no, he doesn’t! He says Franco wasn’t the only one who knew where he was. Nik asks who else knew he was hiding at Carly’s place.. Spencer says Joss, which Nik already knew.. was there someone else cruel enough to keep Spencer from him?

In Obrecht’s office, Patrick arrives (with Sam) to find out his fate.. the board has considered his appeal, and have voted to reinstate him! Sam gives him a BIG hug and they leave. Britt arrives and Liesl gives her a BIG slap.. she refused to co-operate with Agent Sloane?! Britt is the only next of kin who can give him permission to proceed with the investigation – and Liesl threatens to tell Nik that she was working with Spencer when he disappeared! Liesl warns Britt her life will come crashing down around her if Nik found out she used his son to get back together with him. She will do anything to get justice for Faison.

Michael plays the recording for Monica.. it also proves that AJ was innocent! They decide to visit the crypt, to ‘tell’ AJ the news.. and wish him a happy birthday. Tracy decides to ask Lulu if Luke has reached out to her.

It’s his last free afternoon, so Sam and Patrick decide to investigate Larry.

Kiki asks Anna if there is any word when Michael arrives – he gives Anna the recording. It’s everything she needs to clear AJ’s name and arrest Ava.

Diane commends Sonny for being noble, but reminds him how much Michael loves him. Anger does not negate love. Alexis arrives, Duke’s arraignment is over, he didn’t roll on him and has been transferred to Pentonville.

Britt tells Agent Sloane she has decided to co-operate with the investigation.

Alexis tells Sonny he is going down and taking everyone with him.

Anna walks into Ava’s room to arrest her.. she is gone!

Spencer says Uncle Sonny is innocent until proven guilty.. but at least Luke Spencer can’t hurt him in prison.

Left alone, Larry makes a call while Sam and Patrick eavesdrop.. “Jerry, we have a problem”.

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