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General Hospital on 11/19/2014 – Sonny pleads guilty, Samtrick go after Larry, Silas helps Ava

At the hospital, Ava’s room is empty, and Anna alerts security while Michael accuses Kiki of helping her get away. She insists she is as horrified about what Ava did as he is.. and admits to Anna that she knew about the shooting. She also told Ava that Michael knew the truth – which explains Ava’s quick getaway! Michael calls her a liar AND an idiot! Anna issues an ABP and leaves, while Kiki apologizes to Michael who says it means nothing to him. She claims she was tricked, when Morgan arrives and leaps to her defense. Still furious that Ava is missing, Michael accuses Morgan of helping her, but he claims she is on her own. When he found out she shot Connie, he told Sonny where he could find her. Morgan insists he didn’t help her run from the cops, but Michael angrily leaves.

Ava asks for help!
Ava arrives at Silas’ and asks him to help her, no questions asked… as Sonny wants her dead! She claims as a Mob witness, she will be eliminated.. and tells him two men were hanging around outside her room. Please can she stay there until it all dies down? He is her only hope.

Anna questions Julian
Anna brings Julian in for questioning, but he claims he doesn’t know where Ava is.. he is surprised and worried she is missing, and the police are after her. He suggests the charges are trumped up, but Anna informs him they have the recording. He claims he thought AJ shot Connie, just like everyone else.

Sonny accepts his fate
Scotty holds a press conference outside the courtroom – Bobbie slaps him, while Diane gives Carly advice. Sonny arrives and apologizes to Carly for getting her involved, while Bobbie tells Scotty they’re through. Diane tells her NOT to speak in the courtroom, but despite pleading “not guilty”, she is denied bail.

Diane insists she can get Sonny off, and hopefully she can get the charges dropped against Carly and Duke. Sonny decides to talk to Scotty. Back in front of the judge, it’s time for Sonny’s day in court – the charge is murder, how does he plead? Carly tells Bobbie none of this would have happened had she stayed away from Sonny.. he comes out of the courtroom, and tells her she is going home. Scotty has dropped the charges against Carly.. as Sonny has pleaded guilty!

Samtrick vs Larry
Sam and Patrick hear Larry’s conversation, and realize he’s working with Jerry Jacks.. Larry says they need to do something about the “Luke Spencer” problem and Samtrick wonder if Luke really IS a hostage? Larry asks if everything is in the safety deposit box? Sam decides to find this safety deposit box and tells Patrick to distract Larry. He pretends to arrive at the mansion to talk to him – he owes him an apology as he obviously is not working with Jerry, and also had nothing to do with accident.. they shake hands, Patrick offers him a drink, then quickly takes off when he realizes Sam is done.

The truth about TJ’s father
Shawn and Jordan tell TJ that he didn’t shoot his father by accident, it was self-defense after he found out about him and Jordan. They assumed it was friendly-fire in Afghanistan, but he had actually snapped and pulled his gun on Shawn. He had no choice but to shoot him, but also chose to protect his reputation by keeping it quiet. He deserved to be honored. TJ cries, and Jordan puts her arms around him.. Shawn tells him his father was a hero. TJ asks why they are telling him this now..? Shawn feels keeping secrets isn’t right… he deserves to know the truth. TJ asks if there’s a chance that Shawn is his father?? They explain how Jordan had a DNA test, Thomas was his father by blood, and seeing the letter is what set him off in the first place. TJ is upset and leaves.. Shawn says at least Thomas died knowing TJ was definitely his son, while Jordan looks off into the distance.

Anna has Julian escorted down to the holding cells, and plans to hold him for 48 hours.

Silas tells Ava he can’t keep her safe, but she only needs one person she can trust. Until she can figure out her next move. She begs him to be that person.. he solemnly agrees, and she hugs him.

Kiki tells Morgan that Michael has written them off, but Morgan says she will just need to fight for him, he loves her. She shares the news that she found him in bed with Rosalie!

Before he is led away, Sonny tells Carly he loves her, and the only thing that matters is that she is safe. He comes face to face with Michael, then the guard walks him out.

Sam was able to take an impression of the key to the safety deposit box, they will make a copy tomorrow.


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