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General Hospital on 11/20/2014 – Nina accepts the truth, Larry is delayed, Alexis visits Julian, Faison is ALIVE..

Olivia comes storming into the holding cell, yelling at Julian – where is Ava? He apologizes to her, but Liv is furious Connie is dead just to protect his real identity. He must have helped Ava escape.. why else would he be in jail? He insists he doesn’t know where she is, nor that she shot Connie. But he DID know Ava shot Liv.. she is shocked he kept it quiet. Lucas arrives and says he believes Julian! Olivia leaves and father and son talk.. Lucas tells him he will call Alexis, but Julian says they are through.. until he comes clean about the people he is working with. Lucas says then that’s what he needs to do, but Julian can’t tell her the truth because he loves her! He reminds Lucas that he had been shot when he tried to leave the mob – Lucas assumed that was Rick Lansing.. was it someone else?? He tells Lucas the less he knows the better, which he accepts. Lucas also reminds him he can change things if he wants.. does he know how lucky he is that Alexis loves him? He needs to fight for her… should be call her?

Ava and Silas
At Silas’, Ava sees her face splashed across the front page of the newspaper.. Silas asks if everything is okay, she quickly hides the paper. He understands why she is worried, and she apologizes for snapping at him. Silas does believe the baby is safe, but Ava starts to get hysterical. He suggests they call in reinforcements… Sam! Ava refuses to let him make the call – what if Sam tips off Sonny? She says HE should be the one to help her, not Sam. They will find Nina and the baby together..

Franco helps Nina remember
Franco sees the news that Ava is on the run, and Sonny pleaded guilty to save Carly while Nina wakes up next to him. She is furious he joined her in bed – she is a married woman, Silas wouldn’t appreciate it! She is the mother of his child. Has Franco come up with a plan yet? He says yes – the first step is that she face reality, he shows her the article about Ava, she says it’s a joke and doesn’t want to talk about it. She claims the baby is hers, but Franco quietly says the baby is not hers.. she doesn’t even really remember what happened. She flashes back to Britt informing her she can’t have a baby.. he gently tells her what she did at Ava’s place. She cries and asks him to stop talking.. she doesn’t want to remember delivering Ava’s baby, but she does. Franco hugs her and tells her it will be ok. Nina insists she deserves the baby – she loves Silas, they are growing strong and the baby will make it better. He tells her to be honest with herself, does Silas still love her? She helped him see the truth about his relationship with Carly, and he is now doing the same for her. She needs to let it go – it doesn’t exist.

Samtrick asks Lulu for help
Sam and Patrick sit down with Lulu outside Kelly’s to talk about Larry – he IS working with Jerry after all. They know he is going to the bank this morning to open the safety deposit box, Sam shows Lulu the key she made from silly putty! They ask Lulu to head to the Quartermaines to delay Larry.

Quartermaine family breakfast
Larry gets ready to go to the bank in one hour to open the safety deposit box when Tracy walks in. He covers up the key, and plays dumb (and drunk!) – he says he has an appointment and tries to leave, but Tracy insists he stay for a family breakfast. Alexis arrives for the breakfast, he once again tries to leave for a “dentist appointment”, but Ned tells him to change it! Olivia interrupts their breakfast banter to tell Ned that Ava shot Connie.. he asks if she is okay? She also tells them Julian is in a holding cell in suspicion of aiding and abetting..

Anna being investigated
At the station, Anna walks into her office – she wants Franco found.. when a smug Liesl turns around in her chair! Anna tells her to get out, but Obrecht slyly mentions she might be joining her boyfriend in Pentonville. She will finally be punished for killing Faison.. when she asks who will prosecute here, Agent Sloane arrives.. “that would be me”. His investigation is about her! He has his own evidence, and can now pursue it thanks to Britt. The evidence shows Faison is not in Steinmauer.. her and Robert took that law in their own hands. They committed a huge breach of ethics, Obrecht says their “reign of terror has gone on for too long”. Agent Sloane says even she, Anna Devane, is not above the law.

Britt is distracted over breakfast with Nikolas, she tells him she has changed her mind – she has decided to cooperate with the investigation against Anna. He is surprised, but he says the decision is hers, but why did she change her mind? She says Faison is still her father, she wants to know what happened.

Nina accepts her marriage is over and Silas doesn’t love her. Franco is proud of her.. she acknowledges she needed a big push. He insists that life will get better. He doesn’t know how, but she needs to just hang in there and the pain will go away. She sadly tells him she is empty. Without Silas and the baby, she has nothing. He tells her she has him… he is on her side.

Franco asks Nina what the next chapter is for them? She asks him what they are going to do about the baby…

Silas agrees to help Ava look for Nina and the baby, she wants to leave right now.

Alexis arrives at the holding cell to see Julian.

Ned offers Olivia some food, leaving Tracy and Larry alone. He gets up to leave when Lulu arrives.. “you’re not going anywhere”. Sam and Patrick head to the bank.

Nik reminds Britt that Anna’s career is on the line, but she says she has no choice.

Agent Sloane gives Anna the subpoena, she says there is no need for legal proceedings as Faison is still alive!

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