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General Hospital on 11/21/2014 – Truth time for Julian, Luke is back with a vengeance, Faison in the stables??

At the Miscavige Institute, Luke is unconscious in a padded cell! An orderly makes him swallow a pill.. “good boy.. enjoy your nap, champ”. Luke spits out the pill when he leaves… “good boy, my ass”. He flashes back to Fluke taunting him that he’s helpless. He moves the bed and smashes all the accumulated the pills and needs to think – today is the day he gets out. He wonders if he imagined someone who looked exactly like him. He yells he is going to rip his arms off and beat him to death with the bloody stumps! Who ever is responsible is going to pay. He doesn’t know how long it has been, and flashes back to hearing about Rocco. He wonders what he has done to deserve this??

Faison is alive!
Obrecht and Agent Sloane are shocked to hear Faison is still alive, and Anna can prove it! Liesl is furious, but Agent Sloane wants to hear the truth – Anna says they confronted Faison at the Windermere stables the night of Sabrina & Patrick’s wedding.. they freed his hostages, and prepared to return him to Steinmauer. Anna wanted to kill him, she was this-close, but she didn’t do it. Agent Sloane says he isn’t at any prison.. Anna says he had to die, but she stopped because it would have been murder. Liesl asks what she did with him.. where is he?? Anna says he never left Spoon Island! No one knows, but she and Robert took matters into their own hands.. she will take them to him.

What’s in the stables?
Spencer and Emma are in the stables, cutting school – Spencer reassures her he will take the rap, and wants to show her something. They enter a room, it’s his secret place! He needs Emma to see where is all began, the danger to Emma, the night he recognized Luke Spencer plotting against his Uncle Sonny. He confesses his feelings to her when they hear a sound.. the door opens! It’s Nikolas and Britt.. he chides Spencer for cutting class.

Britt tells Nik that Spencer is just going through a phase, so the crisis is over – she reminds him they have the stables all to themselves, when Anna, Obrecht and Agent Sloane arrive with the claim that Cesar is there! Nik says there is no way he is in there without anyone knowing. Anna says you just have to know where to look – she moves a rug and shows them a trap door…

Lulu tells Tracy about Larry
Lulu arrives to delay Larry.. telling him he has to answer for Luke! He claims he has never met Luke, but Lulu finds his story hard to believe. Tracy insists he knows nothing, but Lulu keeps blocking his path with questions. She shows him a photo of Luke, he claims to recognize him.. yes, he saw him in a photo in Tracy’s room! He makes a grand exit, while Lulu desperately texts Sam and Patrick that Larry is en route.. she tells Tracy that Sam and Patrick overheard Larry talk to Jerry Jacks about dealing with the “Luke” problem. They are in league together. Tracy says it makes more sense, but Lulu wonders what Jerry would want with an idiot like Larry? Tracy insists that Luke is a victim – they need to keep the faith.

Opening the safety deposit box..
Sam and Patrick arrive at the bank to open the safety deposit box.. they show their fake IDs, and they are left alone in the room. Sam tries the key.. success! But there’s a lock box inside the lock box. They receive a text Lulu’s text – the banker opens the door and they come face to face with a surprised Larry! Patrick introduces Sam as his wife, and they leave together. Sam hopes Larry doesn’t figure out she tampered with his lock box.. back in the room, Larry opens it and chuckles. He leaves, when Sam and Patrick return, asking if they can go back in the room?

Julian’s time for truth
Alexis visits Julian in jail – he asked her there as he wants to tell her everything! She doubts he really means it, but he insists he is ready – no more lies or half-truths. He want her to trust him, he loves her and his life is richer with her in it. He can’t imagine a future without her. He’s ready to tell her the truth – the people he works with and for.. he’s ready to name names. At Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party, he did slip out to meet someone who was financing his organization. Technically, he didn’t lie when she asked if it was Luke – she is shocked, asking if Luke was responsible for everything? Yes.. and no! She is confused.. he tells her the man he is talking about is not Luke Spencer.

Luke doesn’t think Tracy would believe in a “copy” of him… he remembers Fluke telling him he proposed to Tracy. He mutters he is coming for her.. yells and breaks free of his strait jacket! He picks up a clip from the strait jacket.

Tracy reminds Lulu how much they love Luke..

Sam and Patrick open the lockbox and see a photo of Faison!

Obrecht is shocked Anna would leave Faison in the dark.. she insists he was never in danger of losing his life. Sloane tells them to open the hatch, and get him out of there..

Nikolas opens the hatch.. Liesl yells Cesar’s name. It’s too dark, she can’t see anything. She shines a flashlight.. it’s empty, there is no one down there!

Luke unlocks the door.. and comes face to face with his copy!

Julian tells Alexis someone else took Luke’s place!

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