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General Hospital on 1/12/2015 – Bill Eckert’s house, Helena’s new orders, Julian & Sonny talk Fluke

Fluke threatens Luke with a baseball bat, but it’s Bobbie he wants to hurt! Bobbie drags Michael away from the door, but it opens and Fluke appears. He asks what the hell they’re doing there.. but Bobbie replies the better question is what the hell is HE doing there? He tells Bobbie she blind-sided him talking about the past, and he found his key to the old house. The past has a stronger hold on him than he thought. Bobbie understands, but what was he doing in the basement? He found his old Louisville Slugger, and broke a whiskey jug downstairs getting to it. He wouldn’t mind taking a couple of swings now..

Michael informs Fluke he has plans for the property – the new clinic. Fluke angrily reminds Michael he rejected his offer to work for him at ELQ, why would he let him tear down their old house? Michael tells him the house belongs to Bill Eckert.

Jake questions Helena
In Dr. Collin’s office, Jake recognizes Helena, who tells him he completed a mission for her.. she orders him to sit down. They need to have a chat about Samantha Morgan. Jake informs her that Sam has accused him of taking her hostage, and he experienced a flicker of a memory. She tells him he is guilty as sin! He took Sam and shot the cop.. executing his orders perfectly. Jake is angry, but Helena tells him he won’t remember anything when he walks out the door.

Love in the afternoon!
Nathan and Maxie enjoy love in the afternoon! She jokes that Jake looks more like a solider than a bartender, he mentions Sam’s theory that Jake was the man who shot him. Maxie thinks it’s more complicated as Jason was the first person who gave Sam a home.. she has to handle her grief and anger, and find someone responsible. Maxie gets dressed to leave, she has to go over to her mother’s.. tomorrow is Inauguration Day and they still haven’t picked a mayor! She hopes things work out for Sam and Patrick.

Sam tells all to Carly
Sam tells Carly she thinks Jake is working for Helena, and could be faking his memory loss. Carly suggests Sam is blaming herself for Faison’s escape, she has no proof, but Sam is shocked to hear that Jake is now wondering if he did it. Carly tells her that Jake thinks he had a false memory. He claims to have been job-hunting, and can’t be two places at one time.. he’s in Kevin’s office right now, proving he’s an innocent man.

Nikolas and ELQ
Nikolas reviews the folder from Helena – ELQ stock – when Alexis arrives. She wants to know how he’s doing and he asks about Julian, who has confessed to Anthony Zachhara’s murder. She mentions that Julian is now Olivia’s problem.. they slept together on New Year’s Eve, and she’s dating Ned now. It’s going really well, they have a lot in common.. he’s a great guy, not a criminal. She tells him that Michael is now running ELQ.. Nik asks about Tracy’s ELQ stock? Alexis tells him it now belong to Jerry Jacks!

Tracy and Lulu chat
At the Metro Court, Tracy and Lulu meet for lunch and talk about family history. Lulu is shocked to hear Luke and Bobbie had another sister, Patricia, Tracy is bothered by Luke’s reaction to talking about it. Things have been going well between them, although sometimes he is a little distant. Lulu tells Tracy that Dante and Johnny had a run-in.. she thinks he’s jealous of her history with him. Tracy thinks it’s all fishy… there’s more to that story.

Sonny hears about Fluke
Julian tells Sonny the boss has Luke Spencer’s face – the imposter is still living Luke’s life. He is working with Faison, Jerry Jacks and even Helena.. he is their true enemy.. armed and dangerous. He thought his boss was Faison in a mask, but the guy actually has Luke’s face – Sonny wants to know where the real Luke actually is..? He suggests they got to the cops. Julian tells Sonny it’s dangerous – it was Fluke who sent the hit man to kill Michael..

Jake meets Carly and Sam in the hall, and tells them that Kevin has cleared him – the memories are due to the power of suggestion. In the meantime, Helena has instructed Jake to kill Sam.

After Alexis leaves, Nikolas looks at the ELQ stock.

Lulu says Julian must be guilty if he confessed.. and wonders how Sonny and Julian are getting along in Pentonville?

Sonny agrees they can’t call the cops.. but what the hell are they gonna do?

Fluke says it makes NO sense that Bill Eckert owns the house, he’s been dead for years. Bobbie can’t imagine his son Sly will have a problem with Michael building a clinic there. They agree to go somewhere to talk about it.. but Fluke doubles back to make sure the basement door is locked!

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