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General Hospital on 11/24/2014 – Jordan’s boss arrives, Rick was framed, a Luke mask & Faison is back!

On the docks, Jordan finds Shawn, who is looking for Ava’s baby.. Jordan is shocked to hear that Ava shot Connie, but she is still a mother who lost her child. She feels the same about herself, and hates what they did to TJ – he isn’t returning any of their calls, Shawn thinks he knows where to find him, and convinces Jordan he should talk to him alone. After Shawn leaves, a very handsome man approaches Jordan. It’s her DEA boss, who wonders what she’s doing hanging out with Corinthos henchmen..? He isn’t interested in her personal life, he needs to know who is running the Jerome organization.. they have an innocent man in witness protection, who wants to come home. She also wants the undercover work to end so she can tell TJ she is one of the good guys.

TJ visits Molly
A devastated TJ arrives at Molly’s house and tells her what Shawn and Jordan shared about his real father. His dad is still his dad, but Shawn was forced to shoot him when he attacked him. Everything he knew about his father was a lie, but Molly reminds him he was a good person, just like her father. He wonder if he is betraying his dad, when Shawn arrives at the door… he and Jordan are worried about him. They owed him the truth, and he is like a son to him – can they talk? Molly convinces him to go with Shawn sits back down and reads the letter from her father.

Where is Faison?
There is no Faison in the trap door! Anna promises she and Robert left him there, he must have escaped and accuses Leisl of helping him get out. Nik and Britt wonder where he is, and who he might be tormenting? Liesl attacks Anna for leaving Cesar locked up, but she says Robert handled everything. Someone who worked in the stables was supposed to take care of him all this time.. he had been reporting back to them that Faison was still in captivity.

The safety deposit box
At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu and Tracy wait for Sam and Patrick, who return from the bank. They tell them they found a flash drive and picture of Fasion in the safety deposit back. They are confused, wondering what Faison has to do with anything..? She shows them the contents of the drive – Faison escaped from Steinmauer, returned to Port Charles, and his current whereabouts are in Windermere. They see the Duke mask.. and see the blueprint for a new mask.. of Luke!

Julians comes clean to Alexis
Julian tells Alexis that someone is living Luke’s life.. yes, there are two of them! He doesn’t know her name, but she will believe him when he tells her the whole story. He met “Peter Caspian” in the witness protection program, who was form Port Charles… they wanted to rebuild the Jerome family, and needed to take Port Charles away from Sonny. And he had the same face as someone IN Port Charles.. it would allow him to take over ELQ.. but he started to go crazy. Julian met him face to face in the stables to tell him he wanted out, and it was his boss who shot Lucas! Alexis reminds him he let her think it was Rick… the whole story about Rick being the man behind the scenes was a lie? Yes, Rick was innocent.. Alexis is angry he framed an innocent person, but he begs her to understand. She says Molly needs to know her father was innocent.. Julian insists he was given no choice. She asks if he has told her everything…? She wants to know where Fluke is!

Luke vs Fluke
At Miscavige, Fluke points a gun at real Luke, taunts him about escaping and orders him to get back in his cage. He tells Luke he has been missing for 6 months, but he (Fluke) is ready to resume his life. He convinced everyone that Luke had been kidnapped by Jerry Jacks, and his plan worked on Tracy – she gave him shares of ELQ to get him back, but he sent her Lord Larry Ashton. Luke scoffs that Larry is a phony.. and asks Fluke is he is the REAL Larry Ashton..?? He tells Luke about Cesar’s Duke Lavery mask.. won’t tell him who he is, and leaves Luke locked up in the cell.

At Windermere, they bring in the stable hand, Anna tells him they know he was hired by Robert to look after Faison.. he admits to filing false reports since Agent Scorpio hired him last year!

Luke yells he will meet his grandson.. he is NOT DONE YET.. he will kill the bastard who has been living his life.

Lulu wonders what Larry is doing with a mask of Luke..?

Larry returns to the Quartermaine mansion..

At the docks, a man in a suit lights a cigarette.. it’s Faison!

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