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General Hospital on 11/26/2014 – Luke is free, Faison & Helena together, Anna & Duke are over, Liesl sees Cesar!

Helena introduces herself to Jake, she offers to get better acquainted while waiting for Liz to come out of the kitchen. He offers her a drink, and asks if they know each other? He goes to get Liz.. but she is gone when they come back. He is certain he didn’t imagine her, and opens the door to find her.. coming face to face with Sam. Patrick then arrives, introduces Emma to Jake and Jake picks up Danny..

It’s over between Anna and Duke
In her office, Anna tells Duke she heard all about Sonny’s deal, which released him from prison. Duke says Sonny is loyal to people he cares about, but Anna says it doesn’t change anything between them. He tells her he knows what she did to Faison! He questions her methods and says he went to work for Sonny because he didn’t trust the system either. She says their actions are very different! He accuses her of lying to him on a daily basis.. it is the height of hypocrisy. But they both did wrong things for the right reasons.. if he forgives her, can she forgive him? She refuses to accept their actions were the same.. she was protecting the people she loved. He was protecting Sonny from murder charges. She sadly tells him she can’t have a relationship with him anymore. He accepts her decision.. and has also accepted Sonny’s offer to run the business. He tells Anna they will still be in a “relationship”

Sonny in jail
Carly visits Sonny in jail, she doesn’t want him to spend Thanksgiving alone.. she wants to know how he is really doing? He assures her not to worry, nothing in jail is as hard as losing Michael. She tells him Michael has gone to live with the Quartermaines and changed his name. Sonny is sad that Michael hates him.. so long as he carried his name, he was still his son. Now there is nothing left.. he has no ties with him.

Sam at the Quartermaine Mansion
Sam arrives at the Quartermaine mansion with Danny to wish Monica a Happy Thanksgiving and remind him she is there for him. She mentions she’s going over to Elizabeth’s for dinner, he tells her he thinks Jake is a pretty good guy – they both share a brain injury. Sam wonders why Liz would take him in after being discharged from the hospital? She apologize for being judgmental and takes Danny to see Monica.

Larry arrives and finds out Sam is NOT actually Patrick’s wife. He asks about Kiki when Tracy and Ned walk in..  Nathan and Lulu then arrive and they quietly chat about the contents of Larry’s safety deposit box with Tracy. Dante tells them to make matters worse, Faison is on the loose. Dante wishes Michael a Happy Thanksgiving.. Michael says Carly belongs in prison as well.

Alexis saves Luke!
Alexis opens the door to the cell and sees Luke, passed out.. she helps him sit up and asks her to get him out of the strait jacket. She saved him! He tells her Helena was there, he must’ve been asleep for a long time, and accuses Julian of being in on the whole thing. He is FURIOUS with him, and Alexis asks Julian to leave.. he agrees to go outside, to make sure they get out safely. He tells Luke it wasn’t what he wanted to do, but they would have gone after his family. Alexis tells Luke they need to stop at the police station and tell Anna about the imposter.

A Windermere Thanksgiving
At Windermere, an excited Spencer (dressed as a pilgrim!) opens the door to a grumpy Liesl, he escorts her in to the living room where Britt and Nik are waiting. She wants to know if Britt has heard from Agent Sloane… she is worried about Faison, cold and hungry.. while Cesar peers into the window! He is about to open the door, when Nathan arrives.. but then Helena stops him. She reminds him he has a job to do.. Faison chides Helena for not completing HER task with Jason Morgan. She warns him they don’t want their plans going up in smoke.

Sonny tells Carly to go home and be with her family, he will be okay.

Monica announces Cook 2 has food poisoning, they have to throw out the meal! Alice arrives with the pizza.. and they start to sing..

Sonny leaves Carly and goes back to his cell, Anna puts the photo of Duke away.

Spencer asks Nathan if he has found a way to be with Maxie yet? They leave the living room, but Spencer forgot his hat. Liesl goes back to get it.. and comes face to face with Faison!

Helena peers in the window of Elizabeth’s house, as they gather around the table.

Michael changes his mind, and goes back to his room. Alexis arrives with someone.. it’s Luke!!

“Did you save a slice for me..?”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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