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General Hospital on 1/13/2015 – A mayor steals the election!

A missing ballot box throws off everyone’s plans in Port Charles...

At the Metro Court, Agent Sloane shows Anna a search warrant for the Cassadine house – Nikolas was Felicia’s biggest contributor, and he thinks he is involved in missing votes. A box was seen being loaded on to a boat headed to Wydermere. Felicia and Mac arrive at the courthouse, followed by reporters and an indignant Alexis, who argues with Scotty about the accusations against her and Nikolas.

Maxie and Nathan spend more time in bed together.. she remembers putting up posters with Lulu, and arguing with Nathan over a permit. Anna calls him to execute the search warrant!

Lulu pays Nik a visit at Wyndermere and sees the ballot box, when Dante and Nathan arrive to arrest him.. before they take him away, Spencer pipes up that he had his driver pick up the box after seeing a man and woman drop it in the water. He doesn’t know who they are, all he heard was “Sonny isn’t in charge anymore”, and they were at the Nurse’s Ball.

Maxie arrives at the courthouse to support Felicia, and Nathan arrives with the missing ballot box – Scotty declares the votes valid as the box doesn’t appear to have been tampered with.

Jordan and Shawn wake up together and recall how they threw the ballot box in the water to throw the election on Duke’s orders (to prove his loyalty). When Shawn is in the shower, Dante arrives to tell Jordan that Spencer has identified her and Shawn as the couple he saw.. she tells him she had to prove herself to Duke, and says Dante is just harassing her when Shawn comes in.

Back at the Metro Court, Anna accuses Duke of organizing the whole thing, but he tells her she has no proof they were working for him. Lucy quietly apologizes to Duke as she stole the ballot box in the first place from the courthouse, as she was on the election committee! They contained misprints of Felicia’s name, and Mayor Lomax threatened to throw Duke in jail if she didn’t do it. Duke and Lucy agree to protect each other, if they are found out.

At the courthouse, Mayor Lomax is declared the winner, and the first order of business is to fire Anna as the Police Commissioner! Agent Kyle Sloane is immediately named as her replacement. Once they are alone, they confirm that Felicia actually won the election, but with Nikolas’ help, they were able to switch out the original ballot box.

Back at Wyndermere, Nikolas burns the original ballots…

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