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General Hospital on 1/14/2015 – Michael’s new assistant, Nikolas IS a Cassadine, Samtrick plan their night!

Anna clears out her office when her Kyle Sloane arrives to see her off, claiming he didn’t know she was going to be fired. Anna suggests he teamed up with her, but he denies it.. she wonders how much notice he gave to the government? She figures he knew it was coming… Moyor Lomax promised him Anna’s job, as she knew she would get re-elected. He denies it, but Anna calls him a liar. He reminds her that she couldn’t practice what she preached, with Faison. She wants to know who helped him.

Nikolas becomes a real Cassidine
At Wyndermere, Nik wants to talk to Helena about ELQ – she tells him Jerry’s ill-gotten stock is the first step to taking over ELQ. He points out she needs more shares, and she wants him to help… he can rekindle his romance with Brook-Lyn. She knows he helped fix the mayoral election, and was thrilled, but what has prompted the change of heart? He tells her life and love will never co-exist without Emily.. she was his one shot at happiness. It’s not the women, it’s him! All relationships have blown up in his face.. and he is sick of trying to be good! It’s time to be a Cassadine now… Helena is pleased.. using Spencer’s innocence to rig the election was a Cassadine move. He tells her Agent Sloane came to him with the plan. He agrees to help take over ELQ, but there are lines he won’t cross – he won’t hurt anyone in his family. Helena asks his if he’s ready for their alliance.. to become the man she knows he can be? “Yes, I am”..

Rosalie’s new job
Michael arrives at the Metro Court for a business meeting, and tells Carly he changed his number, and isn’t there to see her. He bumps into Rosalie, who is looking for a job as a reservations clerk – apparently she has computer skills. He tells her to come work for him, as a nurse at the clinic! She says no – it has nothing to do with the fact they slept together, she isn’t actually a nurse. She only did it for the money, plus Nina was blackmailing her. Michael says he may be able to make it go away if she tells him what Nina knows… she refuses, but thanks him for the job offer. He receives a call from his assistant, telling him she has just quit, and offers Rosalie THAT job.

Samtrick make a date
Sam breaks into Kevin’s office, hacks into the computer and finds out there was no appointment with Jake. Patrick walks in to use the computer, recognizes Sam’s key ring, and finds her hiding under the desk! She tells him about her chat with Carly.. Jake was supposed to have an appointment with Kevin, told them the memories were caused by Sam.. and asks Patrick to help her, as her “adventure buddy”. He coyly says he will have to turn her in now, but just wants his Sammy back.. and they share a sweet kiss.

Carly leans on Jake
Jake wakes up as Robot Jake.. on a mission to kill Sam. Carly knocks on his door as he looks at the gun in the duffel bag. She apologizes for barging in but is upset about Michael, who was cold and distant. He gives her a comforting hug, goes to change out of his bathrobe.. when Carly accidentally kicks the duffel bag under his bed! Jake comes back and they sit on the bed, talking about Michael. Jake offers to speak to Michael on her behalf, she is grateful, but doesn’t think it’s a good idea..

Maxie & Nathan’s living arragements
In bed (again) with Maxie, Nathan wonders why the mayor fired Anna. Sloane has been gunning for her since the day he arrived in Port Charles. He thinks it’s revenge for Anna holding him back many years ago.. Maxie thinks the re-election campaign was rigged. They throw away the paper and get passionate again! He suggests she move back into the apartment, but Maxie wants to take it slow… and tells him he has move out. She wants to take her time to get it right.

Nathan and Maxie share another kiss in bed before he moves out.

Anna tells Sloane not to get comfortable, she will figure out how he got her job.. and who rigged the election with him.

Helena tells Nikolas she has arranged for an ally to be on the inside at ELQ, while Rosalie accepts Michael’s job offer.

Jake tells Carly that talking to Kevin really helped him. She hugs him and leaves him to his duffel bag that contains black clothes, a mask and gun.. he hears Helena’s voice telling him to kill Sam.

Sam invites Patrick to her place this evening.. he says the timing is perfect, she says the night will be too!

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