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General Hospital on 1/15/2015 – Cassadines unite, Shawn tails Fluke, Rosalie’s orders!

Anna and Jordan secretly meet up, Anna’s certain Lomax and Sloane worked together to rig the election, but Jordan wonders where it leaves her? Anna admits she hasn’t told Sloane about her undercover work, and even took the file with her. Anna believes Sloane is not to be trusted, but Jordan is angry and wants it to all be over. Unless Anna can give her one good reason. Anna tells her if she comes in now, she will truly be unprotected.. Jordan is worried she has no one to report to, Anna tells her she will be temporarily reporting to Detectives Falconeri and West! She insists they won’t let Jordan down. Anna insists they see it through to the end.. they just need to get Shawn and Duke to join Sonny and Julian in Pentonville. That’s when their job will be done.

Sloane’s orders
Dante and Nathan stop by Sloane’s office, they’re suspicious about his appointment, he asks if they will have a problem working for him? They both respect the badge, and Sloane wants to know every secret operation Anna was working on. He notices payments to an outside contractor, and asks for the name of Anna’s CI.. they claim she never told them, and shrug their shoulders when he gets angry. They suggest he call Anna himself, he warns them to get with the program.

Rosalie’s new job
Helena tells Nikolas that Rosalie is working for them now.. she has her by “the scruff of her neck” as she knows her dirty little secret. Just then, Rosalie calls Helena to tell them they’re in the house, Helena insists she get Michael out of there now. No one can enter the basement…

Rosalie and Michael visit the old Spencer house, he has a copy of Bobbie’s key.. he wants to check out the house again, starting in the basement, but the door is locked. He goes to look for the key and comes back with a crowbar to force the door open. When he almost gets the door open, Rosalie screams in pain! She pretends she twisted her ankle, and jokes she should be fired…

Johnny’s second chance
Johnny comes by the Haunted Star to tell Fluke that Sonny saved Julian in Pentonville, he’s furious and figures out they’re working together now. Fluke decides to take out Julian himself as Johnny failed at his task. He points his finger at him and says “you messed up”, just as Lulu walks in. She wonders what’s going on, he pretends Johnny showed up at the Haunted Star, she tells him to lay off him.. he is her friend and has been cleared of Anthony’s murder. She is going to give him another chance – Johnny asks the same of Fluke, who agrees to give him one more chance. He receives a call from Helena, who informs him Michael is trying to enter the basement!

Shawn’s new orders
Sonny gives Shawn instructions from Pentonville – the real boss is still posing as Luke, he needs Shawn to tail him, to find out who’s posing as Luke. And where he’s stashing his friend! He doesn’t know where Luke could be, Shawn suggests they bring Jordan into the operation. But he can’t quite put his finger on the situation, Sonny suggests he only use her as a last resort for her own safety. Julian warned him the guy would come after their families, and Sonny doesn’t want any more innocent blood spilled.

Haunted Star owners
Fluke tells Helena he will handle the situation, informs Lulu their surprise lunch will have to wait as Tracy needs him. He leaves Johnny and Lulu together – he reminds her that he owns the Haunted Star, showing her a piece of paper that shows he just bought back his 50% share! He tells her Dante warned him to stay away from her, and threatened him.

Fluke watches from the bushes as Michael helps Rosalie out of the house.

Anna insists they are close to eradicating the mob in Port Charles, much of it with Jordan’s help.

Sloane apologizes to Nathan for his tone, and warns him about being on board with his new plans when Anna calls him. Jordan has agreed to stay undercover.. but they can’t let Sloane know what they’re up to.

Helena tells Nikolas she is working with Luke Spencer, but he doesn’t believe it as Luke hates her! She insists it is the real Luke Spencer.. “stranger things have happened”…

Fluke goes into the house, while Shawn is outside.

Lulu angrily tells Johnny that Dante had no right to threaten him, she isn’t his ward, instead he sneaks behind her back and lays down the law? “Just wait until I get my hands on him”.. “here’s your chance”, replies Johnny.. as Dante is standing at the door!

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