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General Hospital on 11/6/2014 – Duke is in trouble, Sonny pulls a gun, Kiki is upset, Franco has the gun!

It’s election night in Port Charles, Felicia is hoping to make a difference as mayor while they wait for re-count results to come in at The Floating Rib. Duke is distracted, thinking of Anna, when Lucy arrives – she tells then there was no wedding and gives them ALL the gossip about Sonny and Carly sleeping together on the tape, but she and Felix left before Franco really got started. Bobbie arrives, Lucy tells her she is truly sorry, and Mac offers her a drink. She says it’s all thanks to Scott Baldwin.. Lucy left before things got REALLY ugly. She figures they will eventually find out – Carlos didn’t shoot AJ, Sonny did. Duke says it’s absurd, but Bobbie tells them he admitted it on the tape! Duke flashes back to Anna giving him an opportunity to change his story. Duke wants to call Sonny, but Mac, Felicia and Lucy warn him against getting involved. Felicia gets called to City Hall, and Lucy and Bobbie sit down with Duke. Lucy suggests he steer clear of Sonny.

Anna sees the tape!
In her office, Anna reviews Duke’s statement giving Sonny an alibi when Dante arrives and tells her she was right, Ava didn’t shoot AJ, it was Sonny. He shows her the video confession and she agrees it’s cut and dried. The evidence is enough to get a warrant, but it won’t hold up in court unless the primary resident signs off on it (Michael!). Scotty walks in and asks who’s ready to put the Don behind bars? Port Charles has been waiting for this moment for years.. no one is going to ruin this for him. he has enough for an arrest. Scott says both Sonny and Carly will pay for their crime. Everyone who helped Sonny get away with murder will pay – including Duke! Scotty reminds her they need to get the job done.. they need to arrest Duke Lavery tonight.

Sonny confronts Ava
At the brownstone, Sonny asks a bedraggled Ava if she is going to invite him in? She screams at him that she had the baby, he asks if it was before or after he shot Max? She tells him she had the baby, and collapses on the couch, crying.. she had a daughter, and she was taken. Ava tells him Nina and Madeline left with her daughter.. she swears she is telling the truth. HIS flesh and blood is gone – she is in danger, he has to do something.

Kiki is flipping out
At the hospital, Kiki tells Morgan that Michael knows the truth because of Franco. She explains that he was secretly filming Carly, and played the footage at the wedding.. Michael heard his mom and dad admit to everything, and has now disappeared. Morgan is angry at Franco, but Kiki is more worried about Michael – he was angry at Carly for covering up the murder for Sonny. Morgan tells her it’s more complicated than they thought as Ava has been lying to them. Kiki is desperate to find Michael and needs to see Sonny. Morgan tells her AJ didn’t kill Connie, Ava did. She tells Morgan that Sonny is manipulating him, but he heard the recording – Kiki realizes that’s why Sonny killed AJ! She asks if he told Sonny where she is..?

Franco, Heather and a gun
On the docks, a frightened Carly tells Franco this is his chance to prove that he has changed. He tells her she is lying to herself and lied to him.. about Sonny. He explains he had a plan and Heather is the grand finale, but Heather explains she missed the cue.. but better late than never. Franco tells her to wait, this isn’t the right place, they might get discovered. He suggests a Plan B and they walk Carly up the stairs.

Still locked in the warehouse, Shawn calls for help and Jordan thanks him for saving her life when the door opens. In walks Franco, Carly and Heather – Franco thought he just had to dispose of their bodies! He may as well kill three birds with one stone… Carly is confused, but Franco explains Shawn and Sonny were planning to kill him before the wedding and frame Heather. Thankfully, he had other plans.. how does that make her feel? She now wishes Shawn had killed him the minute he came back to town. She tells him he’s sick. Heather suggests they kill them all now.. he agrees and grabs the gun from Heather. “You’re as dead as the rest of them”.

Sonny pulls a gun
Sonny leaves a message for Shawn to help find the baby, but Ava wants to go to the cops. She also wants to go to the hospital, but Sonny pulls a gun on her. She begs him to please help her. Sonny tells her they will find the baby, but she is not going to be a part of her life. He is going to make her pay for what she did to Connie.

Anna tells Dante she gave Duke a chance to recant his statement, and now it’s too late. She tells him he needs to warn Michael before it goes public, and Dante is worried how he will react.

Sonny reminds Ava she takes something from him, and he will take something from her. His hand shakes and a shot rings out.

Franco blames Heather for making him crazy, and now Carly as well.. she represents every woman who has ever lied to him. He tells her if she ever loved him, she never would have done what she did to him. She tells him there is nothing in him to love.. Shawn approaches and Franco shoots the gun at his feet. Don’t do that again. He tells Heather that Carly may have danced with the devil, but she created it. He walks out and locks the door behind him.

Duke asks Bobbie if the police have the footage..? She supposes Anna has seen it.. he gets up to leave when Anna walks in!

Scotty gives Dante the arrest warrant for Sonny.

Kiki is upset that Morgan told Sonny her mother is at the brownstone. He just signed her death warrant! Morgan promises he won’t lay a finger on her until the baby is born.

Sonny turns to see Michael standing there with a gun!This Week Spoilers
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