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General Hospital on 1/16/2015 – Samtrick’s romantic dinner, Shawn gets closer, Jake’s mission, Dante’s anger..

At the hospital, Patrick tells Liz about his date with Sam, Liz asks if the timing is right as she is fixated on Jake? Patrick thanks her for her concern, she tells him to have a nice date and rushes off..

Sam gets ready
At home, Sam prepares for her date with Patrick, while Jake lurks outside remembering Helena’s instructions to kill her. Alexis arrives home unexpectedly, hears about the romantic dinner with Patrick.. and wonders why Sam is clutching the photo of Jason? She insists she is ready to take the next step with him when there’s a knock at the door. Alexis quickly heads up the stairs and Patrick hands her a bottle of wine.

Alexis comes back downstairs and rushes out, babbling about Danny, and not to stay up.. Sam asks him if he wants to spend the night! He smiles and says the night is ours. He compliments her on the dinner, and asks if she is dropping her investigation on Jake? Sam says yes, she is dropping it.. she has other priorities in life now! She and Patrick gaze at each other over the table..

Jake on the pier
Liz runs into Jake with a duffel bag outside and wonders what he’s doing on the pier..? She asks about the bag, he claims he just came back from the gym… she invites him back to her house for dinner. The boys would love to see him, Rick is out of town.. it would just be them. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, it’s not possible.

Julian is worried
In Pentonville, Julian confronts Sonny about his visitor, was it about Fluke? Sonny admits he shared the info with Shawn, which worries Julian.. what about the safety of their families?? The guy has access to Michael at the Quartermaine mansion, both their sons will be targets. Julian worries the guy has a mole in Sonny’s organization, but Sonny insists Shawn is flying solo.. he’s just following Fluke, that’s all.

Shawn at the Spencer house!
Shawn watches Fluke in the house, and tries to open the basement door, interrupted when Helena arrives! He peers from around the door and hears Fluke and Helena talking.. she tells him she has the situation well in hand, Michael didn’t see what was in that basement, and they have a lot to discuss. Helena mentions the front door was unlocked. Fluke freaks out, insisting he has to search the house – the hits on both Julian and Jordan were botched, the whole thing has been a disaster.. and now Julian is safe in Pentonville, and saved by Sonny. Helena doesn’t think Sonny and Julian will join forces.. but Fluke insists Sonny is smart, offering Julian protection in exchange for information. talking as they speak!

Dante is angry
Lulu is peeved, but Dante strolls into the Haunted Star and asks Johnny what the hell he’s doing there? Lulu is furious he “ordered” Johnny to stay away from her. He doesn’t understand why Lulu is upset, she insists he isn’t her father.. he says he was protecting his family, there’s nothing wrong with that. He apologizes for not telling her he went to see Johnny, he worries about her – Johnny says Lulu just happened to be at the Metro Court when he ran into her. Dante says HE is being made to look like the bad guy. Lulu tells him she is back in business with Johnny! She tells him Johnny bought back his 50% share of the Haunted Star, she just found out about it.. Dante admits he over-reacted, but Johnny is a criminal. Lulu wants to know if he has evidence..?

Lucas and Michael reconnect
Michael arrives at the hospital with Rosalie, to treat her ankle.. and is VERY surprised to see Lucas. He is working at GH now as an intern.. Michael tells him about his plans for the old Spencer house. Lucas wants to look at Rosalie’s ankle, he doesn’t see any swelling, he orders some x-rays anyway. They wheel Rosalie away, leaving Lucas and Michael alone to chat. Lucas says he hopes his fathers are proud of him, and mentions Carly, which upsets Michael – he can’t forgive her and Sonny. And Morgan lied too.. Lucas insists Morgan needs him, he doesn’t have a job, and isn’t doing anything with his life.

Lucas commends Michael on the clinic, and Michael invites him to run it – he needs someone young and idealistic, and Lucas says yes!

Jake tells Liz they can’t be friends.. he doesn’t think he could stop himself from wanting more, which isn’t good for either of them. “Goodbye Elizabeth”..

Helena thinks an assailant would have already made their move, and the two leave to talk about things elsewhere. Fluke makes sure the basement is locked, and leaves..

Shawn picks up the crowbar to open the basement door.

Lucas says the x-rays don’t show anything, and Rosalie and Michael leave together – he insists on driving her home.

Dante says he has no evidence against Johnny, but he doesn’t need it.. he knows exactly who he is. Lulu whispers she doesn’t know what to do, Dante suggests she sell him the other half!

Patrick leans in and gives Sam a kiss.. she offers him dessert, he suggests they save it for after, and the two start to passionately kiss! She leads him upstairs.. while Jake quietly opens the door!

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