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General Hospital on 1/19/2015 – Sam & Patrick’s passion, Jake sees Robin, Dante vs Johnny!

At the Haunted Star, Dante tells Lulu to sell her half to Johnny but she refuses – it belonged to her father! It’s part of her family history and important to her – he insists she can’t go into business with a criminal. Johnny asks Lulu what happened – Lulu used to have a mind of her own? He the asks how Olivia is doing, when Dante knocks him down with a punch and the two start to fight.. Lulu yells at them to stop. She tells Dante to forget about Johnny, they need to decide WITH each other, not for each other. He receives a call from Michael, and tells Lulu he has to go – he apologizes and says they should have discussed it privately. He offers to drive her home, but she has to stay and clean up.. Johnny cheerily yells “Ciao” as Dante leaves. Lulu tells Johnny he wasn’t defending her, he was goading her husband… yes, she is pissed at Dante, but it’s a spat. She loves and trusts him. Lulu asks if Dante is right about him, is he still a criminal? Johnny insists he just wants a fresh start, and seeing her every day is appealing to him too.

Helena & Fluke catch up
Helena and Luke chat at the docks about her plan to eliminate Sam at the hands of “Soldier Boy”. Helena tells Fluke his name is Jake, a name he reacts to… she wonders why he’s so jumpy, he mentions that he has to keep Michael away from the house. He tells her to relax – if she is worried about her Soldier Boy, she should give him a call.

Samtrick make love!
As Sam and Patrick head up the stairs to her bedroom, a masked man quietly walks in.. Jake spots a photo of himself on the mantle and starts hearing voices! He sees Robin and points the gun at her.. Robin tells him she isn’t real, she’s just a memory. She’s there to stop him from killing Sam! He tells Robin he is taking orders from Helena Cassadine.. Robin says she is there because he’s fighting Helena.. and yes, he DOES know Sam. She asks if he can take away Danny’s mother.. when his phone rings.. Helena wants to know if Sam is dead yet. He says no, there is someone else there..

Sam sees a photo of Jason while getting passionate with Patrick, and stops.. she puts the photo away, and they pick up where they left off. He slowly undresses her and they make love in the bed. He asks how he stacked up.. to Dream Patrick.. and then realizes Sam thought he meant Jason (oops!). She tells him not to worry, she wasn’t thinking about Jason, she HAS moved on. They agree that Robin and Jason are part of their past.. they agree they are not blank slates, and can talk about them when ever they want.. their past loves made them who they are.

Pentonville Prison Boys!
In Pentonville, Julian is worried about the safety of their family, but Sonny insists they wait for Shawn. The two start bickering when Johnny’s thug Gino approaches.. with more men. Julian and Sonny easily take care of the men, when Gino orders to negotiate with them. Sonny asks for his phone.

Shawn tries to open the basement door when Michael appears – “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”. He asks Shawn by Sonny sent him..? He tells him he needs to leave, and calls Dante to report a break-in. Dante arrives, Michael is convinced it has something to do with Sonny, Shawn pretends he was just checking up on him.

Liz & Carly chat
At the hospital, Carly asks Liz if she knows where Jake is, but she doesn’t know.. but she saw him at the pier after a workout. Liz tells Carly that Jake sais SHE sent him to the gym.. he was carrying a duffel bag. She tells Liz how much she has confided in him, and tells Liz he probably left her house as he didn’t want to get in the way of her and Ric. Liz tells Carly Jake seemed preoccupied, and they both hope he’s ok…

Sonny calls Shawn using Gino’s phone.. he hears Fluke met Helena at the old house on Elm Street. Something important is being stored in the basement, and the house belongs to Bill Eckert.

Michael wants to press charges against Shawn for trespassing, but Dante says he doesn’t own the property.. so he decides to file a restraining order against him!

Jake tells Helena that Sam isn’t alone, she instructs him to kill them both! “Don’t disappoint me”..

Sam tells Patrick how grateful she is they started as friends, and he makes her really happy.. they start to kiss again, while Jake quietly opens the door..

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