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General Hospital on 1/20/2015 – Johnny & Maxie catch up (adorable!), Jake can’t do it..

At the Haunted Star, Maxie comes face to face with Johnny. The two share a hug, he tells her Dante isn’t happy he is going back into business with Lulu. He asks what’s new with her, and she tells him she had a baby.. she’s a mom! He asks if it was planned.. she shows him a picture. He tells her he imagined being a father to a little girl – he even named her.. Harper. Maxie tells him how happy she is.. and has a new boyfriend Nathan. Johnny tells her about Nathan’s anger towards him, but not his comment about Maxie that provoked him. He suggests he’s just Dante’s partner – and Dante is worried he’s after his wife. “Are you?” asks Maxie. He claims he just got his life back and doesn’t want to waste time going after someone he can’t have. She asks if he missed being with a woman? He wants to find someone he can build a life with.. someone like her! She reminds him she has a boyfriend now.. it’s new and she wants to take thinks slow. He jokes that he might have a chance!

Maxie tells Johnny he doesn’t have a chance with her. Nathan helped her save herself.. he’s happy everything came together for her. He asks if they can still be friends? She says yes, Nathan’s not the jealous type, he’s be fine with it.

Lulu confides in Olivia
Lulu arrives home to a sleepy Olivia, and mentions her fight with Dante.. about Johnny Zacchara. Olivia figures it’s all harmless, but Lulu tells her about Dante’s warning him behind her back. He actually hit Johnny, and then suggested she sell her share of the Haunted Star back to him. Olivia thinks Dante is just trying to protect her – the mother-in-law thinks Dante is being a huge jackass, and she should stand her grand. But the woman in her slept with Johnny! She accidentally lets it slip she also slept with Julian on New Year’s Eve, and tells Lulu she will get through it with Dante.

Nathan gives Dante advice
Dante joins Nathan at Kelly’s to talk to Shawn about the restraining order – he wants to be there for Michael, but Sonny is still his father. He tells Nathan about his fight with Lulu, now that Johnny is her new partner. Nathan thinks Dante should pull back a little.. even though he understands. He tells Dante they aren’t living together now at Maxie’s request.. that’s why he’s at Kelly’s. Dante leaves to go home.. and asks where he can find a flower shop?

Fluke & the Cassadines
Helena tells Fluke she ordered Jake to kill both Sam and Patrick – he’s annoyed that double the murder means double the heat. Helena insists “let’s eliminate them both”.. out of nowhere.. “eliminate who?” asks Nicholas! He is surprised to see that she has indeed teamed up with Luke Spencer.. he wants to know what’s changed? Fluke replies that it’s complicated.. but Nik doesn’t buy it. None of this makes sense, and asks how Tracy and Lulu feel about the new partnership? He doesn’t think Lulu would have wished for this, as Helena has hurt her in the past. Fluke reminds him HE is giving her shelter and has more to lose than he does.. Lulu doesn’t know anything, and Nik has to make sure it stays that way. After he leaves, Helena tells Fluke she is concerned about Jake.

Julian hears about Bill
In Pentonville, Sonny tells Julian her has an idea who Luke’s imposter is.. thanks to Shawn. He shares the story of Bill Eckert – how he was killed by Frank by accident as they looked exactly alike. Sonny figures Fluke is actually Bill, but Julian reminds him he is dead. He thinks back on how he met Fluke in the first place – Sonny says he could have built a lot of anger. And probably blames Sonny as he was in tight with Frank.

Danger for Samtrick
Jake opens the bedroom door, points the gun, but pulls back. He hears Sam and Patrick talk after their loev-making, and Patrick suggests they have a shower together! He sees the empty bed, and has a brief flashback.. putting on a wedding ring in the same bed. He finds Sam’s ring in the cannister next to the bed. He puts it back but picks up the little Chinese figurine from her shelf. He points the gun one more time in the open door, but decides to leave.

Sam rushes out in her towel, asking Patrick if he heard a noise?

Maxie joins Nathan at Kellys, he tells her he needs to pick up his stuff. she suggests he come back to her place and deal with his stuff tomorrow.

Lulu pretends to be asleep in bed when Dante comes home with a bouquet of roses. She acts disinterested and turns away, Dante apologizes and admits he went too far. He realizes it was over-bearing.. she takes the roses and tells him she asked Johnny if he was still involved with the mob? His answer was no.

Johnny calls Gino’s phone, and Sonny picks up! He hangs up on him, and has a good chuckle with Julian. He’s sure he can prove Fluke is Eckert.

Tracy calls Fluke, he leaves Helena alone on the docks.

After a look around, Sam doesn’t think anything is missing.. she and Patrick drop their towels and end up in bed again!

Jake is at the pier, drops the figurine and passes out!

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