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General Hospital on 12/10/2014 – Dante gets a lead on Franco, Fluke wants a job, Sam & Jake chat, Sonny in jail..

At the Metro Court, Sam tells Spinelli about the gunman, over the phone… she wants him to send her security footage. Jake arrives and she  him to sit down – he saw the news, asks if she is hurt, and does she knew who the gunman is? He understands why she wants to find him.. Liz told him Faison killed her husband. Sam muses the guy was a pro.. he probably got paid a fortune. She tells him she has resources of her own, she has Spinelli, and has asked him to acquire the security footage from the police dept, so she can see the guy who used her as a human shield! She asks what he is doing at the Metro Court, he says he is looking for a job. She tells him to speak to Carly, who he met at the hospital before the wedding. Sam says she is better off with Franco, Jake agrees, it seems she was hung up on her ex, Sonny. Sam explains why he is in jail right now.. it’s a mess and she feels bad for Carly.

Dante gets a lead!
On the docks, Dante questions the boat operator about Faison, he tells him he was posing as Luke Spencer and shows him his real photo. He mentions the masked gunman, and pushes him up against the wall – the guy knows nothing, but can point him to another criminal.. that starts with the letter “F”. He tells Dante that Franco chartered his boat a few weeks ago, and arrived with a woman and a baby. Dante wants to know where he took them, and promises they won’t prosecute – he wants the deal in writing!

Fluke wants a job
Fluke chuckles at the newspaper story on Faison when Michael arrives – Fluke wants to apologize to him for what “Faison” did to him. Michael says he has been through worse, thanks to Sonny. Fluke says Sonny acted like a coward killing AJ, prison is too good for him, and he deserves what he got. Michael is surprised Luke shares his opinion, but Luke thinks Sonny is violent and greedy… he takes what he wants. Michael is puzzled as Luke never had a problem with him before? Fluke says his priorities have changed.. life is precious.. Sonny killed a powerless AJ because he could. He apologizes for the heavy conversation, but needs to talk about something important! He feels responsible for everything, and apologizes for what happened to Kiki.. Michael says they are no longer together, she is out of his life. Fluke says he would like to repair the damage, and offers to work for ELQ – to prove he is trustworthy. Michael agrees to consider it..

Carly visits Sonny
Carly visits Sonny is prison and is shocked and upset by his appearance – he refuses to report it, he is handling it. She is worried about him, but he just wants to know what’s going on with the baby. She tells him that Julian has been answering to Faison, who was posing as Luke Spencer. Sonny understands why he seemed to turn against him.. Carly explains Faison wanted to take over Sonny’s territory, and Luke is now with the Quartermaines. She wants to report his attack, but he tells her not to – he is handling it. He knows how power works and how to get it.. the inmates will respect him. Carly agrees to focus on finding the baby. Sonny doesn’t want her to come back!

Ava/Silas/Kiki/Morgan in NYC
Ava wakens to Silas holding the baby! She cradles her in her arms, then wakes was just a dream. She thanks Silas for helping her and he tells her a gallery owner has a lead on where Franco might have gone. They go to meet him…

Kiki and Morgan are at Ryan’s Bar.. Ava’s mother Delia drops her coffee pot! She hugs her granddaughter, who tells her that she and Michael broke up, this is Morgan. They tell her he might be the father of Ava’s baby, and he realizes Morgan is Sonny’s son. She insists she hasn’t seen Ava.. when Ava and Silas walk in! Kiki is furious Silas was covering for her, and accuses Ava if trying to save herself. Morgan angrily tells her HE told Sonny where to find her, and was hiding because she killed Connie; she is not a victim. He betrayed her, but she accuses him of betraying HER. Did he want to see her dead? He admits he was angry, and she needs to pay for what she did. Kiki says they are there to track down Franco, and they all sit down to talk.

A visitor!
At the cabin in PEI, Nina wakes up and the baby is gone.. she panics, then Franco walks in with her; he took her outside. She holds her close, she is nervous and scared she will lose what they have. He tells her not to worry..she won’t lose him. There’s an unexpected knock on the door… it’s a woman who picked up the baby’s mitten. She asks if she knows him from somewhere? He says no, and quickly slams the door shut.

Sonny tells Carly he doesn’t want her to visit him anymore.

Ava asks Kiki and Morgan if they can work together to find her baby?

The boat operator wants DA Baldwin to sign his deal before telling them where Franco is.. Dante drags him away to the station.

The woman returns to the cabin, and says she knows he is Franco!

Michael leaves, and Fluke mutters that he and big daddy are about to learn the same lesson! He gets a call, and agrees to meet someone.. they have a lot to discuss…This Week Spoilers
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