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General Hospital on 12/11/2014 – Sonny says goodbye, Betsy helps, Volunteer Maxie, Dante finds Franco!

In prison, Sonny tells Carly not to come back.. he wants her to save her relationship with Michael, but she argues she would do the same thing over again. It’s Franco’s fault, but Sonny says he shot AJ. Carly says she loves him – he wants her to let him go, but she says she doesn’t want anyone else. She loves him too much now, but he doesn’t want her to be alone. Is she supposed to pretend that he’s dead? Yes, he wants her to turn her back on him, walk away and get Michael back. She insists she will do what she can to to make peace between the two of them, but he says she needs to find someone who is better for her. She refuses to let him go, and will keep coming back.. but he says he will decline her visits. She cries, but he says she needs to do it for him and Michael.. he loves her, and always will, but she needs to go and not look back. He hangs up the phone and turns away.. Carly leaves and he cries.

The lead is Betsy!
In New York, Ava pleads with Kiki and Morgan to find Nina and her baby – Silas agrees she should be held accountable for Connie’s murder, but Delia asks them to give her a break. The lead arrives to meet them, it’s Franco’s mother Betsy! Silas thanks her for coming, she asks why she should tell them where he might be? Ava mentions he kidnapped a baby.. Betsy thinks it may because of what that awful Ava Jerome did to him, denying him his own daughter. Silas tells her that Franco wasn’t the father, it was him … Ava steps in and tells Betsy they just want the baby back, can she please tell them where he might be? She says she can help… but is shocked to find out this is Ava! She refuses to help, but Morgan introduces himself as the baby’s father. He says he won’t let Ava near the baby, but he needs to see her.. and reminds her how much Franco’s heart was broken. She agrees to help..

Franco is recognized
At the cabin, the girl Zoe recognizes Franco for sure.. she is a huge fan. She has been to one of his shows, and asks if she can see his baby.. “his latest work of art?”. Nina comes out from behind the door and confirms she is Mrs Franco, except Zoe says the baby doesn’t look like either one of them. Nina needs to deal with the baby, so Zoe agrees to go, but it was an honor to meet them. Franco asks she keep it quiet that he’s there, as they want to stay out of the public eye. Her lips are sealed, and she leaves, but Nina is really worried.. they have to leave before the girl realizes they are wanted. She wants to leave right away as their family is in danger, but Franco says they should stay as they don’t have another plan. He also offers to “get rid of” Zoe, but Nina reminds him he is now a father.. he claims Jaime is too young to remember anything, and asks if he wants her to do it..?

Volunteer Maxie!
At the hospital, Anna tells Nathan they are searching for Nina, Franco and the man who shot him, but he needs to focus on his recovery. Maxie arrives with a potted plant from Britt, she is a hospital volunteer! He wonders where Britt is, but Maxie is happy it gave her a reason to stop by – although he is worried Judge Walters will find out. Her custody hearing is tomorrow, but Maxie is convinced she will have both Georgie and him tomorrow! Liz leaves them alone, and Nathan tells Maxie she has sped up his recovery – she leans down to kiss him.

A lead on Franco
Dante surprises Anna with news that he may have a lead on Franco and Nina – the boat operator wants immunity from DA Baldwin. Anna thinks she can convince Scotty to help with the rescue. She gets off the phone – Baldwin made the deal, Hooper is talking and they will text him the location of Nina and Franco. He receives the text quickly,he knows where Hooper took them! Anna will get him Canadian backup, and he gets ready to leave..

Sam has a flashback
Sam is sitting at the Metro Court with Jake when Spinelli sends her the videotape. She suggests he can stay if he likes.. and they play the video of Jake holding her at gunpoint! Sam is shaken, but disappointed – there is nothing new there. 6 feet tall, muscular build is all..he jokes it could be him, and she asks if HE has an alibi? He confirms he was job-hunting, and starts naming employers when she asks for names.. but not, she doesn’t really think it was him. He gets ready to leave when she says he hopes Carly doesn’t keep him waiting.. he jokes “it’s not like I haven’t got all day”. She remembers the masked gunman repeating the same phrase to her! Jake asks if she is okay?

Soldier Boy
Fluke meets Helena at the docks.. “partner”. They gloat that their plan worked perfectly – Anna unmasking Faison, Julian and Alexis setting Luke free.. everyone now believes he IS the real Luke. It went perfectly, except for Faison’s escape – Helena wanted it to be more public, the hostage was intentional, even though Liesl was upset Nathan got shot. Luke expresses concern about that, but she made sure her operative didn’t fire a kill shot. he is a total professional. Her man had the PCPD immobilized, and was spectacular.. Luke asks who “soldier boy” is..? She says he is a skilled operative who has been conditioned by a professional team.. he take orders, but has no memory. He is the perfect weapon.

Fluke laments that Michael rebuffed his offer to work for ELQ, but Helena says they have something to build on with the 15% from Jerry Jacks. She reminds him they have Soldier Boy at their disposal.

Sam gets up to leave the Metro Court – Jake asks if she is okay, she says she is fine and quickly leaves.

Sonny flashes back to him and Carly talking about Michael and Morgan finding their soul mates.. and about their own love for each other. He remembers the kisses they shared, admitting they were stronger together than apart.. and the latest disaster.. how it was going to be a beautiful one. He walks back to his cell..

Carly arrives at the Metro Court very upset, is about to pour herself a drink when Jake says he can help her with that!

A nurse interrupts Nathan and Maxie, and tells Maxie to continue her rounds. He thanks for her for the visit.. and the kiss.

Delia thanks Betsey, who says Ava is a louse.. they agree they both love their children, but it breaks Betsey’s heart that Franco keeps committing such vile crimes.

Franco is walking outside with the baby, when Dante stops him with a couple of Canadian Mounties!

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