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General Hospital on 12/1/2014 – Luke tells his story, Faison kisses Liesl, Silas hears the truth, Franco & the baby

Tracy is thrilled to see Luke, hugs him close and asks if he is alright. Dante stops him before he hugs Lulu.. he has to answer some questions first.. about Julian Jerome’s drug trafficking and the accident that caused the death of Patrick’s son. He denies being involved, and Alexis backs him up – she tells them someone was posing as him, living his life, and committing crimes in his name. It wasn’t him who Anna brought from Miscavige.. he didn’t make inappropriate sexual advances towards Kiki Jerome, and never threatened to kill Ned..? Tracy is shocked.. she married an imposter. She doesn’t understand as he looked exactly like Luke.. when Lulu remembers the mask! She tells them to ask Larry….they overheard him on the phone with Jerry Jacks, asking what they were going to do with their Luke Spencer mask?? She mentions the blueprint for the Luke mask and file on Cesar Faison. Luke says the imposter told him Larry was sent by Jerry for ELQ stock.. is HE the one who has been stealing his life? Larry blusters, and asks for a drink. Ned tells him his cover is blown… and Larry makes a dash out the door!

Liesl and Faison reunion
At Windermere, Liesl tearfully hugs Faison! She tells him she thought Robert and Anna had murdered him, and she only found out yesterday he had been left in the stables. He tells her he escaped, she asks where he has been for the past year?? Everywhere and nowhere.. he is still a wanted man and had to remain quiet. She asks if he finally sees Anna for the ‘detestable creature’ she really is.? She wanted him live like a mole underground.. she is unworthy of his love. He agrees.. he sees that now, Anna has no heart to give. He has wasted all those years loving her, while he turned his back on a worthy woman who has a heart to give him… it’s Obrecht! He kisses her passionately. He has one more thing to do in Port Charles, then they can slip away together.

Britt walks in to see her mother and Faison kissing! She says it is not wonderful news, he is an international terrorist who needs to be locked up. She is about to get Nikolas when Liesl stops her.. if she loses the love of her life, Britt will lose hers as well! She decides not to tell Nikolas, but he can’t stay there.. Cesar says he has something to do, but will come back for Liesl.

Kiki tells Silas about Ava!
Kiki and Morgan have Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly’s – he is worried about the baby, but Kiki reminds him Franco has always been fatherly towards her. She also reminds him the baby is her sister too. Morgan suggests she try calling Silas again..

In New York City, Ava returns to the hotel room, Silas hopes they can get a lead on Franco soon. She thanks him for his help.. and apologizes for keeping Kiki away from him for so long. He wants to call Port Charles police dept, but can’t find his phone.. has she seen it? She awkwardly pulls his phone out of her handbag, but she can’t let him call Kiki – Sonny’s men are looking for her, Morgan might hear where she is from Kiki. He promises not to tell her when his phone rings, it’s Kiki!

Kiki tells Silas she and Morgan are worried about the baby – has Nina reached out to him? He says no.. what about her mom.. maybe she will feel safe with him? Silas says no, has she checked with the police station.. Kiki laughs, that’s the last place Ava would go. He asks why the cops would put Ava in jail.. Kiki tells him she is wanted for murder. She killed Connie Falconeri!

Franco, Nina and the baby
In PEI, Nina cradles the baby when Franco returns to the cabin – she is no longer delusional, but Franco thinks they should give the baby back. He suggests they anonymously leave the baby in a basket outside a police (or fire) station, and start a new life. She tells him his plan sucks.. she still wants the baby! Ava is a home wrecker and murderer, and doesn’t deserve the child.. he reminds her Sonny, a mafia kingpin, could be the father. Nina asks how he is going to take care of the baby from prison? Morgan, Carly.. none of them are capable. She refuses to give the baby to strangers and decides to leave, the baby is not “baggage”. He argues that he didn’t need to help her, or keep her safe.. he tells Nina she can’t touch the money, it’s being traced, she won’t go far on her own.

Franco picks up the baby when she won’t stop crying – he gives her a bottle, and tells Nina she’s really good with her. He holds her close.

Jordan confronts Julian
Julian returns home, and Jordan is waiting for him, she wants to talk about their boss. She wants to know who’s calling the shots, and he decides to tell her the truth – it is Luke Spencer! But it wasn’t quite Luke.. it was his double. All this time, the real Luke has been held prisoner? She still wants to know who their real boss is.. he tells her he just helped Luke escape from Miscavige, the cops will know everything soon, he needs to get he hell out of her. He says the “other” Luke will introduce himself when the time is right. Jordan will be fine.

Dante returns to the house – Larry is gone, he had a getaway car. Ned is shocked at the extent of his father’s involvement, while Luke is proud of Lulu’s sleuthing skills and gives her a big hug. She missed him so much!

Silas tells Kiki he needs to go, and stops Ava from leaving.. “you’re not going anywhere”.

Franco shares a moment with the baby, while feeding her, while Nina looks on…she asks if he still wants to drop her off at the firehouse?

Liesl is thrilled – Cesar has chosen her over Anna! She is finally realizing her dream.. she now knows what gratitude is, can Britt just be happy for her? No, Britt can’t be happy for her.. not while she threatens to destroy her happiness with Nikolas. Nik walks in.. how could she possibly do that?

Lulu remembers Sam and Patrick saw Larry leave the safety deposit box with something.. could the mask be out there?

Julian gets ready to leave, but Fluke is standing there with a gun.. “going somewhere?”..

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