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General Hospital on 1/21/2015 – Missing phoenix, confused Jake, exhume Bill Eckert??

Sam and Patrick wake up together, all loved up again.. she regrets making them wait, he says he would’ve waited longer. It was so worth it. She suddenly notices her phoenix figurine is gone! She explains it has no monetary value, it was from Jason and for good luck. It’s all she has left from Jason.. the last thing he touched. Someone definitely broke in and stole it.. Patrick wonders why they would steal her “knick knack”..? He thinks it just went missing – Sam insists it has been stolen, but apologizes for acting like a crazy person. He understands that it’s important to her.

A cop wakes up a confused Jake on the pier.. and paramedics take him away on a stretcher, leaving the phoenix on the ground.

At the hospital, Liz flashes back to Jake’s confession about her, when Lucas tells her about taking the job at Michael’s clinic. She’s happy for him, but he’s worried what Carly will think. Liz thinks Carly should have been honest with her kids.. her first loyalty has always been to Sonny. And Jason.

Liz attends Jake as he’s wheeled in to GH.. she will take care of him! Lucas asks what happened, and Liz asks if stayed out on the pier all night? He says no, but he can’t remember why he left the hotel to go to the docks. Lucas orders tests, while Liz stays with him.

Alexis chats to Michael while leaving the Quartermaine mansion – she filed the restraining order against Shawn, he can’t come near him or the old Spencer house.

Sonny warns Michael
Sonny calls Michael from Pentonville.. “it’s your father”.. Michael angrily tells him he’s not his son. Sonny tells him not to hang up, he wants to talk him to stay away from Luke and the Spencer house. Michael asks if Shawn reported back to him about the clinic? Sonny says this has nothing to do with AJ, he HAS to stay away from Luke. After the call, Sonny laments to Julian that Michael wouldn’t listen… Julian wonders if Michael will confront him? And how will they know if Bill Eckert is the imposter? Sonny shares a plan with Julian… they’re the only ones who can stop him. Sonny makes the call to Shawn.

Carly questions Shawn
At Kelly’s, Carly asks Shawn what he looking at on his laptop? She knows Sonny is still calling the shots. She asks how he’s doing in prison, he reminds her Sonny wants her to move on.. it will get easier. She wants Shawn to talk him into letting her back in. Shawn thinks Sonny is right, she needs to reconnect with Michael, but Carly reminds him that Sonny isn’t in charge of her life. Just then, Alexis drops off the restraining order! Carly is puzzled why the restraining order includes the house on Elm Street? Just then, she gets a call from Liz, sharing the news about Jake.

Michael shares with Fluke
Luke is texting with Helena – asking about the hit – while Tracy gets annoyed. Michael barges in to announce that Sonny called him about Luke.. something about his childhood home. He figures Shawn probably told him, as he caught him trying to break into the basement. Fluke is stunned. Michael assumed Shawn was following him on behalf of Sonny, but Fluke is upset, it has nothing to do with Sonny or his thugs. He commends Michael, but says maybe the house needs to be boarded up..? No one needs to be in the basement, not even him. Michael tells him the house will be demolished anyway, but Fluke thinks there could be better locations for his clinic. Tracy thinks it might be a better idea to tear the house down.. Michael’s clinic might exorcise the bad memories? Fluke replies it’s up to Bill Eckert.

Anna leaves town
Anna tracks down Jordan.. this might be the last time she sees her! She has been called to D.C. to give a detailed account of her actions. There might be a criminal indictment. Jordan wants to break her cover, but agrees to continue.. she insists if things go against Anna in Washington, the one phone call she makes has to be to her. She wishes Anna luck.

Shawn insists to Alexis that Sonny has Michael’s best interests when Sonny calls.. the restraining order doesn’t matter, he has somewhere else for him to go. He asks Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert’s grave!

Carly arrives at GH, Jake can’t remember why he was on the docks.. he has a brief flashback, and remembers one thing.. a figurine. Carly thinks it might be in his bag.. and reaches for it.

Patrick has to go to work and kisses Sam goodbye. She later walks on the pier, remembering her dive to look for Jason and finding the phoenix. She almost steps on it on the ground!

Tracy says Sly, Bill’s son is the de-facto owner of the house, but it will take a boatload of ELQ money to figure it out.. she says the board won’t be too happy about that. Maybe Michael should build the clinic somewhere else?

Sonny receives a call.. from Fluke.. “you son of a bitch.”. He figures Sonny and Julian have been plotting.. and reminds him the sins of the fathers will be revisited tenfold on the sons!

Carly finds a gun in Jake’s bag and shows it to him!

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