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General Hospital in 12/12/2014 – Baby is safe, Jake gets a job offer, Sam is suspicious & Johnny has Ric!

Franco is holding a bundle close when Dante approaches him with two mounties by his side and tells him to hand over the baby. The mounties pull a gun on him, and Dante tells him not to move.. Franco takes off anyway and runs right into Silas, Ava, Kiki and Morgan! They plead with him, but he wants them to leave him and Nina alone – Ava agrees that she deserves to be punished after what she did to him, but not like this. Franco says the baby has a family now, while Silas goes to find Nina.

Silas knocks on the door, and quietly tells Nina Franco isn’t coming, and she needs to let him in. She opens the door, holding the baby…

Franco throws down the pink blanket.. it contained a bag of flour! He tells them the baby is upstairs with Nina, and Dante arrests him for stalking, assault and kidnapping of a child. Dante leaves Franco with the mounties and Kiki – Franco says he would never hurt Kiki, he loves her. And everything he did today was for Nina.

Nina tells Silas the baby is hers, after her mother took hers away. Silas asks to join her, so the three of them can be a family together, but she knows he just wants the baby. He wants her pain to go away, but she asks why he keeps hurting her? He says all he wants is her and their child, and asks her to hand over the baby.

Julian needs a lawyer
Alexis visits a shirtless Julian in his holding cell.. she’s there for Molly and informs him Ric is alive! He realizes the whole thing was a smokescreen, Anna was just trying to buy time. Ric is alive but has disappeared – Alexis asks if Julian was involved..? He says no – everything is out in the open, he has no reason to lie to her. Alexis wonders if Faison figured it out, but Julian says it’s a reach – he had nothing to do with it, and has no intention of pleading guilty to any charges. Julian asks Alexis to be his lawyer, but she refuses. He asks her not to go, but she leaves anyway, wishing him luck.

Sam and Liz argue
At GH, over the phone Sam tells Spinelli she has a suspect, but needs evidence. She is sitting down when Liz approaches her and asks is she is okay. She asks if the police have any leads on the gunman.. Sam replies that she does, it’s her new house guest Jake! Liz scoffs that her evidence is just a few words he said, but Sam says it’s enough for her. Liz thinks her theory is ridiculous.. he isn’t capable of doing what she is suggesting – it’s a miracle he can even walk. Sam asks how well she really knows him? He could be dangerous! Liz calls it a half-baked theory and tells Sam to drop it.

Jake protects Carly!
At the Metro Court, Jake pours Carly a drink – she tells him she got what she deserved getting involved with Franco. It’s time to hold on to the people you love, except Sonny isn’t doing that. She tells him about AJ’s shooting, it would have been mitigating circumstances had it gone to trial, but he wanted to protect her. She refuses to give up on him even though he has told her not to visit him anymore – he is sacrificing himself for their son. Jake tells her he met Michael at the hospital, and Carly sadly replies that he won’t even look at her anymore. Sonny says the only way Michael will forgive her is if she turns her back on him – Jake says cutting her off is the only power Sonny has left. She gets up to pour another drink, and mentions she needs to hire a new bartender – Jake tells her he was there to find a job! He makes her a dry martini, when Carlos appears from behind. She tells him she had nothing to do with him being at Pentonville, he confessed to AJ’s murder, and she is sorry, she didn’t have a choice. Carlos says he wants her to suffer, when Jake steps in and slams his head down on the table!

Jake tells Carlos to accept Carly’s apology, then tells him to take his business elsewhere. Carlos says he will see both of them later and Carly thanks Jake. She doesn’t like the martini, but offers him a job on her security team!

Johnny the kingpin!
In prison, Johnny taunts Sonny about Ava’s baby… is he the daddy or the granddaddy..? Sonny slams him against the wall, holds something sharp to his neck and threatens him. Johnny tells at him to go ahead, but Sonny throws him aside.. Johnny reminds him he has a lot on his plate, and offers to run his organization. Sonny says no thanks, Johnny says he will eventually listen to reason.. just like the Jeromes. The wheels are already in motion.

Silas talks Nina into letting him hold the baby – he kisses her, and Nina tells Jamie he is her daddy. Ava rushes in and Morgan grabs Nina! Ava cradles the baby while Nina screams “it’s my baby.. please, I love her”…

Jake arrives at the hospital, Liz asks how his job-hunting went? Sam watches them walk away..

Alexis arrives at the Metro Court and Carly offers her a drink.

Carlos visits Julian in jail and is surprised he’s out.. “your next, boss”.

Silas grabs Nina and holds her close, telling her to stop…

Ava gives the baby to Morgan, and tells her no one is going to separate them again. Dante arrives, handcuffs Ava and arrests her for Connie’s murder..

Johnny tells Sonny he has Ric!

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