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General Hospital on 12/15/2014 – Julian makes bail, Nina & Ava face off, Sonny gets an offer he can’t refuse..

Franco yells from his holding cell that he wants to see Nina, when Carly arrives – she’s happy he is in a cage. She says she should have stabbed him, but instead she trusted him, and is disgusted she thought she loved him. If he threatens another member of her family, including Ava’s baby, she will kill him. He tells her he is probably going to Pentonville, and the only loved one he can threaten will be Sonny! Franco asks how her relationship with Sonny is going, but Carly turns the tables on him, labeling him and Nina the kidnapper and the freak! She tells him Nina is just as screwed as he is, and he will never see her again.

Franco remembers Carly’s words that he will never see Nina again, calls the guard and convinces him he needs to use the washroom.

Nina and Ava face off
Nina and Ava are in their holding cells, and both tell the guard they need to see their baby! The guard tells them to settle things quietly among themselves.. Ava reminds Nina it’s HER child, she kidnapped her… Nina taunts Ava about being a cold-blooded killer. She also knows Ava framed AJ, which makes her more crazy than Nina. Nina says when this is over, she will be reunited with Jamie.. Ava is furious she named the baby, and tells her she is delusional of she thinks she will be awarded custody. She blew her chance at motherhood, and won’t even be able to adopt. No one is coming to her rescue, but Nina insists Franco is coming! They are going to be a family.

Franco walks by with the guard, handcuffed, but stops in front of Nina’s cell.. she asks if he is going to fix this, they will be a family? He can’t promise her that.

The baby is healthy!
At the hospital, Morgan holds the baby while Kiki looks on… Silas arrives with the results of her tests, she is in perfect health! Morgan asks him to run a test on HIM.. he needs to know if he is the baby’s father, but Silas says he can’t do that, he would need Ava’s consent for a paternity test. But while Ava is in prison, the baby does has a legal guardian.. Kiki realizes it’s her, she is her mother’s next of kin!

Ned and Alexis – a Metro Court breakfast
Liv arrives for work at the Metro Court, only to see Ned and Alexis sit down for breakfast. He asks about Ric, and is annoyed that she spoke to Julian – he wants to be there next time she sees him. Alexis says he is behind bars, and not getting out soon.

Olivia decides to serve them, flirts with Ned and makes a couple of wisecracks at Alexis. Alexis wonders if there is tension between them, but Ned thinks it’s all a joke, why would Liv be mad at her? Alexis grabs her arm and asks if she has offended her in any way.. does she have a problem with her? Liv says yes, she has a problem with BOTH of them, they are totally wrong for each other! They have nothing in common, they don’t like the same things, and Alexis is only using him to get over Julian. Ned is the sweetest, honest and kindest man she knows.. but they could be great together… Alexis interrupts her, the outburst was all in her head! She says she likes her and runs away.

Julian makes bail!
In the courtroom, Julian is being bailed out by Carlos and wants to know who his boss is.. Carlos admints it’s Johnny, who has been making major moves from Pentonville. He is working on an alliance between the three families – Zaccharas, Corinthos and Jeromes.. and will take over the entire eastern seaboard. He tells Julian he will have a place, but Julian says he wants something the alliance can’t give him.. Alexis. Carlos scoffs – he can’t have her, it’s just like him and Sabrina, who chose someone else over him. Guys like them don’t get the happy ending, they burn bright and fast and die young. All Julian has to do is plead not guilty and they will take care of the rest.

An offer he can’t refuse…
In prison, Sonny presses down on Johnny while he’s lifting weights.. they have to talk about his brother. Johnny’s thugs pull him off and Johnny shows him the statement that proves Ric is alive and innocent all along. His death was a ruse, but Johnny’s boys got to him before he could be released from the witness protection program. He paid the price for Sonny’s mob war, but Sonny can now fix this. He just needs to play ball, he wants his territory.. Sonny says no deal, but Johnny informs him the only way Ric gets out alive will be if Sonny tells Shawn and Duke they now work for him. He tells Sonny the three families are coming together as one… he’s certain Julian will accept his offer.

Carly joins Morgan and Kiki at the hospital with the baby and tells them she won’t be seeing Sonny anymore.

Julian flashes back to Alexis visiting him in the cell, and tells the judge he pleads not guilty, while Carlos smugly looks on and presents the bail money. He is free to go.

Olivia comps Ned and Alexis’ breakfast, and Ned grabs Alexis for a kiss before she leaves the Metro Court. He comes over to Olivia to thank her, and asks what’s really going on?

Franco tells Nina he can’t fix things while Ava taunts her.. she rests easier knowing Nina won’t be with her daughter either.

Silas returns, to determine the baby’s father, they will have to run more extensive tests as Morgan and Sonny are father and son. It could take weeks, but he can run the test on Carly – to see is SHE is related to the baby.

Alexis arrives at the courtroom to see Julian.. he tells her he made bail thanks to Carlos, they go way back. She knows Carlos has no money, so he’s already back in business now..? He tells her her had no choice, has nothing to lose anymore and walks out.

Sonny asks if Ric is a victim or his partner..?? He doesn’t trust him, but Johnny says he doesn’t have a choice. He has 48 hours or Ric is a dead man!

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