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General Hospital on 12/16/2014 – Olivia confesses to Ned, Liz believes Jake, Helena threatens Nik, Maxie is denied!

At the hospital, Liesl warmly greets Jake – she is in his debt! She heard he has been spending time in the pediatrics wing, and has a knack for dealing with children… but the volunteer work doesn’t make up for his outstanding bill. He runs into Liz and invites her for lunch – the two eat their sandwiches on the landing, he tells her he likes hanging out with her. Liz decides to share the news that Sam thinks the gunman was HIM. Jake is at a loss why she would think that.. does Liz think it’s true? No, she thinks it’s absurd, and he doesn’t need to prove anything to her, but it is unsettling. He says if she has any doubts, he will leave.

Maxie’s custody hearing
In the courtroom, Maxie is at the courtroom for her custody hearing, and receives a call from Nathan – she has nothing to worry about and will do great! She shows him Georgie’s first Christmas ornament.. she missed her first Christmas, Nathan says they might spend her second together. Lulu arrives, and before she hangs up Nathan says he will be thinking of her. They both smile and hang up. Her parents aren’t there, and she receives a text from Diane – she isn’t coming, she can’t leave her current trial. Maxie panics but Alexis arrives, ready to fight on her behalf.. she will do the best she can, despite arguing against her before!

The Judge observes that Alexis previously argued that Maxie was an unfit mother – has her opinion changed? She is there to inform the court of her progress and fulfilled the requirements, but the judge says he warned her to stay away from Nathan West, and she failed to comply. Maxie promises she did, but he tells her he knows she was at the hospital yesterday, and saw her exit Nathan’s room!

Nathan and ‘Mutter’
At the hospital, Obrecht chats to Nathan, she knows there are sparks between them and wants to know why she isn’t there right now? He tells her they can’t see each other right now, but hopefully that will change. Liesl is very annoyed at Judge Walters, she would be more than happy to have a conversation with that dummkhof!! She understands what it’s like to be separated from the one you love.. Nathan knows he is talking about Faison and mentions he will be caught. Liesl says she hopes not, as Britt is with him! Nathan is puzzled by that choice, but Obrecht wants to tell him something off the record – she had no choice because of Nikolas. Stay and suffer his wrath or start a new life with her father. She tells him she herself stayed because of him – she loves Cesar and Britt, but she also loves him.

Liv confesses her feelings!
At the Metro Court, Ned insists Olivia can tell him anything, and she decides to tell him the truth. She tells him she WAS trying to make Sonny jealous, but now actually does have feeling for him. She had pushed him away as she wasn’t ready for a relationship, why not let the friendship be? The time they spent together made her realize her she was wrong.. but he is now with Alexis. She wants to have a relationship with him – is there any chance for us?

Ned doesn’t know what to say – he likes her a lot, but he has a history with Alexis and something is different this time. He wants to take this second chance with her.. all he can offer Liv is his friendship. He tells her how great she is and hopes they can stay buddies.. “I don’t think so”, answers Liv. She doesn’t like who she is around Alexis, and the more time she spends with him, the worse it will get. The only solution is not to see him at all. He asks if this it..? She says yes.. she will miss him at the next Avengers movie. He tells her to get some extra butter on her popcorn for him, and walks away… but turns for a last look.

Helena at Wyndermere
At Wyndermere, Nik asks a surly Spencer what he thinks of the Christmas tree, who informs him he isn’t speaking to him. Nik tells him he was in danger, what Britt did was wrong, she used him and has to pay for her crime. Spencer informs him that Britt has left town! Nik wants to know how he knows… he tells her he saw her at the pier, he almost when with her but great-grandmother stopped him! Spencer says she is pretty scary, Nik gets up to call security when Helena arrives. She thinks he only pretends to disapprove of her – Stefan is now gone, and only the two of them remain. Nik tells Spencer to go upstairs, and Helena reminds him if it wasn’t for her, he would have run away. Nik tells her not to approach Spencer again, she chuckles and asks him to greet his grandmother with a hug. She reminds him she isn’t psychotic, everything she has done has been to safeguard the Cassadine legacy.. he needs to embrace his future and act like the Prince he is!

Dante & Sam’s detective work
At the PCPD, Dante watches the video footage of Sam’s assailant and asks Lulu to take a look. He complains about the lack of budget, and they hope the recount will give Felicia the mayor job.

Sam screens Patrick’s phone call and arrives at the PCPD to ask Dante if they have any leads..? He tells her he keeps staring at the same images, but she tells him she has seen the footage (thanks to Spinelli!) and has a suspect. Dante asks who her suspect is? She tells him about Jake using the same expression, but Dante says it won’t stand up.. even so, just a month ago he was in a very serious car accident. He got a hit on the fingerprints, but before he could see who it was, the file disappeared, which Sam thinks is odd. They can’t really explain the glitch, but Dante gripes the system is outdated and they don’t have enough resources. Sam mentions that Spinelli is enhancing the video and offers to share it with him..

Liesl tells Nathan she has no idea where Faison and Britt have gone..  right now, he is worried about Maxie.

Maxie tells the Judge she has been in the volunteer program for years, she was just delivering flowers. He asks about meeting Nathan in the gym in October.. and at Kelly’s on Beggar’s Night? Three strikes and she’s out. Alexis says she is filing an appeal.. but the judge replies that visitation is denied, he will see her in six months!

Dante and Sam look at the enhanced video.. and see the gunman’s eyes. Sam is now convinced that is Jake!

Jake says he will move out, but Liz insists he should stay.. she can’t imagine he could do those things. Jake thanks her for believing in him.

Helena tells Nik to stop being a victim and take his rightful place as head of the family.. become the patriarch, or else all of it – the island, money, mansion, everything he owns – will simply disappear..

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