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General Hospital on 12/17/2014 – Michael’s eviction notice, Sabrina apologizes, Sam accuses Jake & forgives Patrick!

At the hospital, a dejected Maxie tells Nathan she lost the right to see Georgie again.. Judge Walters says she has to wait another six months as he saw them together. She cries that she can’t see her or hold her.. the judge saw her coming out of his room at the hospital, at Kelly’s and the gym. She loathes him and wants to scream in his face, but it’s her own fault she can’t be a mother. All she had to do was stay away from him.. Nathan says it’s an abuse of power and he won’t get away with it! He angrily tries to get out of bed to talk to that bastard, but Maxie holds him back. Nathan thinks he needs to be thrown off the bench, and wants to help her.. she climbs into his hospital bed and asks him to hold her.

Ava thanks Silas
In the holding cell, Silas arrives to visit Ava, he tells her the baby is in perfect health and in good hands with Morgan and Kiki. She is worried they’re not capable of looking after a small baby, then finds out Carly is helping.. she should be grateful even though Carly is a hateful bitch! Better than Nina, who was screaming in her cell.. the guard took her away to calm her down, she figures it was an act. Silas reassures her she is locked up tight, and Ava thanks him for helping her.. putting himself at risk. Ava says she will talk to Diane about the charges, and evidence against her.. AJ recorded their final conversation when she admitted to killing Connie. The cops have the recording, she knew she would have to pay the price.. and will never be a mother to her baby. Silas gets a page and has to return to the hospital, but mentions the upcoming paternity test. He know she is a tough cookie, and gives her a little piece of the baby’s clothing, which she holds close.

Sabrina visits Ava in her cell – she needs to tell her how sorry she is.. she thought she caused the accident, blamed her for her baby’s death, and wanted her to suffer. She probably won’t forgive her, but she needed to say it. Ava DOES accept her apology.. she took advantage of her misfortune to pressure Carlos into confessing. She was trying to save herself, as usual… her baby is healthy, but she lost her anyway. But not because of what Sabrina did.

Sonny talks shop with Shawn
In Pentonville, Shawn tells Sonny the found the baby, and Franco, Nina and Ava are all in custody. Dante was the arresting officer, and Carly is helping Morgan and Kiki. Shawn mentions the paternity test.. Carly would have told him, if Sonny allowed her to visit. Sonny needs to talk business – handing his territory over to Johnny Zacchara to save Ric!

Michael’s eviction notice!
Carly, Morgan and Kiki coo over the baby when Michael arrives. The ask if he wants to hold the baby, he says no.. he asks if Morgan or Sonny is the father? They explain they used Carly’s DNA.. if the baby is related to her, she belongs to Morgan. Michael coldly informs them they can’t stay at he brownstone anymore, they are being evicted! It’s the property of ELQ, and the renovation job is done.. Morgan says he is being a vindictive ass, Carly offers they can stay at her place. She also tells Michael she is no longer together with Sonny.

Patrick tells Sabrina the truth
Sabrina arrives for lunch at the Metro Court with Patrick – he informs her the man responsible for the accident was Victor Cassadine, not Faison or Luke as they originally thought. It was to protect the secret that Jason Morgan was still alive. It wasn’t about him and Sabrina, it was about him and Robin.. even though she couldn’t save Jason. He tells her Victor died at Crichton-Clark, Sabrina thinks he got what he deserved, maybe they can all rest easier now. The world is a better place without Victor. He also tells her Sam didn’t know until Faison told them… and was angry with him for keeping the secret. He doesn’t know if she will even forgive him.. Sabrina says he deserves to be forgiven, even if she doesn’t. He finds out she isn’t at GH anymore because of what she did to Ava – giving her the early-labor medication… she feels like a monster! He can’t make excuses for her, but no one was hurt.. he asks how she is doing financially? If she needs anything, she should come to him. They hug, and Sabrina says they won’t lose their friendship.

Sam confronts Jake
At the PCPD, Sam flashes back to the masked gunman in the stairwell, when Jake walks in! She asks how things are going, and what is he doing at the station..? He didn’t get the job at the Metro Court, but does she think he is returning to the scene of the crime? She figures Liz ran and told him she suspected him.. but he is flattered she thinks he was that good. He sarcastically asks if she wants to check his sock drawer, but she says she recognized him – he slipped up. She asks him directly – did you do it? He says no, and he is there to clear his name… Sam mentions the footage wasn’t clear enough, but she knows it’s him. He insists he had nothing to do with it, but she KNOWS it was him… she tells him to save his lies for Elizabeth. He doesn’t remember anything before the accident, but everything since.. she can keep investigating, but will come up with nothing.

Carly tells Michael she did visit Sonny in Pentonville, but he has now refused to see her.. It wasn’t her own decision, but she’s not going to lie to Michael because she loves both Sonny and him. Can he let go of his anger?

Sonny has 48 hours to hand over his business.. he isn’t close with Ric, but doesn’t want to hand him over to Johnny. Sonny wants him to snatch Ric from the Zacchara people!

Sam arrives at the Metro Court, and Patrick asks if they can talk.. he apologizes to her again. He hopes she can get past it as he doesn’t want to lose her, or what they could have been.. “neither do I”, replies Sam..

Curled up in Nathan’s hospital bed, Maxie remembers her promise to be there for Georgie’s second Christmas.. Nathan gives his word that he will make it happen.

Ava is sorry neither she or Sabrina will be the mothers they dreamed of being..

Michael says Sonny made things harder on himself by denying Carly.. but the brownstone belongs to ELQ, he wants them gone by the end of the day.

Sonny gives Shawn the address where Ric is being held.. the last thing he wants is his brother’s death on his head!

Sam will try to forgive Patrick.. it really hurt her, but she understands he was just protecting her. And it doesn’t matter as Jason is gone and never coming back.

Jake flashes back to Sam’s words about what he did and has a brief memory of grabbing her.. “is Sam right.. is it me?”.

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