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General Hospital on 12/18/2014 – Ric in the trunk, mob wars, Undercover Jordan, Liz vs Sam, Nina gets help!

Shawn joins Duke at the Metro Court to talk about the organization and Shawn tells him about Johnny’s threat to kill Ric if he doesn’t make a deal. Duke doesn’t think he can run an organization from Pentonville, but Shawn says Julian can! He is even a bigger threat now. They need to get Ric back, Duke suggests they give Johnny exactly what he wants.

Ric in the trunk
Julian meets Carlos at Johnny’s garage and opens the trunk of a car – Ric is being held there, bound and gagged, Carlos informs him Sonny has 24 hours left to comply. Julian is furious and tells Carlos he works for HIM. and it doesn’t mean they have to answer to Johnny. Julian doesn’t care about Zacchara, his vendetta against Sonny is not going to be his undoing, Carlos asks if it has anything to do with Alexis? Yes, he thinks Molly deserves to have her father back.. he doesn’t trust Johnny, but Carlos suggests they sit back and wait. If Sonny doesn’t deal, he will release Ric.. screw Johnny.

Duke’s decision
Duke calls Julian to discuss things face to face. They meet at the Metro Court, he tells Julian and Carlos that Sonny has agreed to their terms. But it’s far from over.. Ric will go free, but Julian and his new boss Johnny Zacchara, will get what they deserve. Julian says they will get him back once they get the territory from Sonny.

Nathan asks Alexis for help
At the hospital, a shirtless Nathan talks to Alexis about how unfair Judge Walters has been. There has to be something they can do, they both promise not to give up. He also asks her to represent Nina.. she is sick, and thinks she has been since childhood. Alexis hopes she gets the help she needs, and has done some horrible things to people, including her own daughter. Nathan says she is his sister, and wants to help her.. will she do it for him? He is family.. Alexis finally agrees to represent her.

Franco comforts Nina
Nina is moved into a holding cell near Franco, he is worried about her, Anna says they had to sedate her. He’s glad she’s there, but doesn’t seem okay. Nina looks up with haunted eyes and says “you lied to me”. He promised they would be a family – Ava, Silas and Morgan took her baby. He agreed that he failed, but she can’t turn her back on him.. she is his only friend. She says it’s over, they’re not going to beat the charges – this is the last time they will see each other. Franco argues the drugs has taken the fight out of her. Don’t let them take your life.. he says there is hope for them! He promises her he will stick by her… things will be okay.

Liz vs Sam
At home, Sam reviews the video footage when Liz shows up at her door, it’s absurd that she is accusing Jake of being the gunman. Liz is sure he isn’t, but Sam reminds her he is a complete stranger! Liz tells her to back off, Sam says no. She reminds her that Faison is still on the loose – Lucky survived, but Jason did not. Liz replies that she also loved Jason, but Jake is her friend.. he was terrified after a terrible accident, and now she is accusing him without proof. Sam figures out that Liz is falling for him – she has a history of falling for unsavory men! Sam retorts that she has had a rough year, so it wouldn’t surprise her.. Liz is angry, but Sam reminds her what she did to hold on to Jason (ouch!). Liz says he regrets that decision, but she did everything to make amends.. she isn’t the only one to make mistakes. Sam stood by and did nothing while her child was kidnapped.. and what does history have to do with anything? Sam says you’re right, Jake is no Jason..

Jake’s memory
At the hospital, Jake has flashbacks when Patrick asks if he is okay? He reminisces about Thanksgiving and tells Patrick that Danny is “a cool kid”, Patrick tells him he hasn’t seen much of Sam lately – Jake wants to talk to him as a neurosurgeon. He thinks his memory loss is getting worse.. can he do something now, and forget about it tomorrow..? Could his mind be playing tricks on him?

Undercover Jordan
In the PCPD, Jordan tells Anna she is coming clean to TJ today, but Anna informs her there is more work to do, unrelated to Faison. The bigger priority is Ric Lansing.. she needs her help to find him. Alexis talked to Julian but he denied it.. he is their only suspect right now, and she needs Jordan on the inside. She just needs to know if Julian is behind Ric’s disappearance.. it should only take a few days. And she will be a hero in her son’s eyes.

Alexis asks Anna if there is any news on Ric, Anna promises they will find him… when Jordan arrives at the Metro Court in a sexy pink dress. She greets Carlos and Julian and asks if it’s time to get back to work?

Patrick offers to run tests on Jake, but suggests he sees a therapist to help with his memory loss, but Jake rejects the idea.

Liz warns Sam that she and Jake will sue her for harassment if she keeps dragging his name through the mud. Sam will do what she has to do.

In the garage, Ric starts to make some noise from the trunk…

Carlos admires Jordan, Julian tells her to keep her nose clean.. but she wants to get back in the game. She wants to know everything she missed.

Duke plans to string Julian along, pretend he is complying, which gives Shawn time to find Ric. Shawn looks over at Jordan chatting to Julian and Carlos.

Liz bumps into Jake, he tells her he may never remember.. while Sam mutters to herself she will prove he is not a good guy.

Alexis arrives and tells Nina she is there to help – Nathan loves her, and is looking out for her. Nina thanks her, but she will only sign it if Alexis also represents Franco!

Nathan makes a call.. Maxie can’t see her daughter because of his screw-up.. “I can’t do this without you”…

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