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General Hospital on 1/2/2015 – New Year’s passion for Maxie & Nathan, Liz & Ric, Julian & Olivia, Samtrick almost..

New Year’s kisses abound at the Metro Court.. Jake sadly looks at Liz and Ric, when Carly decides to give him a BIG kiss. She apologizes, but he tells her the kiss was A+..

Anna is angry
Sloane tells Anna he saved her from looking like a loser, she reminds him that HIS date left with a Prince. She thought he might be human, and he reminds her he IS going to bring her to justice for what he did to Faison. But he did enjoy the dance, and kiss.

Liv and Julian connect
Olivia breaks away from Julian – the kiss was wrong, it shouldn’t have happened, then he grabs her again! Ned walks over and asks what she’s doing and warns her he’s scum. She reminds him the person she wanted to kiss her was kissing someone else. He sadly tells her they have lousy timing. Anna asks her which room Agent Sloane is staying in.. oops, Liv may have made a mistake.

The truth about Ric
Liz watches Carly kiss Jake, and tells Ric she needs to go home, but he invites her up to his room. On their way out, Carly asks if she is really leaving with this guy?? Ric takes a pot shot about Michael, Jake intervenes and they leave. Carly tells Jake about Ric chaining her in a panic room, and how Jason saved her. Only Liz can see good in him. Meanwhile, Liz and Ric passionately kiss inside the hotel room and tumble into bed.

Jake doesn’t regret moving out, but regrets giving Ric his way.. he tells Carly about Ric’s speech to him, but Liz doesn’t know. He left because it was the right thing to do. She notices something is still up with him and Sam – what happened? He vaguely says he reminds her of someone.. she tells him they always fought over Jason, and her history with him. It was love at first sight, she just didn’t know it… but she eventually let him down. She can’t go back now, but has to move forward.

Sloane’s accusation
Anna comes knocking on Ric’s door, she has the wrong room! “Hi Elizabeth.. carry on”.. she knocks on the right room, and a shirtless Sloane opens the door! She tells him exactly what Faison has done to her, all her life.. why can’t he understand what she did? He says what she went through was terrible, but it doesn’t mean it was the right call.. she tearfully tells him it was, as Faison finally dropped his obsession. She tells Sloane he can’t hurt her! He tells Anna she’s in his room because it’s too painful to watch the man she love move on with someone else.

Samtrick moves foward
Patrick kisses Sam, she thinks it’s time to try something new.. and asks him to spend the night with her! They decide to go to his place, he asks one more time if she is okay with this? They joke about Amsterdam, and she confesses she had a sex dream about him.

Nathan & Maxie – finally!
After their New Year’s kiss, Nathan tells Maxie it’s their time.. “the year of us”. She marvels that he tricked her into thinking he wasn’t home, and they share a loving hug. He tells her he met Georgie and Spinelli, who thinks the world of her, which makes her sad – she says she messes things up and doesn’t deserve him (Nathan). He tells her how wonderful she is, but she is worried she will screw it up. He assures him it’s important to move past things.. they decide to enjoy the food left by Lulu and Dante! She tells him she is ready if he is..

Alexis & Ned’s feelings
In the meantime, Alexis accuses Julian of trying to make her jealous, he tells her he is a free agent! He questions their relationship to Ned, but Alexis drags him away. Ned suggests Liv kissed Julian because of him.. and tells Alexis she admitted her feelings for him. She asks if he has feelings for her? Ned tells Alexis he thought about getting involved with Liv before they connected, but she is the one he wants, but he thinks she and Julian have some unfinished business. He doesn’t want to push her – is this what she wants? If she is still confused about Julian, he will understand.

Julian suggests he and Olivia get a room, she replies she wouldn’t get a room with him if he was the last person on earth. Fast forward to the twosome walking into a room! They play gin rummy and joke about hating each other.. but it’s better than spending new year’s eve alone.

Lucy tells Duke she wasn’t expecting his kiss. He asks if they can see more of each other in 2015..? He helped her forget about Doc and Scotty, and he says she is helping him forget about Anna.

Ric tells Liz he will never hurt her.

Patrick leans in for a passionate kiss and he and Sam get ready to leave the Metro Court.. “shall we?”.. but both their phones start to ring! Emma wants to come home from her sleepover, and Danny won’t stop crying.. Patrick tells her not to have sex with him in her dreams, he doesn’t want to miss it!! Sam blushes..

Maxie and Nathan passionately kiss and make love.

Anna is angry at Sloane.. he’s going after the wrong person, she isn’t a threat, and storms out of his room.

Olivia decides to leave Julian’s room, they remark neither of them is as bad as they thought. He takes her hand and asks for one more kiss goodnight, and it turns passionate.

Alexis says no, she is not still hung up on Julian, and kisses Ned passionately.

Carly tells Jake he can do way better than Elizabeth. She gives him a room card as she needs a place to stay.. just until he figures out his next move. He thanks her and wishes her a Happy New Year.

Maxie says “hell yes” it was worth the wait. He hopes she is ready for the year.. it’s going to be the best one yet!

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