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General Hospital on 12/2/2014 – A bitchin’ family, Ava begs Silas, Britt confesses, Anna pulls off the mask!

Anna is interviewed at Kelly’s, the police are doing everything possible to recover Baby Girl Jerome, and Nina is still on the run. The reporter asks about Obrecht’s accusations, Anna deflects and mentions taking down organized crime.

And baby makes three..
In the cabin, Franco gets close to the baby while feeding her. He would prefer if the baby was his own, and remembers kidnapping Elizabeth’s baby, but he couldn’t go through with it. Nina suggests he has paternal instincts, and he admits he did want to be a father.. but then it all came crashing down, thanks to Ava. Nina can’t believe how cruel Ava has been, but now she is afraid she will never see her baby again. Keeping the baby is the payback she deserves. Ava can’t raise the baby in prison, plus and any Corinthos is a bad option – they are the baby’s best option. He holds the baby close while Nina asks if he will be her father? Franco asks about the police, Nina insists they could do it.. Franco agrees to stay with them!

Britt and the truth!
Britt pretends she was talking about Anna and her daddy with Obrecht, but Nik tells Britt to stop lying. She tells him he must have misunderstood, but he insists she tell him what she has been keeping from him! Liesl accuses him of eavesdropping, Spencer bounces in, wanting to eat the turkey.. but Nik still thinks Britt is lying. Liesl tells Spencer to tell his papa that Britt would never lie to him!

Spencer says Britt doesn’t tell lies anymore.. someone has to make Nik understand it’s not her fault, it’s HIS! Nik crouches down and asks Spencer what he knows about this?? He reminds him how important the truth is.. they can be honest with each other.. it’s time to confess. Britt stops him and says she will tell him everything.

Ava begs Silas
In New York City, Silas tells Ava he knows she’s on the run from the police, not Sonny! He makes her sit down and asks if she is going to kill him, like she killed Connie Falconeri? He asks if it’s true? She says yes, I did it! He calls Anna and leaves a message – “I have something she wants”. He hangs up and starts to call Anna’s cel. Ava pleads with him – she lied to him as she had to get away from the police, and she is sorry, but she would do anything for her children. He tells her she will go to prison for murder, but she reminds him Sonny still wants her dead. If he turns her in, she will be killed.. and asks how he will tell Kiki he chose not to help her? She wants him to look away.. she has blood on her hands, and doesn’t deserve happiness, but she is also a mother, she HAS to find her child. She will find her little girl no matter what.. she tearfully begs him to go back to Port Charles, forget he has seen her.

Lucy and Duke
Outside Kellys’, Duke tells Lucy the charges were dropped, he is free. She gives him a big hug and says Anna must be pleased. Anna walks out of Kelly’s and informs Lucy that he isn’t free because she hired Alexis, he got help from Sonny. And there will be a price for that! Anna mentions he got a new job. Over coffee, Duke tells Anna he is taking over Sonny’s organization. Lucy reminds him he will be a target, it’s a very big risk for Sonny, and his girlfriend is the commissioner. He tells her it has already cost him Anna.

At the Quartermaine’s
At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke tells Dante to get the imposter… he suggest they go after Julian as he knew he was in Miscavige all this time. He has been working with his double, they can’t let him escape, like Larry. Dante calls Anna and tells her to arrest Julian..

Alexis and Ned chat about Julian. Alexis defends his actions, Ned wants to know why?? She claims she is just being a lawyer – Julian was under duress the whole time, and Larry might be the one who put him in Miscavige.

Luke hears about Rocco from Lulu.. he wants to make up for every day that was stolen from him. Lulu goes upstairs to get Rocco, leaving Luke and Tracy together. She angrily knocks the drink out of his hand – she married the imposter, and had sex with him. She is angry with herself for not knowing.. she ignored her instincts, and ignored everyone’s warnings.. she was a blind stupid fool. He hugs her close and says he isn’t going anywhere.

Luke and Julian
Fluke holds Julian at gunpoint, and tells him to sit down… or risk being shot. Only Ava could save him now. All his plans have gone up in smoke, and it’s all Julian’s fault.. he has to die! Julian says it’s his own fault for taking off.. after all, he doesn’t even know his real name. Fluke asks if it’s his dying wish..? He is bout to tell him his name when Dante and Anna break the door down, guns pointed!!! Julian starts to walk away, while Dante cuffs Fluke. He says he is the REAL Luke Spencer, but they tell him that Luke is at the Quartermaines.. . Dante says they will run his prints down at the station.

Silas tells Ava he won’t turn her in, he will help her find the baby.. and won’t let Sonny kill her.

Nina says they will make a bitchin’ family, and promises the three of them won’t get caught.

Nik sends Spencer to another room, Liesl say “don’t”.. but Britt says it’s about the time Spencer ran away, there is more to it than he knows.. who was behind it. Britt says “it was me”.

Duke tells Lucy that Anna can’t accept what he’s doing. They are no more..

Just before reading Fluke him his rights, Anna says let’s see who we’re arresting.. she reaches for a mask and starts to peel it off!

While Liv watches, Ned says if his father was involved, he will get his due, but so should Julian.. Alexis says she isn’t going to hang around and defend herself, and decides to leave. Ned wants to know what his father has done.

Luke holds Tracy and says he will get everything that he stole from the.

Anna, Dante and Julian are shocked at who is behind the mask!

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