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General Hospital on 1/22/2015 – Jake’s duffel bag, Fluke’s threats, Sam’s phoenix, Shawn’s task!

In bed, Nathan sweet-talks Maxie in French, but has to leave.. police work never stops. He reminds her Duke is a criminal, but she wonders about degrees of criminals? After all, Spinelli used to work for Jason, who worked for Sonny. He assumes someone will try to take over Julian’s spot now that the Jeromes are locked up.. Maxie asks if he’s talking about Johnny Zacchara? She tells him about her conversation with Johnny at the Haunted Star, he asks if they have a history?? She says they have “almost history”… he was her escort at a Crimson event, and made sure Lulu saw them kiss, so she would break up with him. Johnny does wrong things for the right reasons.

Shawn updates Duke
Shawn meets Duke and Jordan at the warehouse, he mentions a call from Sonny, but avoids Jordan’s questions. She leaves, and he fills Duke in on the Luke Spencer imposter, it wasn’t Faison, and he is living at the Quartermaine mansion with Michael. Sonny wants him to dig up the grave, Duke suggests they keep Sonny’s orders between themselves for now.. while Jordan eavesdrops! She returns with an update on the shipment and asks Shawn to help her at the warehouse, but no, he has something else to take care of. They don’t see the figurine lying in the snow and Jordan returns to follow Shawn.. who is en route to the grave (eek).

Sonny vs Fluke
At Pentonville, Sonny tells Fluke he knows he isn’t Luke, but Fluke starts to threaten both Michael and Lucas. Sonny warns him to stay away from them.. or he will tell everyone he is Bill Eckert! Fluke reminds him Bill Eckert is dead.. Sonny says we will see about that. Fluke tells him to stay out of his business.. and to remind Julian there is no one watching Lucas.. or Michael now that he took out the restraining order on Shawn. Sonny asks if he would actually kill Bobbi Spencer’s son? And what does he actually want? He says he wants power.. he tells Sonny to talk to Duke and Shawn, get them to step aside. Sonny replies he will do it. He loves Michael, no matter how he feels about him. He is ready to deal.. but Fluke says it’s too late, the deal is off the table!! He just takes what he wants.

Sam updates Alexis
Alexis runs into Sam outside Kelly’s, they decide to have lunch together. Sam tells her mom about her wonderful evening with Patrick! It was everything she hoped it would be, except her phoenix figurine went missing. She insists Danny didn’t take it, or the housekeeper.. someone took it. And she even went to the pier today to find it. This also has nothing to do with her new relationship with Patrick.. the phoenix is gone and she wants it back. Alexis tells her she deserves to be happy.

At the hospital, Liz gives Patrick an update on Jake and his blackouts.. Patrick wonders if Sam might be right about him. Something IS going on, but Liz doesn’t think he’s capable, nor is there any evidence. Patrick insists he will be objective..

Jake’s duffel bag!
Carly asks Jake about the gun .. why would someone put it in his duffel bag? He only remembers leaving it in his locker at the boxing gym.. Carly then pulls out a black mask! He claims to have never seen it before… the bag contains everything the gunman was wearing when he grabbed Sam at the PCPD. Either he’s being frmaed or he did it! Carly asks about his memories, he spent all night on the pier.. what is he capable of doing? He asks her not to tell anyone about it.. when Patrick and Liz walk in. Patrick wants to examine him, and Carly takes his bag with her.. “to make sure it’s safe”.

Michael & Lucas
At the hospital, Michael tells Lucas about his restraining order against Shawn – to stop Sonny from following him, and trying to protect him. He invites Lucas to go for walk, to give him a tour of the waterfront and show him the site of the clinic. He turns to leave and comes face to face with Carly.. he tells her about the clinic, she is thrilled for Lucas and hugs him! He thanks her, as she helped him realize he should make use of his medical degree. She is thrilled, tells Michael she is proud of him.. but he just walks away. Lucas tells her not to give up on him yet.

Maxie tells Nathan he is everything she ever wanted.. she is all in. “Moi aussi” .. and they passionately kiss.

Carly returns to Jake’s room – Patrick tells Jake he will run whatever test they need to diagnose him, and leaves. Jake thanks Carly for not telling anyone about the stuff in the bag, he wants answers, but doesn’t know where to start. Carly suggests they go back to Dr Collins together to find out the truth.

Michael snaps at Lucas when he asks about Carly – all the explanations and excuses won’t change the fact that Sonny killed AJ, and Carly helped cover it up. Lucas insists the anger will poison him, but says he is there for him.

Michael gets a call.. from Fluke.. meanwhile, Lucas notices a figurine on the ground, picks it up and puts it in his pocket.

Fluke invites Michael and Lucas to the Haunted Star to discuss the clinic… he is in for quite a surprise!

Shawn approaches Bill Eckert’s grave.. he hears a twig snap, and calls out.. he knows someone is there. It’s Jordan.

Sonny tells Julian there IS something they can do.. “bust outta here”

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