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General Hospital on 12/22/2014 – Sonny’s the father, Nina’s crazy, Maxie can see Georgie & saving Ric!

At the courthouse, Alexis has a plan for Nina, and tells Franco there isn’t a chance in hell she will represent him. She can’t provide him with the best defense as she is biased, but found someone else. Henry Sullivan arrives to take Franco’s case, Franco thinks he looks 12. but Henry tells him to listen to everything he says.. do himself a favor, don’t get in his way and look appropriately remorseful! He doesn’t have to like him, he just has to represent him. He turns out to be a very sharp young lawyer!

The courtroom has assembled, Judge Rachel Lassiter presides – Scotty will be prosecuting Nina, and his associate, ADA Wallace, will be prosecuting Franco. Alexis announces Nina is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity – she has had a break from reality and suffered a mental breakdown in custody. The judge orders her to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. Nina whispers to Alexis that she isn’t crazy! She asks Franco if he thinks she’s crazy?

Henry Sullivan announces Franco is pleading the same as Nina, but the Judge does not agree to psychiatric testing. Franco jumps up and says he is crazy, with maddening voices in his head. Henry tells him to sit down! The judge reminds him he had a brain tumour, and it has been removed – his current actions are his own fault. He is a flight risk and bail is denied!

Jordan gets the scoop on Ric
On the phone at the Jerome Gallery, Jordan tells Anna she can’t find evidence linking the Jeromes to Ric’s disappearance – she wants to ask him directly about Ric, when Shawn walks in. He accuses her of working with Carlos now.. in deep with the Jeromes again. He guesses she needs to check on Ric Lansing? He tells her that her boss is holding him hostage. Jordan didn’t know, and asks Shawn for details. He tells her Ric is innocent – can she help save him?

Over the phone, Jordan tells Julian that Anna and the cops just searched the gallery, asking what she knows about Ric – she thought he was dead, but Julian admits they grabbed him a few nights ago. She says she can’t cover for him if she doesn’t know what’s going on.. where are we keeping him..??

Sam accepts Julian
Julian stops by to visit Sam, concerned about her recent attack and asks if there is a suspect? He wants to know who she thinks it is so he can handle it. She wonders if he will have his enforcer Carlos take care of the guy..?? She knows Carlos bailed him out, is he back in the business..? He insists he is just trying to be a good man now.. hopefully she hasn’t written him off like Alexis? He has tried to distance himself from the mob, but couldn’t.. it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a relationship with his family. Sam agrees not to shut him out, but insists on ground rules.. no discussions or questions around her and Danny. His phone rings – it’s Jordan, wanting to know where he stashed Ric Lansing!

In Pentonville
Johnny calls Carlos from jail to ask about Ric, when Sonny interrupts him… he tells him that Duke and Shawn are co-operating with Carlos, but he wants to speak to Ric himself, proof that he is still alive. Johnny thinks it went too easy, but Sonny insists Duke and Shawn don’t make a move without his orders. Johnny asks about the baby, and asks who is the baby daddy..? Johnny mocks him, Sonny suggests they keep their distance until the Ric “situation” is handled.

The father is Sonny!
Morgan, Kiki and Carly arrive at the hospital to nervously ask Silas the results of the baby’s DNA test. Silas arrives with the file – the father is… SONNY! Silas says there is no mistake.. Carly consoles him and says he will be a wonderful big brother. She understand his disappointment, and doesn’t want to see him hurting. She quietly tells Silas it’s for the best.

Maxie & Nathan
Maxie walks in while Nathan tells someone he “wants to do this for Maxie”.. he tells her he was speaking with Dante about Judge Walters, to see if they can find anything. She doesn’t think she will be able to change things, and wants to focus on something else. He’s distracted while they’re playing a game, and tells her Nina is being arraigned today and he is worried. Alexis calls him with the update about Nina, and mentions she just received a call from Judge Walters! He tells Maxie the judge wants to meet with her and Alexis this afternoon, she doubts it will be a positive outcome.. he can say it to Alexis, without her. Nathan tells Maxie it sometimes seems like a no-win situation, she agrees to go to the courthouse to meet Alexis, kisses Nathan and leaves..

At the garage, Carlos mocks Ric, thumping from inside the trunk – it will all be over soon. He flashes back to Jordan – surprised the cops haven’t picked her up.

Carly talks to Silas about the baby.. this means Morgan is now also the baby’s next of kin, and she will make sure Sonny is informed. What will they do next?

Nina tells Franco she can’t go by herself, she needs him to go with her.. and is dragged away yelling she is scared! Alexis shakes her head..

Julian asks how Molly is doing, Sam says she misses Ric.. it’s really tough on her, she needs her entire family now.

Carlos eavesdrops on Shawn and Jordan talking about Ric.. she wants to call the police, but Shawn tells her they can rescue him themselves.. where is being held?

Johnny confronts Sonny – Carlos just told him about Shawn.. his brother’s a dead man.

Morgan and Kiki are worried about the baby.. neither Sonny nor Ava can take of her, she is going to need them. Morgan is upset and disappointed, Kiki admits she really wanted the baby to he his. He says she has been the only person to get him through this.. they hug and then passionately kiss!

Maxie arrives at the courthouse… Alexis tells her the Judge reversed his ruling. She can see Georgie!

Back at the garage, Carlos opens the trunk and is about to shoot Ric, when Shawn and Jordan arrive.. guns drawn..

Sonny attacks Johnny, ready to kill him with no one there to stop him. Franco interrupts.. “what about me?”

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