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General Hospital 12/23/2014 – Maxie’s present, Fluke takes charge, the Pentonville gang, Ric is free!

Maxie rushes into Nathan’s hospital room, bursting with the news she can see Georgie! She doesn’t know why Judge Walters changed his mind, does he know..? He claims he knows nothing about it.. what’s important is her visitation! She needs to leave for Portland right away.. will he come with her? He doesn’t think Dr Obrecht would let him fly, and she needs to spend quality time with Georgie anyway. Maxie is sad they won’t spend Christmas together, so Nathan suggests they celebrate it now!

Maxie returns to Nathan’s room, having booked her ticket to Portland… she gives him a gift certificate for all the ribs he can eat! He has a present for her… the limited edition shoes she wanted from the magazine! He had Lulu track them down for her, and she is totally worth it. He puts them on her and they kiss. “All of my wishes have come true”.

The Kiss
Morgan and Kiki quickly break apart from their kiss, but Morgan tells her he meant to do it.. she is important to him, and they always shared a connection. Kiki says they can’t deal with it right now, they have to be all about the baby.

A shoulder for Carly
At the hospital, Jake brings Liz her lunch and runs into Carly. She tells him Sonny is a father again, but she is worried about the little girl.. and he doesn’t know yet. She gives him the history of Ava, Morgan and Sonny.. and thank god Ava is going to prison! She says she should have been able to see what was happening, but she was too busy placating Franco. Jake knew she was lying to herself, but she explains she was desperate to fill the hole left by Jason’s death. She thought they were brothers, had seen some good in him, but now hates herself.. Jake tells her it’s over, and time to move on. She muses that’s what Jason used to say, there are also good things now. She wonders what’s going to happen with the baby, she has to let Sonnt know he’s the father.. which is tough as he won’t see her.

Orange is the new black
In Pentonville, Franco breaks up Sonny’s attack on Johnny, he tells Sonny his stay there is only temporary and Johnny can thank him later. Anyone who hates Sonny is a friend if his! Sonny calls him a freak, and asks Johnny for help… he tells Franco he was in love with Lulu, he would never even him and leaves. Alone at last, whispers Sonny. After everything that happened, he is pleased he got Carly rid of him.. he will never see her again. Sonny reminds him he ordered Carter to rape Michael, now it’s payback… he will make sure they do the same thing to him.

Luke admits he’s Fluke
At the gallery, Fluke arrives looking for Julian… he had to know he would come for him eventually. Julian claims it was all Faison’s idea – he knew about it, but his hands were tied, his family was being threatened. Luke then pulls a gun. Julian tells him it was all Faison, but Luke tells him he needs him.. now that he is back in business!

He admits the real Luke Spencer is still under lock and key! Faison was a diversion to keep the PCPD off his tail (the morons)… he was never Faison in a mask and Julian is going to work for him again. Julian wonders who he is..? He dodges the question, and Julian suggests they work together as equals.. when Carlos walks in. He tells Luke and Julian that Jordan helped Shawn rescue Ric!

News for Molly
Molly arrives at Sam’s, sees Julian and yells her father is dead because of him! He wishes her Merry Christmas and leaves.. hoping she will one day change her mind. Molly and Sam are wrapping presents with Danny when Alexis arrives… Molly scoops Danny away for hot chocolate, when Sam tells her what happened with Julian. Alexis quietly shares the truth that Ric is still alive, but has now disappeared – she doesn’t know if he’s alive, and doesn’t want to tell Molly until she knows. Sam suggests she tell Molly anyway, after what happened with her and Jason – she has the right to know. “Know what?” asks Molly.

Ric is free!
Carlos points his gun at a bound and gagged Ric, Shawn tells him to “drop it!” – Carlos accuses her of getting in bed with the other side. He figured they were conspiring, so Sonny gave him the order to kill Ric. He isn’t a traitor like Jordan, but Shawn warns him he will end him if he shoots him. Is the Zacchara empire with his life? He yells “fine”, drops his gun and walks away… telling Jordan she is as good as dead.

They ungag Ric.. “thank you, you saved my life!”.. they lift him out and offer to take him the hospital, but he just wants to go home! Shawn agrees they won’t risk coming after him again, and offer to take him home.. which is anywhere where my daughter is at.

Jake offers to go to Pentonville to give Sonny the news about the baby, but Carly says she will find another way. She thanks him for just listening… and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Sonny pushes Franco against the wall and says he will kill him.. Franco says he isn’t afraid of him, then Sonny quickly puts the shiv in his pocket and walks away as a guard comes sauntering in. He sees Franco with the shiv, and drags him away to solitary.

Nathan tells Maxie to spend Christmas with Georgie, and they will have have a New Year’s to remember.

Morgan and Kiki agree to put the baby first.

Shawn tells Jordan she has a target on her back.

Luke is disappointed, he tells Julian to eliminate Jordan!

Johnny tells Sonny he double-crossed him, Ric is a free man.. Sonny says his territory stays his own and his family stays safe.

Alexis sits Molly down to talk – before she can give her the news, the doorbell rings and Molly opens it to see Ric.. “Daddy?”.. “It’s me, baby”…

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