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General Hospital 12/24/2014 – Krampus Christmas, Julexis say goodbye, Ric returns to Liz!

Sam and Ric make peace with each other.. Sam has never seen Molly this happy!

Ric’s story
Ric tells Molly he spent months in witness protection, plotting his revenge, but he’s home now. He tells her how much she means to him, and how much he loves her. She gives him his passport and watch.. and wants to know why he hasn’t called Elizabeth? He says she probably has her own plans, Molly tells him she will be happy to see him.. she insists he go make her Christmas.

A Krampus Christmas!
Monica tells Liz that Dr. Obrecht will be reading the Christmas Story when the lights go off.. and she arrives dresses as Krampus! She starts telling them the story of Christmas Krampus.. he doesn’t bring presents, he despises bad children, he spies on them all year and when Christmas comes, he devours you whole, he crunches your bones and swallows your heart.. the children scream, and Spencer shrieks “it’s a Christmas villain!”.. Monica tells the kids Krampus isn’t real and gets the kids chanting “we believe in you, Santa.. there is no Krampus”.

Sam gets off the elevator and stares at Jake, he approaches and asks her is she is taking the day off her her vendetta.. Liz asks if Sam is harassing him, they leave in the elevator together to go home.

Ric returns to Liz
Jake and Liz arrive home and there is mistletoe over the door – he says it’s bad luck to stand under it without kissing! He notices she doesn’t want to be kissed.. he tells her how much she has done for him, and he cares about her. If he was reading it wrong, he is sorry. Liz admits she does care about him now.. he leans in for a kiss.. when RIC arrives… she looks stunned.. “Elizabeth?”.

An emotional Ric says he had to go away for a while, but he’s back now.. and Liz rushes in to hug him! She doesn’t understand, but says he will explain.. she introduces him to Jake, who said he heard a lot about her.. he leaves them to talk. She tells him Jake is a patient at GH.. he says they looked close when he came up on them. She doesn’t want to talk about that, she wants to know what happened!! She knows Julian framed him, she didn’t abandon him.. he tells her it was all staged, he went into witness protection.. he wrote her letters and tried to call, but he couldn’t. She says she missed him SO much.. he tells her his feelings haven’t changed.. maybe they can go back the way they were.. start again? Liz just stares at him…

Mother and son!
Nathan tells Liesl her Krampus story was miserable.. an awful tale, and compliments her on the production value! He says he can’t stay mad at her, she’s the one who made it possible for her to spend Christmas with Georgie! He asks how she got Judge Walters to change his mind..? She flashes back to threatening Monica she would be replaced as chief of cardiology for “what she hasn’t done”. She tells Nathan she “motivated” Dr Quatermaine. She tells him to get some rest, or Krampus will come back and make a fine feast of him!

Patrick chats to Sam at the party.. he tells her how worried he was, and is happy she is safe. He gives her a Christmas present – a key chain from Amsterdam!

Alexis and Julian
At the gallery, Alexis tells Julian it’s not a Christmas miracle, she can’t forgive him for what happened to Ric. He tells her he knew about Carlos.. he didn’t know there was a plan to kill Ric, or where he was.. at the time. Plus he doesn’t owe her any explanations anymore! She made her decision.. now “get the hell out of my life”. She agrees she has no right to confront him, and doesn’t even know what she’s doing there. He figures old habits die hard, but she is sad for what they lost.. he reminds her she walked away. She admits to having a hard time accepting it.

Maxie and Nathan chat via video call – he’s enjoying his ribs, and she’s getting ready to see Georgie! They both can’t wait for New Year’s Eve.. Maxie knocks on the door and Spinelli answers.. “Merry Christmas, Maximista”. She walks in and sees Georgie.. she tells Spinelli she thinks Nathan had something to do with the judge’s change of heart.

Monica wonders why the Judge has been so hard on Maxie.. she asks if this is about his daughter..? He talks about Kayla.. he let her break the rules, and lost her in a drunk-driving accident. He felt he had to teach Maxie a lesson.. hopefully it will make her a better parent.

Molly happily tells TJ that her dad is alive.. and he’s back! He gives her a framed photo of her and Ric.. she tells him she loves him.

Maxie holds Georgie close and calls Nathan.. he tells her she looks just like her! She says it’s the best Christmas she has ever had. He denies having anything to do with it.. says it was a long overdue miracle. Obrecht joins him in his room and he shows her the photo of Maxie.. “it’s a Krampus miracle”. He holds her hand and wishes her a Merry Christmas.. she sings a beautiful version of The First Noel.

Spencer wishes Santa would have brought Emma back to him.. “Santa’s a dope”

Julian tells Alexis he loves her.. to be together, she has to accept who is he is.. but she can’t.. and they tearfully say goodbye..

Ric gets up to leave, but Liz says wait.. she has dreamed of this.. and they passionately kiss.

While Monica and Judge Walter plays with Danny, Sam and Patrick find themselves under the mistletoe.. and share a kiss.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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