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General Hospital on 12/26/2014 – Nathan & Maxie trade places, Ric confronts Jake, Undercover Jordan gets an offer..

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays ‘cos it’s New Year’s Eve in Port Charles today!  Maxie needs to get home from Portland, Spinelli tells her the flight has been cancelled because of fog.

Ric talks to Jake
Jake opens the door to Ric, he came to talk to him. He knows he disrupted his holiday plans by showing up on Christmas Day, but Jake tells him he has been staying away because he found a job. Ric just wants to thank him – he doesn’t want to put Elizabeth in an uncomfortable position, but thinks they can build something special together. Jake mentions he is probably getting in the way. Ric asks if the memory loss is permanent, doesn’t he wonder if he has a wife and kids waiting for him? Yes, he thinks about it every day. Ric asks if it’s fair that Liz will invest in him when he may not be free..? Ric tells Jake he needs to decide what’s next.. and knows he will do what’s best.

Alexis thanks Duke
Shawn and Duke talk about Sonny at the Metro Court – they assume Julian is plotting his response to their rescue of Ric, Shawn Jordan to go into hiding. Alexis sits down and thanks them for saving Ric, she knows he is running Sonny’s organization from Lucy Coe. He tells her his relationship with Anna is over, she tells him she isn’t with Julian now either.. the women have something in common!

Fluke reminds Julian
At the Jerome Gallery, Fluke arrives and asks Julian if he has killed Jordan yet? He says she has gone underground, but Fluke tells him he knows exactly where the traitorous bitch is.. she is staying at a dump near the waterfront. He tells Julian to take her out.. he’s growing soft, where is his blood lust? Julian asks when was the last time HE did anything except pour himself a drink? He tells Fluke to stop micro-managing him and get out of his way – Jordan Ashford WILL die, he will make sure of it.

Jordan and the PCPD?
Anna and Dante arrives at Jordan’s – she can’t stay at the safe house forever. Jordan tells them she wants to break her cover, but Anna reminds her she is no longer a DEA Agent. Jordan doesn’t think they will abandon her, but they tell her otherwise – Anna suggests she keep her cover and work for her at the PCPD.. working for Duke through her connection with Shawn. She asks if Anna wants her to leave the protection of one crime syndicate for another..?? Is it just because she wants to take down Duke..? Anna replies her can’t let her personal feelings get in the way of bringing down Sonny’s organization. They remind her she will have Shawn for support, even though Anna says he has used her, he is a gangster.. and needs to be brought down with Duke. She doesn’t have too much time to make her decision.

Nathan is frustrated
Lulu helps Nathan home, he misses Maxie and is looking forward to their New Year’s Eve date. It’s just a matter of time – Lulu tells him she and Dante will be at the Metro Court if anything goes wrong. Maxie calls while they’re talking, and gives him the bad news she won’t be able to make it tonight. She will keep him posted – he’s frustrated they won’t have their second date on their anniversary.

Liz confides in Epiphany
At the hospital, Liz tells Epiphany that Ric is alive, he was in witness protection. She tells him Ric came over for Christmas morning, they have spent every day together since. Jake has also been gone every day.. apparently he got a job shoveling snow, but she thinks he may just be staying away on purpose. Epi hears about the mistletoe, and asks if she is disappointed that she hasn’t seen him.. or is Jake now in the way..? She tells Epi she does love Ric, but flashes back to Jake under the mistletoe.. she says it’s easy with him, there is no painful history… but how does he know how he feels about her if he has no memory? Liz tells Epiphany that Ric is taking her to the New Year’s Party at the Metro Court, and doesn’t know what Jake is doing.. Epi sends her home to figure out what’s going on between her and Jake.

Maxie and Nathan say they both need a break… they had all these plans, and things to say to each other. Every time they get close, something happens.. they get jinxed. But nothing will stop them from seeing each other..

Fluke gives Julian a gun to kill Jordan.

Liz arrives home to Jake, he tells her he is going to move out.

Ric arrives at the Metro Court and thanks Duke and Shawn for saving him – Duke says it’s Sonny he needs to thank, Ric tells him to pass along his gratitude, but he doesn’t want any part of his organization. Or this war with Julian..

Julian arrives at the safe house and points a gun at Jordan.. “going somewhere?”

Fluke joins Lulu and Dante at the Metro Court, Lulu tells Dante about Maxie and Nathan.

Finding a way to get to Portland, Nathan arrives on Spinelli’s doorstep… while Maxie arrives home to Nathan… “surprise!”

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