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General Hospital on 12/29/2014 – Samtrick date, Jordan’s new cover, Agent Sloane is back, Jake moves out, Nathan & Maxie..

Nathan is stunned Maxie made it home, and kicks himself for not charging his phone while Maxie calls Lulu, who tells her Nathan is in Portland. Turns out Maxie called Frisco to help her fly out of Portland, while Madeline helped Nathan get to Portland through her connections with Kirkland Aerospace.

At the Metro Court, after Lulu leaves to see Maxie, Anna and Dante wonder about Jordan.

Nathan en route home?
Nathan and Maxie finally connect over the phone – he hopes the plane is still there so he can make it back to Port Charles by midnight. He later calls Maxie, the plane took off 20 minutes ago without him… but it’s turning around, he should be home by 9pm! Maxie wants to pick him up at the airport, and starts choosing her dress. She wants to be “fun with no baggage” but Lulu reminds her it doesn’t matter what she wears as Nathan is hooked.

Spinelli tells Nathan how wonderful Maxie is.. she changed him for the better. Nathan uses the time in Portland to meet Georgie…

Duke, Anna & Lucy
Luke sees Duke and sits down to talk – they share something in common, Faison stole their identity. Ann overhears him tell Duke the Corinthos organization will be in good hands with him. She asks Duke if he has a moment, she heard that he and Shawn saved Ric.. he grabs her hand and says it doesn’t have to be this way between them. He says they always make their way back to each other, and tells her they need each other.. Lucy interrupts and needs to speak to him. Anna says they’re finished talking anyway, her lunch “date” has arrived – it’s Agent Sloane!

Sloane tells Anna that HE is now being investigated for having a conflict of interest when it comes to her. She looks smug when he reminds her the head of the WSB is her oldest friend Frisco. He tells her she still broke the law, and will make her pay.. she grins and says knock yourself out.

Julian confronts Jordan
Julian points a gun at Jordan, he has come to settle the score. She chose loyalty to Shawn over loyalty to them – he accuses her of crossing them, she kicks him and points her gun at him, but Julian has removed her bullets. She asks who gave him the kill order.. who is he working for now?? Is he Johnny’s bitch? She tells him he’s better than this, but he disagrees.. he has come to accept this is what he does. She is a lone wolf and no one is going to save her. Jordan panics and says she is now under the protection of Duke Lavery! She tells him she proved her worth to Shawn and Duke, does he want to declare war on Duke’s organization? Does he still want to shoot her dead..? Jordan dares Julian to shoot her.. he lowers the gun, says he isn’t going to forget this and leaves. She immediately calls Anna.

Dante and Luke chat at the bar – he notices Luke looking at his phone.. he didn’t know he found a job? Luke tells him he and Tracy are going into business together.. derivatives.

Samtrick plan a date!
At the hospital, Sam tells Patrick they need to talk about the kiss on Christmas Eve. He is just happy she hasn’t kicked him to the curb since finding out what he knew about Jason. She admits she wants to explore something with him, but is a little scared – Patrick means a lot to her and she wouldn’t want to lose him as a friend. He understands taking it to the next level could mess things up, but it could also get better.. they share a lovely kiss and he asks what she’s doing for New Year’s Eve?

Jake moves out
At the house, Jake informs Liz he is moving out, he has imposed long enough.. it’s time for him to figure out what’s next. She asks if he’s leaving because he doesn’t want to see her with Ric? She reminds him about the Mistletoe Moment – she only regrets the timing as she does actually care about him. Jake says he shouldn’t have said anything to her at all – he doesn’t know his name, and doesn’t even remember if he has a family. Liz asks what if he never remembers? He says he still may have commitments.

Lucy tells Duke that Scotty asked her to be his date on New Year’s Eve, she knows he only picked her because Bobbie kicked him to the curb. She doesn’t want to be Bobbi’s sloppy seconds.. he asks if she is willing to give up time with Scotty because of pride? She tells him she is going to stay home and watch TV, when Duke offers she spend the evening with him… after she says yes, he casts a glance at Agent Sloane.

All dressed up in her pretty blue dress, Maxie tells Lulu about her week with Georgie, while Nathan thanks Spinelli for his help.

Liz stops Jake before he leaves and tells him how much he means to her, and wants him to stay for New Year’s… he declines, wishes her a Happy New Year and leaves..

Julian tells Luke there has been a complication.

Jordan tells Anna and Dante they won, she is going to stay undercover.. they insist they will have her back. Now they just have to convince Duke to take her on…

Sam says yes to a New Year’s Eve date with Patrick, he will pick her up at 9pm!

At 9pm, Maxie waits at the airport.. she calls Spinelli to ask if Nathan got on the private jet? He hasn’t landed yet.. “where are you, Nathan?”.

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