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General Hospital on 12/30/2014 – Metro Court New Year’s Eve, Nathan & Maxie kiss!

At the Metro Court, Jake asks Carly for a job.. he tells her he moved out, and why. Carly points out that Ric isn’t a good guy, and she actually loathes him.. she suggests he might have given up on Liz too soon. She may not have been happy to see him leave..

New Year’s Eve at the Metro Court
Liz and Ric arrive at the Metro Court for New Year’s Eve – Ric glares at Julian, who says Ric’s captivity wasn’t his fault. Ric tells him he’s weak, but isn’t going to take revenge on someone who is destroying himself. He remarks that Alexis has moved on, as she arrives with Ned.

Ned gloats over Julian, he “won the prize”… Julian tells him to wipe the smirk over his face, Ned tells him it will only take five minutes outside. Olivia interrupts and tells them to all cool off – she takes Julian upstairs for a drink. She tells him she doesn’t need any trouble in the hotel – he agrees to control his temper for the evening. He notices she is just as unhappy as him seeing Ned and Alexis together…

Ned approaches Olivia.. he tells her he misses their friendship, and suggests they get it back. “I don’t think we can”.. and she walks away.

Julian compliments Alexis on her dress, and tells her he’s alone, but hopefully not for long as he is a free agent now!

Patrick and Sam arrive, she is gorgeous in a sequin dress with her hair in a ponytail! Alexis hugs her and remarks about Patrick being her date…  Sam smiles at him across the room.

Liz runs into Jake at the party, she didn’t know he was going to be there – Carly mentions he is her new bartender! She helps him with his uniform, and tells him to walk around with a tray of champagne (because his martinis are terrible!). He offers a glass of champagne to Sam, who is surprised to see him. He asks if she found any more evidence against him, but she tells him she’s on a date.. and will be back on the case tomorrow..

Duke compliments Anna on how lovely she looks, as his date Lucy arrives! Lucy explains to Anna they are just friends, while Duke assumed Anna’s date was Agent Sloane.. the agent arrives but refuses to shake Duke’s hand, then Lucy tells them to enjoy their “date”. Sloane mentions he already has a date for the evening.. plus he doesn’t date known criminals.. when the girl walks in on the arm of Nikolas Cassadine! She pulls Sloane aside, who she only met recently sat the gym, and tells him she met Nikolas in the lobby.. they had a real connection, and she wants to spend the rest of the evening with him. Meanwhile, Anna tells Nik they are still looking for Helena.

Lulu and Dante drop off food and drinks at Maxie’s for her evening with Nathan… and decide to nibble on some rib!

Nathan & Maxie
Nathan’s flight has landed.. but in Beechers Corners. Maxie insists she can pick him up, but her phone breaks up when he says he will meet her back at the apartment!

Nathan arrives home to see Lulu and Dante eating ribs.. and asks where Maxie is?? Lulu informs him she went to Beechers Corners to pick him up.. he phones Maxie and told her he took a cab, and suggests she drive home. She says she left her car in the loading zone and it got towed! He tells her to hop in a cab as they still have an hour before the clock strikes midnight.

A shirtless Nathan tells Lulu and Dante they have to go – he only has half and hour to get ready. Lulu asks Dante if they can skip the party, and they run away with the rest of the ribs! Maxie calls with an update – her cab broke down.

Jordan’s new job..
Jordan arrives at the Metro Court and sees Shawn. She tells him Julian found out where she was hiding, arrived with a gun, but she told him she was now working for him and Duke! She said she now worked for the Corinthos organization, so he wouldn’t pull the trigger. He hesitates, thinking it might be something she cooked up with Julian, but she swears on TJ’s life… she muses they could make a pretty good team, but he says it’s up to Duke! They approach Duke and Lucy, and ask to speak to him privately.. Duke agrees to let Jordan in to the organization, but he needs her to do something first, as a test..

Sloane asks Anna to dance..

Jake tells Carly that Sam doesn’t like him – she downs another glass of champagne and says 2014 has been the worst year of her life. She also misses Jason.. but she has survived worse than ringing in the new year on her own.

Ric asks Liz if she’s having fun, she mentions Jake left her house so quickly.. he tells her he’s glad because he now has her all to himself.

Ned shows Alexis his hotel room key and they kiss, while Julian tells Olivia to forget them.. “let’s dance”. He suggests they have a little New Year’s fun themselves..

Maxie rushes into the apartment – she’s home! The tow truck driver gave her a lift – Nathan phones and said he went to pick her up.. but there’s a knock on the door.. it’s Nathan! She rushes into his arms and they share a New Year’s kiss..

Carly toasts the New Year – she thanks everyone for being there. She wants everyone to learn from their mistakes, find something good and precious to hold on to, mend what was broken, heal what was hurt, and honor those they have lost by living their life to the fullest. They count down to a Happy New Year!

Couples kiss.. Shawn and Jordan, Ivy and Nik, Julian and Olivia (“this never happened”), Duke and Lucy, Liz and Ric, Patrick and Sam, Sloane and Anna..

Jake watches Liz and Ric when Carly plants a passionate kiss on him!

Nathan asks Maxie where else would he be on New Year’s except at her door?

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